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The Emerald Society is a real-world long standing organization of Irish patrons serving in police, firefighting and public services of or relating to putting one's life on the line for others. Here in the MDUverse, the Emerald Society also includes Irish superheroes in a Boston-based super-group (SG).

The Emerald Society's Boston SG was founded and formed in 2012 by the controversial Irish hero, the Irish Fighter. The Irish Fighter, who was banished from all British Commonwealth nations, including his native Ireland, moved to Boston, where, through his experiences with local Boston police and firefighters, learned of their Emerald Society charters and decided to create one for super-heroes.

The first Emerald Society super-group was a gathering of  several prominent and  relatively unknown Irish and/or Irish-American heroes.  Most of those Irish superheroes and/or beings were either derided in their native Ireland or forced to renounce their official super-hero status unless they joined the English-controlled super-group, 'The Commonwealth'.  Most of those heroes chose to travel to the U.S. and join the Emerald Society rather than be politically bound and controlled by the British and Commonwealth governments.

Within days of his exile, he traveled to the United States, where, reluctantly, US Government officials authorized him not only a visa, but citizenship, so long as he went to alcohol rehabilitation and perform over 1000 hours of community service.  He did go to rehab and is now a clean and sober American Citizen.  He's still serving his community services hours.

Days after forming the Emerald Society, gangs throughout Boston, Philadelphia and New York were caught and arrested by the Emerald Society. This included several prominent Irish mob bosses, members of Crimewave and the Mafia-like mob, the Solano Family. In addition the Emerald Society's heroes saved dozens of citizens throughout New England from building fires,  robberies and super villain attacks.  Aside from the rescues, crime-fighting and super-villain battles, the Emerald Society also took on an additional tasking; training and housing the world's new and fledgling super-heroes that were in need of how to use their powers, guidance, and a super-hero community to help them in their tribulations. Within months, the Emerald Society became one of the most beloved super-groups in the world. 

In order to house and train the Emerald Society and their new superheroes-in-training, they needed a safe facility to operate from.  The mayor of Boston donated to the Emerald Society with a new (no strings attached) home located on an island south of Boston off of the Boston Harbor - Castle Island.

Castle Island was updated and fitted to the needs of the Emerald Society through hundreds of millions of dollars in worldwide donations, allowing for basic services, defensive weapons, facilities and a base of operations to include training grounds for the new fledgling superheroes, all at a relatively safe distance from Boston proper. Base operations and housing are located underground beneath the island's Fort Independence walls, with the training grounds located in the center courtyard of the fort (as a side note, the fort was originally an Irish castle that was destroyed by the retreating British forces at the end of the American Revolution). 

The society also created the  first ever (known) superhero pub called the "Shamrock Pub", open for all age 21 and over registered superheroes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The society even has a nearby, historic Irish take-out restaurant called Sullivan's that helps feed and support the Emerald Society on a daily basis. 


Today, the Emerald Society continues to be the bane of criminal activity along the East Coast of the United States and the world (even those criminal elements in nations part of the British Commonwealth, much to the chagrin of the British Commonwealth). 

With the newly empowered and (relatively) sober immortal powerhouse that is the Irish Fighter leading this team, a new era in the superhero world has come to fruition; a super-group that helps the people of the world regardless of national boundaries, politics or sovereignty.

- Base -

Castle Island and Shamrock Pub


Castle Island, Boston, Massachusetts, USA (Public Location)

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