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The Catalysts are a secret organization bent on modifying humans to evolve beyond what they consider as a 'dead end of evolution' using their many "catalysts" of change (alchemy, science, radiation, mutation, etc.). Led by the mad scientist, Professor Kranan, the Catalysts are renown for their incredibly brilliant studies and experimentation in life and animal sciences, but are considered to be the worst animal and human rights people on the planet.  As a result, the Catalysts' team of scientists, troopers and 'evolved' men and women operate out of secretive locations all over the world.  In order to get the materials they need for their operations, the troopers are usually assigned to abduct new scientists, rob banks, raid science centers, maintain internal order and provide for the protection of Catalyst labs.

Previously, the Catalysts had over a dozen combative interactions with the world governments and/or superhero groups.  Notably, several super-powered people, usually untrained and younger, less experienced heroes, have been seen fighting Catalyst forces before disappearing.  In several instances, bio-engineering, mutated and 'improved' humans attacked in force in intricately staged attacks.  One such attach led to the Catalysts successfully robbing a Russian stronghold of its 500 lbs. of unprocessed Uranium.

Condoned by the United Nations and listed as a terrorist organization by Interpol and G.U.A.R.D., the Catalysts continue to be a danger to the world's human population.




The Catalysts are broken down into two major categories: Science Corps and Defense Corps.


Catalyst Scientists

Leader: Theta-3

Comprised of a wide variety of humans, altered humans, aliens and bio-engineered beings, the Science Corps are some of the greatest scientists and engineers who have either volunteered or been abducted to be part of what the organization's leader, Professor Kranan, deems the 'greatest gathering of biological scientists on Earth'.

Each new Science Corps scientist who volunteers is allowed one week to perform a feat of bio-engineering or biological/animal science discovery that has, up to that point, never been allowed to be legally or ethically done in civilization's confines, all under the direct and watchful eyes of the lead Science Corps scientist, Theta-3.  If the scientist successfully performs the feat, the Science Corps Leader inducts said scientist into the organization's scientific group.  If the scientist fails, that person is then 'utilized' as one of the test subjects for the next new volunteer scientist's feat. If they are successful, not only do they get 'folded' into the Science Corps organization, but they retain several incentives:

  • Cash Reward: $250,000 one-time cash bundle forwarded to one recipient (self, family members, wife, child, etc.)

  • Identity Wipe: Removal of identity from all international records and files (leaving no record of that person) (incredible feat to find info on this person)

  • Job Choice: Either have one's body/being converted into a bio-engineered 'Science Corps" or remain a human scientist that can be covertly be placed in OTHER science labs/facilities as a spy, saboteur, thief, influencer or as a conduit to perform certain experiments through their via the targeted lab/facility (and even provide recruiting data to make that list of 'volunteers').

  • 5-year job retirement package: IF you, as a Science Corps scientist, perform to the expected capacity of Theta-3 during a five-year period of time, you will be freed from service from the Catalysts.  IF that scientist was converted/changed, they could be 'reverted' to one's normal self. IF they wish a mate, one will be provided to you. You will be provided a decent new home, property and a $100,000 annual retirement check until death, again, with all records of your existence removed from civilization's records other than that of your new 'retired' identity.

  • Control Pack Removal: The scientist's control pack gets removed, however, the brain stem explosive implant still remains (just in case the retired scientist decides to tell to the Catalysts' enemies or the authorities about the Catalysts and/or their whereabouts).

Most of the time, the Defense Corps goes out and abducts scientists and bio-engineers from a list created made by either Theta-3 or Professor Kranan.  Those same abducted scientists are allowed to perform the same feat as those who volunteered, however, if the abducted scientists loose, they and their families are killed outright and rather gruesomely.

Volunteered and abducted Science Corps scientists who pass their initiation, are stripped of their original names and are instead renamed using a system of a Greek letter and number (such as "Epsilon-12" or "Alpha-1").

Each volunteered or abducted scientist is fitted with a biologically grafted back device that ties into the person's brain, spine and lungs (until they retire).  Once this 'control pack' is activated, Professor Kranan or Theta-3 (and Alpha-1 to a limited degree (see Catalyst Troopers)) can use the pack to control the scientist in several different ways to include electrical shock, stopping the scientist from breathing, paralysis, and of course, death (stopping the heart).  It can also be used for rewards, such as stimulating pleasure receptors, invoking waking dreams, and performing what is called the 'electro-massage' (enacts like a full body massage all through muscular and neural electrode-stimulii). As mentioned earlier, this gets removed upon a scientist's successful 'retirement', however the brain bomb implant is still left in place...just in case. 

As of today, there are over 400 Science Corps scientists, 20% of which had once 'volunteered'. They each work 16-hour days, 7 days a week on projects assigned by Theta-3 or Kranan.  Failure to complete a project in the required time-frame and to less than 100% of Theta-3's or Professor Kranan's satisfaction results in days of torture from the control packs, sometimes personally at the hands of Kranan himself.



Catalyst Troopers

Leader: Alpha-1

Defense Corps is a mix of human, bio-engineered human and animal hybrids and unique creatures, all created and/or controlled by Professor Kranan and his eagle-like militant leader, Alpha-1.

Each Defense Corp trooper is fitted with a 'control pack' that is bio-grafted to their spine.  The pack is used to provide a variety of positive and negative controls on a trooper.  If a trooper does a good job, Kranan or Alpha-1 can have the control pack induce pleasurable stimuli to the soldier's brain and body.  Bad conduct and task failure result in negative control pack application, wherein the trooper can be tortured or killed through a variety of selections to include paralysis, suffocation, neural or bodily electro-shock, and even stopping one's heart which usually causes the trooper's death. 

An additional capability of the control packs is to stimulate adrenal and neural receptors of a trooper, causing them to either go into a super-charged physical state (fighting, strength, endurance and agility are all raised for a maximum of 2 minutes) or a berserk fury (doubling the soldier's fighting, psyche and strength for one minute's time).  If placed in a berserk fury, the trooper(s) could effectively bypass pain receptors for the duration of the fury, however, after the minute's time in that fury state, the trooper may pass out or die due to the pain and/or injuries received during the fury state.

All Defense Corp are fitted with a sub-dermal bio-tracker that can be used by the Catalysts organization to track their soldier up to a maximum distance of 100 miles.

All Defense Corps are surgically fitted with a small miniaturized incredibly strong explosive device in the base of their brain stem.  At any time the control pack should stop controlling the trooper for longer than a minute's time or if the control pack's transmitted signal (ping) from the master controller stops being received in the control pack (signal (ping) sent every 12 seconds), the explosive device will arm (producing an audible ping every second) and immediately explode within 30 seconds on their spine, instantly killing the Defense Corp Trooper. The explosive impact remains within the trooper's body and doesn't affect anything external to the trooper.

Today, The Catalysts retains over 300 Defense Corps Troopers. Alpha-1 is the current leader of Defense Corps. Alpha-1 controls his soldiers in combat by flying high above the soldiers and watching and controlling the actions using its incredibly watchful eagle-eye vision.

Each Defense Corp trooper is trained in hand-to-hand combat, stealth tactics, military bearing, Catalysts rules and regulations, radio/communications operations, English as a language, and to operate and master at least one type of combat weapon (claws, staff, pistols, rifles, etc.).




The Catalysts organization has several labs located all over the world, however, the 'primary' lab, Alpha Lab, is located somewhere in Professor Kranan's native country of Sweden.  Each lab is designed with the same floor plan and layout, with the exception of the equipment in the labs (different lab locations for different projects). As such, each Catalyst Scientist and/or Catalyst Trooper won't have to 're-learn' a new lab's layout upon arrival to any Catalyst lab anywhere.

Alpha Lab

Location: Somewhere in Sweden

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