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From illegal casinos in Detroit to high stakes Baccarat in the French Riviera, the Blackjacks play their hand, legally or illegally, with their house winning most all the time.


The Blackjacks were first formed in Czechoslovakia in 18 May 1936 by Vaclav Mogilevich. As a result of World War II and the  follow-on creation of the Soviet Block Nations, the Blackjacks became an outgrowth with the black market that was created thanks to their new communist rulers.


Since the fall of the Soviet Union and communism, the Blackjacks have risen to become the source and manipulators behind most of the casinos in Europe, Africa, Russia and now, into the Americas. Having perfected gambling to a science, criminal enterprises worldwide come to the Blackjacks for their services. Their expertise is near legendary, and their reputation as experts in their trade is legendary.  Even when engaged in gang wars, the Blackjacks continued to build their empire as well as evade the national and international authorities at every turn.


If you need to check the odds against anything, start a new gambling center, 'align' politicians to bend to your needs, or stomp out other competitive gambling houses, the Blackjacks are more than happy to oblige. However, the “house” always wins, and with it, their cut! 

The current leader of the Blackjacks is Bruno Osaro AKA "Blackjack Bruno".


BlackJACK Gang

Blackjack Gang


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BlackJACK Palace


Located in the French Riviera

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NOTE: The statue to the courtyard is that of "Blackjack Bruno" himself.


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