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All Is Hell That Ends WellTwo Steps From Hell
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Before the Exterminators came to be, there was the "Super-powered Containment Unit" (SCU) first created in 1954 by the United States' Director of Central Intelligence (DCI), Allen Dulles.  Super-powered individuals began appearing around the world during and even just prior to World War II (WWII). As a result, the CIA and the DCI created the SCU to study, contain and develop plans and tactics to defeat and/or contain super-powered individuals considered a threat to national security.  In 1962, following reports of illegal detentions, violating both U.S. and international law, President John F. Kennedy ordered the new DCI, John MacCone, to terminate the SCU program. Once the SCU was shut down, Doctor Aaron Farlane, the SCU's lead scientist (revealed later to be KGB agent Doctor Alexi Surinov), escaped to the Soviet Union with nearly all of the SCU's super-powered secrets (and even some mystical artifacts and high-tech weapons).  Doctor Farlane, upon his return to Moscow, immediately took command of the Soviet's new version of America's SCU, codenamed: Baltic Force.  As America's SCU ceased to exist, the Soviet Union's Baltic Force was now born in its place.

By 1967, the Soviet Union had engaged in full-out abductions all over the world, trapping and experimenting on super-powered beings. The KGB then delivered those same beings to the Baltic Force Facility, located outside of Vilnius, Lithuania.  There, hundreds of captured super-powered individuals with powers based on magics, arcane artifacts, alien and cosmic-type abilities, technology, science, experimentation, and radiation exposure, were treated as nothing more than cattle for slaughter.  While being illegally imprisoned, Baltic Force's victims’ unique powers and abilities were tested and documented.  Once all the prisoners’ data was collected, they would then be killed, autopsied, dissected, and in some cases even have parts stored in cryogenics coolers for future studies.  Whatever was left of the mutilated corpses were dumped in numerous mass graves throughout the Soviet-controlled Baltic nations.  This practice was led by Baltic Force's directors, all of which wore a mask to preserve their anonymity. Starting with General Vladimir Rusov as "Director 1", Baltic Force continued these appalling operations and inhuman practices right up until Baltic Force's eventual destruction near the end of the 1990s.

In 1963, the CIA sent in an undercover covert to infiltrate the Baltic ForceMajor John Brown (AKA Major Invader) was that operative.  He was embedded deeply for nearly 5 years without being extracted the entire time.  Major Brown, code-named “Major Invader”, did everything he could to free, rescue and/or save any of those captured by the Baltic Force troops. There were times he had to face and participate in the cruel evils that were performed, however,  he was able to arrange it that any super-powered individuals that were to actually be killed or worse by Major Invader were “only” murderous dregs that actually deserved their fate (as far as Major Invader was concerned). In his last days undercover, Major Invader was so ingrained in their organization that he was slated to become Baltic Force's next leader, "Director 5".

In 1968, days before the undercover Major Invader was to be advanced as Baltic Force's newest director, Director 4 called for the abduction of several new super-powered American heroes, their super-powered relatives and family members.  As the first of the several was killed, Major Invader was no longer able to contain himself.  He catapulted to action and saved a 14 year old girl from certain death.  His cover now blown, Major Invader broke out his weapons and commenced slaughtering what he later called the “most 'evil' people I’ve ever seen since Baron Berlin”.  In a flurry of bullets, grenades and explosives, Major Invader took out nearly half of the Baltic Force troops all the while freeing nearly  dozens of other imprisoned super-powered individuals due for execution. He was also able to retrieve several reels of computer tapes from the Baltic Force's data banks on his way out of the facility before setting off explosive charges that leveled nearly half the facility. Major Invader’s legendary escape through the back alleys and sewers of Vilnius with those he rescued to a US submarine that was sitting off the coast of Lithuania is to this day considered one of the most daring (yet classified) rescues in the CIA's history.

Although Baltic Force and its facility was highly compromised by Major Invader, their evil organization was rebuilt by a new Kremlin-assigned staff commanded by the new Director 6 and his hundreds of highly trained Spetsnaz troops and STASI officers.  Even though everyone in the know knew what was continuing to happen at the rebuilt Baltic Force facility, no other nation, hero group or federal organization ever attempted to take action against the facility again due to the Baltic Force’s new heightened security and heavy defenses.  During the following decades, Directors 6 through 8 would continue to lead Baltic Force's renewed efforts in super-powered abductions, experimentations and killings under even further secrecy. Many years later, as the Soviet Union was about to fall, Baltic Force's leader, Director 8 would not only become the last true director of Baltic Force, but also the embodiment of Major Invader’s greatest loss.

The Berlin Wall finally fell on November 9th, 1989.  As a result, the Soviet Union's "Iron Curtain" began to crumble as did the communist regime that was the "Evil Empire". Even during those final years, Baltic Force continued receiving funds from the Kremlin.  Ironically, on March 11th of 1990, Baltic Force's Soviet host nation of Lithuania ousted its own communist party members and declared themselves free Lithuanians, independent of the Soviet Union.  The CIA knew that while Lithuania was in this chaotic, yet optimistic state, there was no better time than to shut down Baltic Force and its sinister existence for good.

Major Invader once again volunteered to lead the raid on Baltic Force. However, rather than go undercover for five years as he did previously, he and his new highly trained tactical team would do a stealth-based incursion on the facility. They were to plant explosives throughout Baltic Force's facility, go to the dungeons to rescue every single prisoner they could and on their way out, blow the Baltic Force and its facility to Hell.

On May 31st, 1990, the stealth assault and rescue operation commenced. Not even 10 minutes into the raid, security klaxons sounded and the team's stealthy incursion became an all-out gun-blazing assault.  They had somehow been compromised. Spetsnaz troops, zombified super-powered humans and high-tech security defenses began to take its toll on Major Invader’s team as they descended into the dungeons to save the prisoners.  Once in the dungeons, he and his team found a total of 100 captive super-powered individuals, aliens and creatures in various states of immoral experimentations and torture. With a quarter of his team already dead or dying, Major Invader knew he had little time before they'd be defeated by the advancing Spetsnaz forces.  With only seconds to spare, Major Invader and his team released as many of the prisoners they could, that is, before Baltic Force's leader, Director 8 appeared near the dungeon's ultra-secure security control booth. Director 8, seeing that the CIA's assault leader was the legendary Major Invader, he ranted like a madman, hysterically screaming, 

"You bastard! I hate you! I hate everything about you! Do you know what you've done to me? To your my mother? It's all your fault! You and 'the job'!  It's always you and 'the job'! Even now, in the end, here with me, it’s 'the job' all over again!! It's your entire fault!! It's time you paid for your sins, old man!! I'm sending you, your 'job', your men and all these damn freaks to Hell! I hope you die in agony, you pathetic son of a bitch!!"

As Director 8 lunged towards the security booth to activate and flood the lethal VX-15 nerve gas into the dungeon, Major Invader hit Director 8 with a crowning executioner's shot right between the masked director's eyes. The director fell to the ground in a thump, well short of the booth's deadly gas switch. Major Invader saved everyone in the dungeon that night. However, as his team rallied with the now freed prisoners to fight together on their way to freedom, Major Invader looked down upon the now unmasked face of the deceased Director 8.

It was the face of his only son, Adam Brown

Major Invader now realized why the mission had been compromised so quickly; he had been recognized by his son.

Before Adam became Director 8, he was a disillusioned and angry young man of the mid-1960s. His father, John Brown, the famous World War II hero and top CIA covert agent, was never home and seemed to care little about his wife and son.  Adam, born in 1946, was raised by his mother. As Adam grew up, he worshiped his father as the incredible hero that all said he was. However, as time went on, his father wouldn't come home for months at a time, even when the missions were over. John’s excuse was always, “Sorry. It’s the job.” Through the thin walls of his room at night, he heard his mother crying more nights than few. On the rare times (a few days a year) that John Brown did come home, he couldn't relate to a 'domestic' life, and had no idea how to function, let alone talk or relate to his son, Adam.  Instead, during those few days he was home, John would invite his fellow CIA agents over for parties and drinks to what he started calling his 'wife's' home.  He'd carry on with the guys telling tall tales about their dangerous missions, all the while getting stone cold drunk, eventually passing out on the couch or floor. As such, John didn't spend any form of 'quality' time with his wife or child at all. His 'visits' as they became known, usually ended with him packing and leaving early before anyone in the house was awake, leaving again for weeks or months at a time.  For all that John Brown did to save the world each week; he did the opposite in regards to his family.

This went on for all of Adam's young life. 

As the years went by, Adam grew to hate his father. He was jealous and hate-filled towards anyone his father worked with or who had super-powers, since it seemed to Adam his father liked and respected super-powered people more than his own son.  Eventually, Adam ran away from home before he'd graduated high school.  After a few years, Adam went to Europe and joined meta-human hate groups. Eventually he signed on with Baltic Force

As Major Invader stood over the dead body of his only son, he fell apart. 


Picking up his son's bullet-ridden body, he slowly followed his team as they heroically battled to their way to the extraction point, all the while fixated on his son's face and what he'd done to him.  As Major Invader’s team advanced their way to safety, more and more of them died in the ensuing firefight, as did many of the super-powered escapees, who sacrificed themselves to help combat the deadly Baltic Force troops. Once they finally reached the extraction point, a powerful telekinetic mutant, code-named Kinesis, came out of hiding. She was the team’s ace in the hole for getting extracted from the site. Using her powers, she lifted Major Invader’s team up and into a stealth-shielded hovering cargo aircraft only a hundred feet above their heads.  Once Kinesis rescued Major Invader‘s men and the escapees, she lifted the bewildered Major and his dead son to the awaiting stealth transport. Before Kinesis was herself able to leave, she was killed by enemy troops' spray of gunfire. As he stood with his son in his arms, the Major flipped the switch on the planted explosive charges, blowing the Baltic Force facility nearly a mile into the sky.  With less than ten of Brown's team alive and only twenty-two living rescued captives, including Agent John Brown and his dead son Adam AKA Director 8, the stealth cargo plane flew home to its secret airbase in West Germany. 

Major Brown brought his dead son Adam home and placed his body in a tomb at a secret cemetery. Months later, his ex-wife, Clarise Brown (aka Ms. Vindicator from WWII) died in her sleep and was buried next to her only son at the same location.  Some say she died of a broken heart and no longer had the will to live after what she called her son's 'murder'.  Despite what Adam had done with Baltic Force, Clarise went to her grave believing in her son's innocence, blaming John Brown for not being the father Adam deserved.

When the smoke cleared in the days following the destruction of Baltic Force's facility, Soviet intelligence agents finally made their way to the smoldering crater that was once Baltic Force.  They found nothing but slagged and melted metal, charred 'everything' and debris strewn in all directions for miles. During their assessment, however, it was discovered that dozens of vaulted files and critical lab equipment had been removed after the blast from a vault that had survived the explosions, but was obviously cut and broken into within hours of the base's destruction. Tire tracks found across the mud and debris in and about the destroyed site showed that dozens of men and women in European military boots and vehicles had hauled away this vaulted and stolen materials. Local witnesses near the roads to the secret base (now bombed out crater) noted they'd seen a small convoy of dozens of soot-covered trucks exit past their remote village hours after Baltic Force's destruction. They reported that a convoy of 'military style' vehicles and an unknown number of blue-and-black camouflage uniformed troops had cleared the site of any remaining living and functioning equipment. Unsure of who this was, the (now failing) Soviet intelligence agency and even the free Lithuanian security forces attempted to track the convoy down (not working together of course), however, the convoy or any additional trace of the 'militant thieves' was ever found. Baltic Force was considered officially destroyed by the Soviets and the Kremlin, and considered as a 'case closed' by the CIA.

Medals were awarded. 

Citations were given.

Survivors were reunited with their families.

Baltic Force was considered destroyed, wasn't. Over the next decade, Baltic Force would slowly rise and be heard from again. Through its practices, it would, at one point, help save the world, however, what comes after that can only be construed as a venture into pure evil.

After Baltic Force's destruction in 1990, the 'militant thieves', the ones dressed in blue-and-black camoflage uniforms that has absconded with the secrets of Baltic Force's vault, set up shop and hid in an old copper mine in Latvia for the next month, which, during this time they amassed their resources, funds and started planning for the future of Baltic Force once again. This group was a kill unit that had been out on an extended mission and were late getting back to the base that day by hours. This kill unit's commander, a devious plotter and organizer, eventually became Director 9 of their new Baltic Force. Thanks to his amazing manipulative ways, Director 9 was able to get pull together over 30 billion Euros of equipment, resources and funds and recruit an additional 300 troops.  During this time, they made it a point to not actively perform super-powered abductions or killings, however, they did track down such beings and, if safe enough to do so, would capture and/or abduct them to  perform studies on them and dissect them and sell, on the black market, body parts, DNA samples and any experimentation results, thus earning them even more money, equipment and a new market in super-powered information

In 2000, the alien Soltan Empire invaded Earth.

Although the remnants of Baltic Force weren't powerful enough to take on the alien invaders, true to Baltic Force's mantra, they instead used their sciences and immoral practices against the invading Soltans to an existentially evil degree. While Baltic Force's (400+ troops by the time of the invasion) were killing thousands of invading alien Soltan troops all across Eastern Europe, Baltic Force's sciences division were hard at work dissecting and experimenting Soltan carcasses to discover their weaknesses. During that time, Director 9 died in an Soltan offensive assault on the prime Baltic Force base/HQ. Their new Director 10 died three weeks later leading a battle a Baltic Force offensive on a Soltan barracks in Riga, Latvia. Even though Baltic Force was peforming hit and run raids and attacks, losing bases, camps and several dozen soldiers every few weeks, Baltic Force's hyper-focused doctors and scientists, primarily a man known as Dr. Maxwell, continued dissecting and learning what made the Soltans and their monstrous creatures tick.

During these immoral dissections, Baltic Force's science division finally found the Soltans' weaknesses.  Working with their weapons group, Baltic Force created specialized weapons and ammunition that would easily kill the Soltan army and their creatures. 


Knowing their knowledge could save the world, Baltic Force's scientists sent their discoveries of how to defeat the Soltans to the leaders of the resistance groups all over the world, allowing those groups to create their own weapons and actually have a fighting chance to defeat the Soltans once and for all. As a result, the Soltans began losing battle after battle, hundreds and then thousands of troops, more each day, thanks to the weapons plans provided by Baltic Force. Eventually, the Soltans had no choice but to retreat from their occupied major cities and strongholds. Finally after a massive final climactic battle in China, Earth's combined military forces, heroes (and even villains!) and even a powerful military Baltic Force Soltan Kill Unit defeated and drove the Soltans from Earth. To this day, the Soltans and their invasion force have not returned to Earth. Baltic Force's actions were critical in defeating the Soltans, yet the world government quickly wrote Baltic Force out of their part in this historic narrative, assigning the world's superheroes, militaries and governments as the actual ones who developed the science and weapons used to defeat the Soltans...not Baltic Force or its (immoral) scientists.

Only two Baltic Force facilities survived the invasion, one in a mountainous remote cave, the other in an old abandoned cold war submarine pen.  A majority of the dwindling Baltic Force troops was dead. Of the few troops and scientists left, many abandoned their posts once the Soltan invasion was over. It would take years to obtain the personnel, resources and funds necessary for Baltic Force to rise from the ashes...once again.

Later in 2001, Baltic Force began to reform once again. A new unstable, invasion-traumatized leader, Director 11, tried to amass a new power base for himself. By 2005, Director 11 was summarily murdered by the man who would later become Director 13. after years of the group's amassing of resoiurces, but not doing anything with them (his fear of aliens finding and attacking him led Director 11 to live in a constant state of fear). The new leader, Director 12, attempted to turn the revised Baltic Force into a corporate business dealing solely in stolen blood and DNA samples of super-powered beings and selling them on the Black Market, but did so benevolently by offering 'help' to those needing money, services of a place to stay after the invasion, all for the price of several vials of blood, tissue samples and/or some medical exams. It didn't take long before their facilities began to become homeless shelters for aliens, super-powered beings and mutants, much to the chagrin of many of Baltic Force's troops and personnel. That's when the man who would become Director 13 stabbed and killed Director 12 (including Director 12's personal guards) in front of the remaining Baltic Force leadership. When Director 13 took charge that day, everything changed...and not for the good of the world.  

Within a week, Director 13, rescinded Baltic Force's old name and replaced it with a new name that his own troops voted for and approved of: The Exterminators.

Over the next year, Director 13 recruited new troops and scientists relentlessly. Eventually he was able to comprise an entire brigade of highly-trained military troops and dozens of new doctors and scientists. Director 13 introduced the new "Exterminators" to the world by performing a mass execution of dozens of super-powered individuals and their families, including children.  Their executed and mutilated corpses were displayed in prominent public locations such as the steps of the Government Building in Berlin, or mounted on the railings of bridges along the Rhine River, or sickeningly, on children's playground equipment in public parks all across Prague.  Continued reports of super-powered abductions and mutilations soared after 2006, with most of the abductions initiated in Eastern Germany. By 2010, the evil began to appear in the rest of Europe, and by 2012, the rest of the world.

A special United Nations Security Council session commissioned the non-governmental agency known as G.U.A.R.D. to investigate and put an end to the the abductions and killings.  Within a year, GUARD discovered that nearly all of the abductions and deaths were done by the new face of Baltic Force - the ExterminatorsGUARD has attempted to stop the Exterminators over that time only to find the Exterminators elusive and difficult to find or stop. It wasn't until one particular super-powered individual was found barely alive in the Bavarian Forest of Germany that they ever found a link to the Exterminators. That individual narrowly escaped captivity from the Exterminators. He told GUARD of the horrors that were being done to him and several dozen other metahumans, aliens and magic 'beings' by the Exterminators. Key to this was the description of the Exterminators' brutal and barbaric treatment of what they called their super-powered 'zombies'; abducted super-powered people who were lobotomized and loaded with controllers and servos to make these super-powered people their own mindless slaves to use for anything, but in particular, to kill anyone who crossed or attempted to infiltrate the Exterminators.

Although the super-powered survivor died from his wounds days later, he was able to provide GUARD with information about the Exterminator’s structure. The Exterminators had four major units that made up their evil ranks:

  • Hunter Unit

  • Capture Unit

  • Science Unit

  • Kill Unit

These units work together in a highly-militaristic manner invoking strategic and tactical planning in executing, abducting, torturing, and dissecting their super-powered "assets".  The Hunter Unit recons, tracks and collects intelligence against an asset. The Capture Unit creates traps and the means for immobilizing and/or imprisoning the asset. The Science Unit performs the most unspeakable function yet - experimentation, data collection, power extractions, torture and brainwashing.  The Kill Unit does their dirty work after the Science Unit is through with the asset, or if the asset is deemed too dangerous to live. The Kill Unit is also the most egregious of the any of the units, performing torture and mutilations. Each of these units are led by a highly specialized unit commander and an equally “talented” sub-commander.

To finance the Exterminators, evil power-brokers and organizations (i.e., Zenith Labs) pay top dollar to contract their services, as those with superpowers regularly foil their plans.  The Exterminators help remove any super-powered “pests” or anyone trying to get too close to their secret relationships with the Exterminators.  As such, the Exterminators are well-funded with the most modern weapons, defenses and lab equipment. Since 2006, the Exterminators have abducted, experimented and killed an estimated (known) 550 super-powered, alien and/or magical persons worldwide. The abducted are usually found slain within a week or two after their abduction unless the 'abductee' has some very special powers or abilities requiring more studies, dissection or experimentation beyond the normal several days in captivity.

Only four Exterminator facilities have been discovered by GUARD and other superhero groups thusfar since 2012. Of those, each had been abandoned and emptied out days in advance of GUARD's discovery. With the current leader, Director 13, the Exterminators are now more dangerous and deadly than ever before.

The Exterminators are out there and if you're super-powered, an alien, a cosmic being, a magic-wielding individual or an unnatural/unholy/holy creature, it's only a matter of time before they find you and make you wish you'd never been anything more than a normal human being.

The Exterminators' evil has only just begun...


Secret Base D-3T-H


There are now dozens of secret Exterminators bases located all over the world. This base can only be identified as being in 'Europe'.  Each base has a portal system used for emergency evacuations as well as a self-destruct system designed to destroy the base and its 'caged and abducted' assets and any remaining at the time of the base's explosive charges going off.

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