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Diamond Eyes (Boom-Lay Boom-Lay Boom)Shinedown
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David Hudson

Unknown (believed dead)



early 30s (as Doc Diomond, he states he's in his 20s)








David Diamond




Don "Major Deej" Finger

1970s; 6 July 2008



None identified at this time



Dr. David Hudson, a biophysicist working on elemental applications in medical sciences, discovered a new element completely by accident; an element that integrated into human biological tissue to act as a fast healing 'band aid', acting like a healing patch...and could also be used to create an impressive body armor if used on a whole body (or at least was believed to be body armor; no testing towards that had occurred at this point). 


News of this element, dubbed as "biodimondium', leaked quickly into the science industry...and into the military complexes around the world. GUARD, an international peace-keeping organization led by the World Council, was tasked with Dr. Hudson's protection while he continued to figure out how he created this new element.

Dr. Hudson was en route to his new lab set up by the University of Berkeley, with GUARD hauling all of Dr. Hudson's lab equipment and samples, when they were attacked by an unknown aerial mercenary unit.  The helicopter that carried all of Dr. Hudson's research, equipment and samples exploded over the Pacific Ocean a dozen miles off the California coast, while the other helicopter carrying Dr. Hudson, GUARD security agents and a handful of associate professors was also severely damaged in the aerial mercenary firefight.

By the time the US Air Force was able to scramble jet interceptors to ward off the mercenary attackers, they'd broken off their attack. The escaping mercs were only heard to have said the mission 'failed' and the prize was lost, that the secondary target was in jeopardy and that they'd instead reacquire the secondary objective post-mission.  Dr. Hudson, hearing that whole exchange had a sinking feeling the secondary objective was him; the only person who knew anything about the Biodimondium.

Dr. Hudson's helicopter barely made it to a beach in Oakland before the engine burst into flames.  Altogether, seven GUARD agents were dead, four scientists were dead, 3 others wounded, one helicopter with all Biodimantium research, equipment and samples lost, and a particular Dr. Hudson realizing that his discovery was more important to the world than he ever realized.

GUARD's security around the doctor grew tenfold as a result.

An attempt to get at the downed helicopter and equipment on the helicopter resulted in the recovery of the helicopter and equipment only to found the samples damaged beyond repair, all data on Dr. Hudson's research damaged beyond recovery and several critical pieces of element-creating equipment utterly destroyed.  Since Dr. Hudson didn't save his research to any servers outside of his lab, all of his research was considered to be now lost.

Unknown to anyone else, Dr. Hudson, being a smart man, kept his own sample of the biodimondium in his lab coat pocket in a syringe, making it the only surviving sample accessible.  From that last sample, he;'d hoped to continue his work, but, as he knew, it'd take years simply to rebuild his research enough for any true testing and applications could even begin. It didn't take long before another attack came down on Dr Hudson and his GUARD protection team. Sadly, it wasn't just one attack...but five separate ones.

It seems that word got out about the failed attempt to get at the biodimondium and as such, every shady organization out there wanted their hands on the only person left who knew anything about biodimondium - Dr. Hudson.  Mercenary units from CANIS, Death Legion, Catalysts, Crimewave, Demolition Party, the Golden Dragons and even vampires from The Crimson all attacked the GUARD facility where Dr. Hudson was housed in.

It was a slaughter. GUARD never had a chance.

A superhero known as "Bay Area Brad" came upon the attack and was swiftly killed by the super-villain attackers.  As it turned out, "Bay Area Brad" was one of the last few last remaining superheroes in a long-running (yet depleted) California super-group called the "Protectors".  Suffice to say, Brad was but one of several dozen casualties that day.  Dr. Hudson (with his Biodimondium sample still in a syringe in his lab coat) was rushed to a 'safe room' only for his security team to be cut down half way to the room, leaving Dr. Hudson facing off against several competing attackers, all of whom wanted Dr. Hudson alive.

It didn't take long before the several attacking villain organizations turned on each other and started their own fire-fight amongst themselves, allowing Dr. Hudson a brief moment to escape.  Seconds later, the attackers cornered him on the 12th floor of the research building he was in.  With no way out but through a window and a fall down 12 stories, Dr. Hudson was trapped. Rather than be captured (or for that matter, found with the only surviving sample of the Biodimondium), he turned and ran towards the large glass window, injecting himself with the syringe full of Biodimondium, grabbed a chair, tossed it through the window and jumped out through the broken glass of the window...down 12 stories and into a deep pond of water located at the base of the building.

Different mercs from the attacking organizations went to Dr. Hudson's body to retrieve it to verify his death (or if he had anything else important left on his body), but by the time each merc stated that Doctor Hudson was verified dead, they'd be killed by a rival attacker, and so it went four or five times until finally the mercs and super-villains all left, leaving a massive wave of death in their wake.  As far as all were concerned, the secret of Biodimondium died with Dr. Hudson.

In the morgue, hours later, Dr. Hudson arose from an autopsy lab table just as a medical examiner was to cut into him (actually, the doctor tried three times to cut the doctor open, but his scalpels kept breaking...).  Dr. Hudson was alive and surprisingly with all wounds healed.  His skin however was a shade of glistening red, and his vision seemed to be able to see into the infra red spectrum.  Disoriented, Doctor Hudson accidentally knocked the medical examiner unconscious, using a strength he never had before.

As Doctor Hudson tried to exit the morgue, a man with a "Zenith Labs" ID badge entered with two other 'associates'.  They all saw Dr. Hudson alive and attempted to capture him and force him into their van out back.  Dr. Hudson not only easily fought them off, but knocked one of them over a dozen feet across and through a lab wall.  Sadly, this broke a gas main, causing a massive explosion, destroying the morgue, the lab and the two additional floors above.  Dr. Hudson was able to run out as everything was exploding all around him, exiting onto the street without a single mark or burn on him.  Standing naked in the middle of the road, Dr. Hudson took the Zenith Lab van and took off to the only remaining hero in the area capable of helping him - the superhero known as "Redwood", who, as far as he knew was still based out of his Protectors super-group's HQ off the Presidio in San Francisco.

Upon reaching the Presidio, he came upon the hero HQ's security gate, where no one was guarding it.  Dr. Hudson repeatedly pressed the 'push to talk' button on the security speaker at the gate, but no one replied. When Hudson attempted to try and climb the gate, he instead tore an entire section of the gate from itself using his newfound strength.

Once at the base building's entrance, Dr. Hudson saw a 'shutdown by the state of California' ordnance letter taped to the chain doors of the base.


The Protectors had been shutdown and disbanded.

The only people he'd expected to help weren't even operational.

Dr. Hudson decided instead to break into the building and instead used it for the next few days as a place to stay.  There was still food in the refrigerators and pantry, as well as electricity being on. While there, he spent his time learning what he'd now become, and the more he learned the more afraid he became. He also discovered in the news that the hero he was searching for, Redwood, had died and that the Protectors were to be officially disbanded in mere days. Sadly, four people died in the building explosion he accidentally created, but later in the news, it was announced the medical examiner and three suspicious men wearing "Zenith Lab" IDs were the ones actually found dead, all four of which had a long list of police and medical violations under their names. Although unhappy news, Hudson knew he had work to do.

Using the labs in the base, he discovered that his body was now infused with Biodimondium from head to toe.  Luckily, his head, neck and joints weren't fused and as such, had the same mobility as a normal person, however, the Biodimondium was spreading and excreting through his skin outwardly forming a red diamond-like texture over his skin, more so on his back.  As such, the diamond-like layers was amazingly impervious to damage, as he discovered testing his limits using acetylene torches, hydraulic vices and liquid nitrogen from the labs.

Clothes were an issue for Dr. Hudson in his new state.  The sharp edges of the diamond-like texture cut normal cloth to shreds in seconds with movement, as such, he found thick leather to be the only material that survived the best, and at that, pants and boots seemed to be the only things that didn't get chopped up in less than a day.  He made several pairs of pants and boots, used a leather 'do-rag' on his head and jokingly called himself "Doc Diamond" as he did all this.

Even with the testing Hudson was doing over those few hours, he was also trying to find a cure.  He figured that in four to five years, the Biodimondium growth would accumulate enough that his whole body would become entrapped in the new element, making his a living statue. Since he had no idea if this stuff had enough healing properties to keep him alive while in that state, he was deeply worried that he'd live on forever as a statue of Biodimondium.  He had to find a cure...and still keep the new element away from anyone suspecting that he was Dr. Hudson or for that matter, a man composed of Biodimondium.

As such, he decided to come up with a back story that he was a 'mutant' with diamond-like skin, and that he was simply a 'street tough' just trying to get by day-to-day.  he created a fake name, "David Diamond", and using the lab's equipment, made a fake state ID card.

Hudson had to get supplies and left the base for an hour. While shopping, he saw a live broadcast of a battle occurring at the very same place he'd just left - the old Protectors HQ site. The video showed a new superhero named "Protechtor" pleading for help in stopping a large band of super-villains, mercenaries and thugs from attacking the city.  "David Diamond" ran straight back to the HQ. Once there, Protechtor had just collapsed from his injuries and was about to be murdered on live TV. Doc Diamond, instead, jumped between the hero and the villain, shattering the villain's weapon.  Moments later, other heroes showed up and the fight began.  Minutes after that, Doc Diamond, the other heroes, the police and even the Army National Guard worked together and won the battle for the Protectors HQ. 12 hours later, after running around and hunting down the remaining thugs, villains and mercs like the other heroes and police where doing, Doc Diamond anow all being called a 'new' Protector by the media, took in the cheers from the passing crowds for his heroism that day.

After that, over the next few weeks, this group of heroes was lauded by the Mayor of San Francisco and state of California with a "Protectors Day" proclamation,wherein each hero was awarded a key to the city. Not long after that, Doc Diamond decided to officially join the "Protectors". With that, Doc Diamond and a few of the other heroes moved into the same HQ that Hudson had been living out of earlier.  Successfully using his cover as David Diamond and "Doc Diamond", Hudson found a new family to be part of.  As such, he's never felt so energized about life as he had working with these new Protectors.

Today, Doc Diamond continues his superhero career with the Protectors.  No one is the wiser about his true personage or origin.  He still finds time in the lab to experiment on his condition as well as research more ways into curing himself.  His personality as "Doc Diamond" is a street tough type of guy, completely different from Hudson's stoic, scientific mousy personality of yesterday.  Hudson actually revels in being Doc Diamond, but as such, he makes a lot of team-level mistakes, errors in fighting and at time comes off as an 'asshat' when he gets agitated.

Could the Biodimondium be affecting his personality, making Hudson more aggressive and/or irritable?  Will the layers of Biodimondium ever stop growing on him?  Will he ever find a cure? Will anyone ever discover Dr. Hudson to actually be Doc Diamond? Only time will tell!



Power Origin: Science (tells everyone he's a mutant as his cover story)


Organic Biodimondium Infusion

As a result of being infused with a unique strain of Biodimontium, Dr. Hudson now has the following powers:

  • Armored Body

    • Provides Spectacular physical, energy, radiation, temperate, toxic, toxin and electrical protection.

    • If light or lasers are shot at him of less than spectacular levels, the lasers will instead refract in and through his crystals, emitting in refracted directions out from his body, potentially making his body a multi-directional laser weapon. If the laser energy is above spectacular, he can suffer effects 2x as bad as the expected damage.

  • Changed Physiology

    • Endurance changed to amazing levels; strength changed to excellent levels, agility lowered to typical levels

    • No longer needs to sleep for anything over an hour a day.

    • Doesn't have to eat more than 1 meal a day.

  • Leaping

    • Capable of leaping over 20 yards without effort​​


  • Uniform

    • heavy leather that provides (a usually unnecessary) typical physical, temperate and radiation protection, as well as poor energy protection.

  • Earwig

    • 25 mile communications transceiver device with infinite range in use with cell towers.

    • Excellent level material.


  • Biophysicist (Doctorate)

  • Medical Science (Master)

  • Geomorphic Compounds (Professional)

  • Geology (Professional)

  • Lab Operations (Professional)

  • Financing/Funding (Proficient)

  • Street Fighting (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Melee Combat (+fighting ) (Proficient)

  • Boxing (Proficient)

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