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Current Team


The following members listed below make up the current Axis Force team.  Members with an asterisks (*) next to their name are members  from World War II that survived their Cryofreeze stasis.


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World War II Team


Originally formed upon orders of Adolph Hitler, this first iteration of Axis Force had hundreds of support team members, technicians and 'Axis Force Stormtroopers', all acting under the order of the Axis Force leader, Baron Berlin


Axis Force performed admirably for Nazi Germany and Hitler throughout the war, winning most battles they were in. Over time, Baron Berlin realized that Adolph Hitler was not in a good 'state of mind', and started secretive actions towards aligning himself, the Baron, as the next Fuhrer. As such, Baron Berlin 'acquired' most of the stolen relics and treasures of Europe and hid them away to eventually fund his new order; an order that never came to be.


In 1945, Adolph Hitler charged the remaining living Axis Force members with treason, executing some while also placing a dozen or so in experimental cryo-freeze units (originally made for Hitler and his leadership) to thaw out when needed for the final Battle of Berlin. Those in cryo-freeze were never thawed and thus never saw the final battles of World War II. A few years ago, those same cryo-freeze units finally failed, unleashing the captivated Axis Force members to reform and add new recruits to Axis Force for the 21st century.

Königgrätzer Marsch - Johann Piefke


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In 1938, Adolph Hitler's Nazi Germany was on the verge of starting World War II (WWII).  As part of Hitler's plans, he ensured that specialized units of Gestapo, SS, Luftwaffe, Army, Panzer, and Kriegsmarine forces were created.  Among these units, an elite combat unit with representatives from each of their respective services were inducted into a secret yet dynamic powerhouse of super-powered and technological enhanced men and women.  This elite band of Teutonic warriors was code-named: "Axis Force".

Axis Force was lead by a notorious cruel SS Colonel  codenamed: Baron Berlin, and initially comprised of over a dozen uber-elite soldiers, commandos, pilots, strategists, interrogators, and tacticians, all of which were considered 'perfect specimens of the Aryan race'. 

Once the Axis powers of Germany and Italy started (later including Japan), Axis Force performed special, covert operations for the likes of Himmler, Hitler and Goering.  Their first few campaigns had Axis Force working side by side with the SS and some of Hitler's hand-picked generals and admirals.  Their first major engagement: the London Invasion.

In 1940, the Nazis intended to sneak in saboteurs and Axis Force via a large cargo submarine off the London coast in the dead of night and wreck havoc upon shipping, naval vessels and any infrastructure systems, such as water mains, electrical plants and communications. Should London be viable enough to hold, Baron Berlin was told the city would be his to conquer. 

During the London Invasion, Baron Berlin, after devastating most of the port operations and electrical power plants and radio towers, decided to press his luck and take over Parliament and raise the Nazi flag atop Westminster Palace.  In an incredible battle, British troops, the Royal Air Force and a small band of British, Scottish and Irish highly-skilled militants and super-humans countered Axis Force's attack on Parliament and drove the Baron and his Axis Force back to sea.  Sadly, all but two of British super-powered heroes survived, and with that, barely. One such hero was Jonathan Meyers. His wife was so distraught over his death, she volunteered to not only test several new high-tech weapons, but underwent vigorous MI6 training so that she could carry the fight to the Nazis under her code-name: Ms. Vindicator.  Many of the Nazi troops that were captured committed suicide with cyanide capsules. Although Axis Force and its troops did enormous damage, it was still considered a 'debacle' by Hitler, who blamed Baron Berlin, for his 'cowardly' retreat.  This event would have a profound repercussion later in the war.  

For the next few years into the war, Axis Force lead some of the most daring and well-planned attacks against the Allies. As a counter to Axis Force, the US Government decided to create their own specialized highly-skilled and super-human group called the Allied Fighters.  The Allied Fighters were formed within days after the bombing of Pearl Harbor by the Imperial Japanese forces in December 1941.  Heroes from all allied nations joined to form the Allied Fighters, led by the group's enigmatic leader, Captain John Brown AKA Captain Invader. The Allied Fighters were always a thorn in Axis Force's side and fought them as hard and fiercely as they could in the first port of the war.  Sadly, lots of Allied troops and Allied Fighters fell before Axis Force.  One of the biggest reasons that Axis Force did so well was due to a spy they'd planted in amongst the heroes support group - Major Jacob Smith; back in Nazi Germany, Smith was really Major Carl Heisner, codenamed: Drahtizier (Mastermind).  Drahtizier was the reason for a majority of Axis Force's victories during the war.  Fortunately for the Allied Fighters, 'Major Smith' was discovered copying secret communiques in 1944 and was shot on site by Ms. Vindicator, but not before he shot the then-pregnant Ms. Vindicator, killing her unborn child (from which Captain Invader was the father of).

Throughout the war, Baron Berlin had also positioned himself in power such that anything he wanted, he got.  This included his "Axis Force" being the keepers and custodians of all the treasures stolen from across Europe and Asia.  Priceless artifacts, gold, silver, historical relics and hundreds of millions in currency.  

As Germany began to lose the war  in 1945, Baron Berlin knew full well that Germany was doomed and that Hitler was no longer in his right mind to lead the Third Reich. To this effect, Baron Berlin attempted to sneak-out all of the treasures and currency to remote salt mines and unique locations. Some of these treasures were tracked and found by a group loosely called the "Monuments Men", wherein that group reported to Washington and the Allied Fighters of the treasures and the secret of Baron Berlin's duplicity against Hitler

This 'theft' did not go unnoticed, and through an incredible chain of events (which to this day Axis Force does not know of), the leader of the Allied Fighters, Captain Invader, directly snuck into Hitler's Wolf's Den compound and informed him of the thefts done by Baron Berlin and his band of Axis Force thieves and soldiers.  Hitler, being more infuriated with Baron Berlin than Captain Invader, was allowed to leave unharmed that day.  Still angry over the "London Invasion" debacle, Hitler instead decided to take action against Baron Berlin and his troops.

Hitler confronted Baron Berlin, demanding the treasures back.


Baron Berlin told Hitler "no".


Axis Force was placed under arrest. Some of them were executed on site as examples.  Hitler's generals convinced Hitler to stop the killings and instead, use the remaining more powerful Axis Force members (and Baron Berlin) to redeem themselves should Berlin become overrun by the Allies.  Hitler decided to place the remaining Axis Force members in a classified, underground facility equipped with an experimental cryofreeze system with over two dozen cryofreeze units.  This system was initially designed for Hitler and his staff, however, Hitler believed the system would be better used and tested as a 'frozen prison' for Axis Force in the meantime.  Each remaining Axis Force member was forcefully and humiliatingly placed in their respective cryofreeze units. Since the units were to be powered by their experimental 'atomic reactor', the units could run for what was believed to be over 100 years without maintenance.

In 1945, as the Battle of Berlin raged and the Soviet Red Army as well as the feared Soviet super-powered unit known as the Red Guard stormed Berlin, an SS Major was ordered to get the cryofreeze scientists and 'thaw' out Axis Force for battle.  While en-route to the secret underground base, the General was killed by a Soviet sniper.  The scientists, in their bunker, were killed by Soviet artillery minutes later, with no survivors.  The bunker that housed the Axis Force cryofreeze units were over two dozen meters below the scientists' bunker.  The passageway collapsed and no would ever be able to find the cryofreeze bunker without digging through nearly 20 feet of rock and concrete.


As such, Axis Force was never thawed.


Berlin and Nazi Germany fell and World War II's war in Europe ended quickly thereafter. 

Due to Hitler's 'displeasure' of Axis Force's actions, he had all documents, briefs, and family members of Axis Force destroyed and murdered, preventing anyone from knowing who or what "Axis Force" was. His goal was to 'wipe them out of the history books of the Third Reich' for their treacherous actions.

The hidden underground base was never discovered by the Allies.  The Allies deduced, after discovering the bodies of a few of the executed Axis Force members, that they had all been murdered or killed at the war's end. No one knew the fate of Axis Force - except one person: the newly-promoted Major Invader.  He was 100% sure that Baron Berlin and his Axis Force would be back again one day to terrorize the world and start the 4th Reich. It was even said a 'time traveler' told Major Invader this at one point...but most considered that as simply nonsense.

In 2017, Axis Force's cryogenic units, run by an experimental low-powered nuclear power supply, failed, thus thawing out Axis ForceBaron Berlin discovered they had been frozen for over 70+ years.  Using their wits and powers, they escaped the cryofreeze bunker and discovered a home new 'world of the future'; a world that was NOT flying a Nazi flag, much to the chagrin of Baron Berlin and his team.


Within weeks, the team decided to restart Axis Force and create a new Reich, led by Baron Berlin once again.  Their first action was to uncover all their hidden buried treasure.  When they went to retrieve it, all of it was gone.  The Allies and troops like the "Monuments Men" discovered and given back the treasures to their original owners. 

Destitute and enraged, Baron Berlin went looking for any relatives that might be able to aid them, only to find them all killed and murdered. 


While looking for contacts, Baron Berlin came upon an ex-Nazi colonel who had been hiding in Argentina for all those decades.  The Baron found that this ex-Nazi Colonel held many of Axis Force's old weapons, including the old Panzerkreiger robot.  The Baron thanked him by killing him and his family and took over the ex-Colonel's abandoned castle in Nuremberg, Germany, as well as his estate and several million Euros in Swiss and off-shore bank accounts.

Since then, Axis Force has taken leadership of the fascist militant group called "The New Reich Army", along with creating their own new nation of "Reichsland" with over 170 square miles around the once-German town of Nuremberg.  Complete with over 150,000 troops, hundreds of aircraft and vessels and even their own converted space station, Baron Berlin, Axis Force and the Reichsland's new army have created a dangerously powerful new fascist nation right in the heart of Europe.

Baron Berlin is now preparing to take over the world, militarily, financially and strategically.  His most dangerous weapons are his mind and his ambition, that, along with his die-hard Nazi Axis Force followers, troops and his newly-created nuclear weapons, is a serious threat to the world at large.

As the Baron plots his world conquest, his nemesis, the original Major Invader (now nearly 100 years old) has recreated a  'new' "Allied Fighters" SG and is training then to stop the matter the cost.

Let the games begin anew!



Black Castle


(formerly Nuremberg, Germanuy)

Baron Berlin considered Nuremberg to be his Axis Force Headquarters in World War II, and today, has now taken over Nuremberg, Germany and its surrounding lands and created a new fascist nation called "Reichsland" in 2017.  Baron Berlin's base is now called "Black Castle".

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