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Welcome to the Pacific Ocean's truly criminal 'ring of fire'.  The Golden Dragons predominantly operated out of Hong Kong in the late 20th century and has since established itself as the Pacific region's leader in theft, prostitution, human trafficking, financial crimes, drugs and poisonous weapons sales.


The Golden Dragons have powerful ties with the Yakuza and the Triad, bridging the gaps in their criminal enterprises.  With the advent of the internet, the Golden Dragons have become more tech-savvy, and as such, a major player in the dark web: internet identity theft, human trafficking and electronic embezzlement.  As a part of their crime network, they have learned how to 'reroute' shipments of weapons, drugs and equipment to locations where the Golden Dragons 'acquire' those materials and will sell via the Asian black market.

Their actions have placed them at odds with most of the crime organizations in Europe and America, however, the Golden Dragons have persevered even under the buckling pressure of hits, raids and leaking of info about the Golden Dragons to the authorities.


A couple of years ago, the Golden Dragons made quite a name for themselves in aiding other groups get what they want, to include the Gold Syndicate (helping them with the gold raids), the Solano Family (aiding in gambling and airport robberies) and the Blackjacks (allowing their casino  influence in the Far East...for a price).

A few weeks ago, a 'skirmish' occurred between the Gold Dragons and The Crimson.  In that skirmish, the Golden Dragons won the fight using several super-powered fighters; a first for them.  They have now entered the 'super-powered' level of criminal activity.


The leader of the Golden Dragons for the last 50 years has been its founder, Len Wu, once called "Dragonmaster". Today, Len Wu (or Mister Wu, or, more preferably, Master Wu, as he wishes to be called today) has since shed his title of Dragonmaster and handed it down to a new Dragonmaster, all the while Master Wu continues to hold his position as the Golden Elder and head of the Golden Dragons gang.

What awaits to be seen is how the rest of the criminal organizations react to all of this.... 

Hong Kong, China


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