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Firebirds (Max)Eyes of Providence
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In January of 2000, the Soltan Star Empire invaded Earth.  In so doing, millions of people died, cities were destroyed and civilization teetered on the brink of destruction.  When survival seemed to be the only respite, along came a mutant hero who went by the code-name "Firebird".  Using his powers and his fantastic vehicles and expert evasion tactics, Firebird saved thousands of people in North America during the invasion.  After the invasion, he was presented several national and international medals and awards recognizing his heroism and distinguished actions.  Rather than go back to a normal life, Firebird built "Firebirds, Inc.", an organization designed to help and save people all across the world.

During the next 10 years, Firebird built up an amazing business and base of operations with several satellite facilities all over the world, using some of the most fantastic aircraft, rockets, helicopters and submersibles, all with the intent to save lives.  His business' actions led to hundreds of millions of dollars from international donations as well as receiving free government surplus, planes and volunteer personnel to help the business and continue to save lives. Typhoons, floods, volcanic eruptions, fires, accidents in space and even undersea rescues are standard operations to this team.

Firebird met another hero during the Soltan Invasion, a female fire controller code-named "Conflagration". Together, they not only saved more lives than ever before, but also started battling super-villains to help save others as well. It didn't take long before they were married and started having children...children who were also mutants with relatively fire-based powers as well.

Over the last nearly 16 years, Firebird's and Conflagration's children were taught to use their powers, and rather than keep them safe from the rigors of the business, they instead brought their kids into the business, each starting as young at 10 years of age.  Each and every one is a hero in their own right, most of them, teenagers, with the youngest just turning 11. Along the way, they also adopted a son who was an orphan and had fire-based powers he couldn't control. Thanks to the 'Firebird Family', he was taken into the family, trained how to control his powers, and is now a productive member of the team as well.

Today, the Firebirds continue to perform amazing rescues the world over.  They are renown for their disaster planning and evacuation plans for nearly any and all disaster.  The team's resources are still in the hundreds of millions, including their own space rocket and launch pad. The team's actions have inspired many heroes and people to do what the Firebirds have and continue to do, including Aeroguardian of GUARD, who, before joining GUARD, created a new business, SAR Inc., inspired by the Firebirds decades of actions.  The family has its share of fights and disagreements, especially now that most of them are teenagers, however, they are all trained that when rescuing is needed, personal issues are set aside until the job is done.  Both parents are extremely proud of their heroic children. Now, with both parents getting on in years, how much longer will it be before the kids start running the business...or will they instead go their own separate ways, causing the "Firebirds" to disband?



Location: Detroit, Michigan, USA 

Firebirds Inc. has several other bases in locations all around the world as well


MDuverse Info: Firebirds created on 4 January 2007.  Was originally led by Starfire Knight; changed to Firebird in 2013.  Was designed to be a 'search and rescue super-powered family' that did world wide search and rescue, mixing the "Thunderbirds" TV show with the Fantastic Four family supergroup as the feel for this group.

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