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In the 20th century, on the ocean blue, traditional pirates were all but extinct, however, a new breed of pirate emerged in its place - the Maritime Marauders.

The Maritime Marauders were a small band of sea pirates notorious for swooping in with their old retro-fitted ships, subs and planes and thieving from unsuspecting and unarmed merchant vessels in the Atlantic Ocean up until 1940. During World War II, the Maritime Marauders, under the leadership of Captain Blackwater, sided with the Allies (through an old 'Privateer' provision) and joined them in sinking and destroying over three dozen Axis vessels and subs (some, notoriously from the French fleet).  After the war, the Maritime Marauders attempted to go back to piracy on the high seas, but, by 1970, all of their ships and crews had been captured and the Maritime Marauders were no more. 


After the invasion of Earth by the Soltan Star Empire in 2000, the Maritime Marauders came to life once again, attacking alien shore-based outposts and stealing food and medical supplies for the less fortunate humans and war orphans. Sadly, these Maritime Marauders were practically decimated as a result of their brazen attacks, and thus went into quite the lull for the next few years.


In 2005 the Maritime Marauders made a comeback in a big way - they used teleporter technology to teleport their ships, subs and planes to perform and escape from their raids. Coupled with incredible levels of advanced technology and an ever-growing source of high tech ships, submarines and drones (most of which they'd stolen and/or commandeered), the Maritime Marauders once again became a massive threat to maritime shipping, however, this time, they were in every ocean, sea, lake, harbor and river, thanks to their new teleporter tech.


The Maritime Marauders are currently led by the nefarious 'Captain Akula'. They are modern day pirates that brazenly raid ports, docks, businesses and shipping all across the world, sometimes in broad daylight, stealing and amassing incredible wealth and riches.  Aside from his incredible fleet of raiding ships, submarines and planes, Captain Akula's has a band of super-powered pirates including the nefarious Rivermaster who, aside from being one of the best river pirates ever, also  controls a 60-foot long sea dragon named "Mamilus".


With his crews of pirates and an engineering wizard only known as the "Master Engineer", Captain Akula has become the most dangerous man on the open seas.  He's raided and sunk millions of tons of commercial shipping, luxury liners and even military and Coast Guard vessels. He's also gone so far as to attack the Atlantic Kingdom and its vessels, setting off a 'war' between themselves and the Atlantic Kingdom.

With the crews constantly rotating out with some of the meanest, nastiest seafarers alive, the Maritime Marauders are known to never stay in one place too long.  All efforts to track and capture them have ended in failure, due in part to the Marauder's incredible high-powered fleet of ships and expert jamming equipment against any surveillance, radar or satellite monitoring.

Captain Akula's aggressive fighting men (and women) are armed raid ships with the highest tech weapons and armor.  When the raids are done, the parties begin.  Renown for their after-raid parties, socialites and celebrities alike amass amongst the capricious and wild parties ever thrown. By morning, the Marauder's are gone and they're off to another port or shipping raid.

With his powerful fleet of ships, aggressive high-tech raiding parties, and superior jamming equipment, and access to a vicious sea dragon, Captain Akula's Maritime Marauders are a band of pirates you DON'T want to cross...




MDUverse Data:

The original Maritime Marauders was created in 1978 and called the Sub-Pacific Organization (SPO), led by Rivermaster.  In 2008, with the advent of the City of Heroes MMORPG, Rivermaster was made as part of the Atlantic Kingdom villain-group.  In October 2012, Rivermaster was reassigned to "The Vilified" VG in the same game until the game's sunset. As part of rebuilding the MDU, the Maritime Marauders was created on 7 August 2013 with Rivermaster as the original leader. Leadership was changed to Captain Akula in Dec 2016.

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