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The squad(s) listed below is (are) current groups in the Allied Fighters that Major Invader has made or is trying to make.  As of this writing, NONE of these squads exist, other than in the Major's best laid plans and plots for combating his arch-nemesis, Baron Berlin and Axis Force.


Major Invader also wanted to create three other squads (Beta, Gamma and Omicron) but is seems those squads are not meant to be.


World War II Team

American PatrolGlen Miller
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Constable Canada
Katana Kuni
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Madame Libertad
Ms. Vindicator I
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New England Regional - Boston, Massachusetts

AP Contract No.: E2494A                                                          10 December  2015

Volume XXVII Issue341              SATURDAY SPECIAL EDITION                          $4.00



 Boston MA (AP) - The renown superhero group of the "Greatest Generation" and decorated World War II "Fighters for Freedom", the Allied Fighters, have reformed and are once again taking on the role of heroes here in the Massachusetts capital of Boston.  What does this mean to Boston and the super-community?  When asked by Boston's Mayor, he stated, "It is indeed a great day for the city and the nation to have a legendary team such as the Allied Fighters back in action.  I grew up idolizing them, in fact I always fancied myself as Captain Battleship.  He taught me that there is nothing, absolutely nothing, that can stop you when you put your mind to it.  How do you think I became Mayor?".


Many veterans and senior citizens held a rally on the State House steps in support of the Allied Fighters re-chartering. One sign carried by a veteran read, "The Allied Fighters are Back? AMERICA IS BACK!".  Another smaller group held a protest against the Allied Fighters re-chartering, stating that they are "just another loose cannon pointed at the city and it's citizens".  One such protester commented about one of the Allied Fighter's teammates in World War II, the heroine known as Atheyta.  "She was a whack-a-do! She thought she was some Greek Goddess sent by Zeus or somethin'.  The Allied Fighters better not bring any more nut-jobs like that in with 'em this time!".

With no way of contacting the newly rechartered Allied Fighters, we cannot, with any degree of certainty, know what their role is, who makes up the members of the team, or for that matter, where their headquarters is.  Keep watching in the coming weeks for more information on the Allied Fighters and their ascent into the 21st Century!

The Allied Fighters were created at the start of World War II and disbanded on V-J Day. Since then, the team name "Allied Fighters" resurfaced on a couple of occasions.  This year, the Allied Fighters reformed once again, and since that time, have grown more powerful and stronger than ever.

The first version of the Allied Fighters started right after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Most American citizens volunteered to join in the fighting.  It soon became evident to the War Department that there were (cont-Page 2, "Allied...)



(Cont. From Page 1) some extremely powerful and skilled humans and supers that should band together to form special units. One of the teams created was the Allied Fighters. Lead by an enigmatic yet tactically brilliant man only known as "Captain Invader", the new super team performed hundreds of missions on and behind enemy lines, primarily, to stop a particularly brilliant and equally dangerous Nazi SS Colonel, codename: Baron Berlin.

Heroes from other allied and neutral nations joined in to fight the Axis forces, however, it quickly became evident that the Allied Fighters needed to be the a central team for all of the unique heroes, as well as the British, Canadian and American heroes. MI6 and US Army Intelligence also noted the need to work together to focus on defeating Baron Berlin and his troops.  


During one particular encounter in France in 1945, the Allied Fighters provided proof that Baron Berlin's band of Nazi thugs, a group know as "Axis Force", were instead caught stealing not only from conquered European nations, but also from Adolph Hitler himself.

In a strange related circumstance, Captain Invader was supposedly contacted by a mysterious time traveler known as a 'Chronoknight'. The Chronoknight informed the Captain that he MUST inform Hitler of Baron Berlin's treachery and treason, and NOT kill Adolph Hitler in the required face-to-face discussion needed for this. The Chronoknight, prior to disappearing, did mention that 'Baron Berlin, would one day, come back and become the harbinger of destruction for all time' The Chronoknight also mentioned that the only one who could stop the Baron was 'Major' (not Captain) Invader. This 'message' by the Chronoknight became an ultra secret file that very few know of. Most military strategists disagreed with the Captain, and considered the Major an 'overzealous nutcase' that enjoyed making up stories of time travelers and civilization's doom. Nonetheless, the Chronoknight's discussion was heeded and thus the 'Alpha Foxtrot' protocols were created.

Eventually, Captain Invader 'presented' Adolph Hitler (yes, the dear captain successfully snuck into one of Hitler's most secure bunkers) with the allegation of Baron Berlin's duplicity. The evidence was shown to the Fuhrer, who allowed the Captain to leave unharmed. Hitler quickly charged Baron Berlin and Axis Force with high treason and conspiracy. Some of Axis Force's members were executed on the spot, however, Hitler demanded the remaining more powerful Axis Force members be placed in an experimental cryogenic chamber deep underground in Berlin. They were to be 'thawed out' in the event the Allies made their way to Berlin, thus allowing Axis Force a chance at 'redemption' for the Fatherland. 

In 1945, when Berlin was actually being overrun by the Soviets, an SS Captain sent to 'thaw' out Axis Force was killed en route by a sniper, thus Baron Berlin and his Axis Force remained in cryogenic freeze for so long as their experimental nuclear power generators would last.


Throughout the war, the Allied Fighters were proclaimed as American heroes, receiving countless awards, accolades and the such. On V-J Day (Victory in Japan Day), the day that ushered the end of World War II, the entire team disbanded within mere hours of the event's day. This left the newly promoted "Major" Invader to independently work with the US Government for the remainder of the Cold well as some 'other' clandestine organizations that will and shall be revealed over time.

Between the 1970s, rumors abounded about a reforming of Allied Fighters that were used clandestinely in a CIA black ops mission.  No official word or sanctions were ever mentioned about this team. It was rumored the team only stayed together for the one mission and disbanded.

In 2000, the extraterrestrial warlike Soltans invaded Earth.  Major Invader came out of inactivity and quickly formed a new team of young hastily-recruited members as his (potentially 3rd, but maybe 2nd))band of Allied Fighters. With no time for training, this new group of Allied Fighters was quickly decimated on their first mission.

The only team members that survived were a near-dead Major Invader (who was hospitalized for nearly a year) and the team's medic, Doctor Alleviation, who worked so hard at healing other heroes and civilians during the invasion, he drained his powers and placed himself in a coma for months thereafter. (Story continued on Page 3, "Allied...")



(Continued from Page 2 "Allied...")Earlier this year, Major Invader was about to retire, when he received word of the return of Baron Berlin and Axis Force (yep, the Cryo units finally broke down and failed, and nearly all of the remaining Axis Force team came out of cryo freeze as young and angry as they were when they were frozen in 1945).


Now, nearly 100 year old, Major Invader has decided to reform the Allied Fighters one more time. This time, however, instead of having one overly large team, it's rumored he is creating a smaller, more powerful strike force. Only time will tell if his strategies are as addled as what most generals today believe his mind is.


Major Invader fears that if he doesn't do what is needed, civilization will be destroyed, as per the Chronoknight's message of doom. As such, the "Alpha Foxtrot" protocols have been initiated.  Plans, tactics and strategies that the Major has had decades to develop and test are now being applied and prepped for the coming interaction with Baron Berlin and Axis Force.


The big question is, will the near centennial-aged Major Invader and his new (and old) team members survive long enough in this already dangerous world to actually be able to counter the prophesied evil that Baron Berlin is expected to unleash upon civilization?




Boston, Massachusetts, USA (Secret Location)


"CURRENT" (Allied Fighters Issue #3) CONDITION

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