The MDU sports a dangerous and evil array of villain teams and groups.  Each team has its own unique style yet one thing is for sure - they are NOT heroes!  To check out any of the MDU villain teams, click on their respective blocks to see who is in said villain team, the team's origin and even a peek at their villainous base!  NOTE: Each team's member has a link to their own page via the villain team page selection.

RED Borders: Villainous/Evil Teams          GREY Borders: Rogue Teams (Despised by Heroes & Villains)

Arachnoknights Groupshot III.jpg
CANIS Alpha VI.jpg
Catalysts Group Shot II.jpg
Death Legion Group Shot II.jpg
Eire Arm groupshot I.jpg
Milu I.jpg
Master of Maleficence Group Shot
Selenyx II.jpg
Soviet Guard Group Shot III.jpg

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