Businesses are for-profit organizations that exist on the local, regional, national and international level (maybe interstellar...). Businesses provide services, equipment, manufacturing and associated processes for design, development and delivery. Some businesses can be fronts for criminal activities, however, a majority of businesses in the MDU are benevolent and are deemed capable of profits if their practices follow existing  legal systems in place in their location. That's not to say their aren't 'illegal' or 'immoral' businesses in the MDU...they exist too!


The following is a list of businesses that are unique to the MDU:

Acton Manufacturing Logo-Black Web.jpg
Adrastos Inc Logo-Black Web.jpg
Aurelias Consortium Logo-Black Web.jpg
Baub Construction and Demolition Company
Hammer Investigations w bkgnd Logo.png
Lam-Ang Martial Arts Studio Logo-Black W
Lam-Ang Shipping Company-Black Web.jpg
Langley Munitions Company Logo-Black Web
Legacy Corporation Logo-Black Web.jpg
Quantum Industries Logo-Black web.jpg
Rojo Industriale Logo-Black Web.jpg
Santanta's Circus Logo-Black Web.jpg
SAR Inc Logo-Black Web.jpg
Scorpio Solutions Logo-Black Web.jpg
St. Lawrence Consortium Logo-Black web.j
Tokiwa Trade Logo-Black Web.png
UFF Logo-Black Web.jpg

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