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Isaac Armstrong












Civil Air Patrolman, Aeronaut

Aeroguardians, Guardians



Don "Major Deej" Finger

21 Mar 2007​


  • Neil Armstrong (Grand Uncle)



Issac Armstrong, grand-nephew to astronaut Neil Armstrong,was originally a Civil Air Patrol (CAP) Search & Rescue (SAR) pilot, who, through dozens of incredible twists and turns, has now become the leader of AEROGUARD's Aeroguardians super-group.

An ex-US Air Force Fighter Pilot, Issac flew F-35 Lightnings for several years before the day his plane was shot down by a super-villain group attempting to take over the world.  After he ejected in the forests of northern New England, he was eventually rescued by CAP SAR air & ground teams.  Due to his injuries, he was forced to leave the Air Force.  He instead volunteered with CAP and performed several incredible and daring SAR missions saving dozens of lost hikers and downed pilots.

In 2010, Issac was subject to super-villains again as they held him and his team for hostage during a SAR mission.  The resulting hostage situation, unfortunately, led to the demise of several downed pilots.  Angered over the incident, Issac worked with a propulsion technology lab that had devised powerful jet and rocket packs, allowing wearers to travel hundreds of miles at low and high speeds, as well as able to handle several hundred extra pounds of weight.

Working with an exoskeleton company, he devised a "SAR Suit" that allowed him to use the jet/rocket pack and able to fly down into and retrieve lost/injured personnel for SAR missions.  CAP's National HQ considered this entire approach an incredible leap in SAR, but would not right off on it due to the individual risks placed on the rescuer.  As such, Issac formed his own SAR group called "SAR, Inc.".  He ordered and utilized dozens of the jet/rocket packs, training a new generation of rescuers, saving hundreds of lost, injured and downed civilians and military personnel.

In one particular mission, an executive in the secretive worldwide protection agency called G.U.A.R.D. was missing after his battle with a super-villain group. SAR Inc not only found him in record time, but also battled the villain group during the extraction.  Impressed by their abilities, the GUARD executive recommended SAR Inc work for GUARD.  Issac discussed it with GUARD, and only for reasoning of having better resources and quicker access to tracking information for those needing rescue did they agree to the deal, with one condition - they'd have autonomy for performing SAR missions as needed.

Now, leader of GUARD's AEROGUARD subdivision called the "Aeroguardians", Issac has taken the code name "Aeroguardian" and formed a powerful team of combatant whose primary job is SAR, and its secondary job is combating the evils that GUARD needs help with.

Today, with dozens of "Air Stations" for the Aeroguardians to refuel and coordinate from all over the world (all located at 5,000 feet Above Sea Level (ASL)), Issac's group has received awards, accolades and even a Nobel Peace prize for their efforts in Search and Rescue and combating the evils of the world!



Powers: None




    • Full body and head protection from effect of flight, cold, heat and wind.

    • Provides good temperate protection and physical protection.

    • Suit can act as a remarkable voice and mental control system and conduit for power from gauntlets, boots, belt helmet and flight pack.

    • Since his company builds these suits for the Aeroguardians and G.U.A.R.D., he has access to thousands of these suits and can make modifications and repairs in seconds.


    • Left and Right gauntlet can emit excellent energy blasts up to 200 yards range against targets assigned by helmet's GUARD Tracking System (GTS).

    • Targets past 200 yards will have energy effects halved per each additional 20 yards to a max range/feeble effect rang of 280 yards.

    • POWER

      • With Gauntlets gaining power from active (flying) Flight Pack, Gauntlets can fire indefinitely at full power.

      • With Gauntlets gaining power from static (non-flying), fully charged Flight Pack, Gauntlets can fire up to 100 times at full power.

      • SAR Flight Suit can redistribute power from one gauntlet to another.

      • Each gauntlet contains batteries to perform a maximum of 1 energy blast in a 24-hour period.  After 24 hours, batteries die.

    • Gauntlets can be overloaded only ONCE each to one remarkable energy blast before the gauntlet circuits fail. 25% chance of Flight Pack failure if overload comes form the Flight Pack.


    • Remarkable physical and thermal protection.

    • Satellite multinational comms two-way network with unabridged range in atmosphere up to Exosphere.

    • Satellite computer microwave data feed at a1GB/sec rate anywhere in the world.

    • Calibrated mnemonic control sensors used for flight control, equipment and weapons operations.  Requires 2 hours of calibration for new user to operate helmet's controls.

    • Can receive transmit radio, microwave, and infrared signals (and data) from transceiver in helmet. Max range of 25 miles.

    • Visor provides excellent physical protection, polarized lenses, a Heads-Up Display (HUD) screen, night vision, infra-red detection (5 miles only), and incredible flash/blinding protection.

    • Built-in loudspeaker can emit 130 dB transmission that can be adjusted for bullhorn or tight beam transmissions ranges out to a max of 1 mile.

    • Control, video and telemetry from each AeroDrone up to 25 mile range (see AeroDrones for more details).

    • US, NATO and United Nations military unclassified and classified data and communications feed access.


    • Remarkably potent sensor array package to include Radio Direction Finder (RDF) equipment, NAVSAT and SARSAT direct links for ego-satellite live feeds and updates.

    • Worldwide weather algorithm sensor array for advanced (incredible) weather forecasting.

    • Biorhythm, infrared thermal and bio-electric sensors for searching for living beings and animals within a mile range.

    • Flight suit sends telemetry on Aeronaut's vitals and condition for medical logging and remote analysis.

    • Belt unit contains 3 portable remote human vital sensors that can be attached to a patient for immediate analysis of heart rate, blood pressure, blood chemistry, breathing rate and toxicity/poison definitive encoders. Range of each vitals sensor from a suitable standard comms relay/tower is 2 miles.


    • 10 pouches:

      • Pouch 1 - Gauze and large bandages (2)

      • Pouch 2 - Morphine/KO drug (4 ea.); smelling salts (4); epinephrine (2); Bottle of 50 Pain Relief Pills

      • Pouch 3 - Scissors, clamps; tweezers; suture/roll of medical thread; cutters; cauterizer (2 uses)

      • Pouch 4 - Extendable splint (1); Bite bit (1); marker; stopwatch; health-safe aspirator mask

      • Pouch 5 - Collapsible cup; Protein Bars (4); Desalination tablets (4), Sugar cubes (4), emergency water pack (2)

      • Pouch 6 - First Aid Kit and lots of bandages; tourniquet/sling (2)

      • Pouch 7 - Hand-chargeable mini comms device (range 5 miles); wire for antennae array (+2 miles range to mini comms)

      • Pouch 8 - Batteries (AA, AAA, C, D, flat x4); spare gauntlet battery (1); Chemical hand warmers packs (4)

      • Pouch 9 - SAR Flight Suit Field Repair Kit; flashlight (2)

      • Pouch 10 - Compass; notepad; pencil; pen; china marker; crayon; portable GPS; wire saw/garotte (2 ft.)mini RDF (1 mile range); manual winding watch


    • Excellent physical and thermal protection; incredible toxic/toxin/acid protection; amazing radiation protection

    • Feet warmers (battery powered good for 12 hours)

    • Recesses for storing defibrillator pads and charger (tied to boot battery power) (max defib charge = 2)

    • Non-skid soles

    • Amazing electrical protection/grounding; non conductive material


    • Remarkable material casing and retractable wings

    • Emergency Locator Transmitter Beacon (25 mile range); 7 day battery

    • Contains port/starboard running lights and PTZ controllable 200K Lumens Floodlight for site tasking/landing

    • Jet pack provides remarkable computer-assisted flight controls for hovering and sustained flight controls

    • Flight speed: Self - 500mph max; 300 lb. load - 270 mph; 500 lb. load - 100 mph

    • Flight range: Self - 200 nm; 300 lb. load - 100 nm; 500 lb. load - 55 nm

    • Power generator:

      • when in flight, pack can generated 150kW of power for external sources or for gauntlets and or helmet

      • when not in flight, only generates enough power for SAR Flight Suit operation (sans gauntlets and flight) for 12 hours of operations

      • Flight Pack has internal batteries that require 6 hours to fully recharge

      • Generator can overload for 18 seconds to provide 200kW of power for the overload duration, but doing so will destroy the Flight Pack (no explosion; the circuits just melt)

    • Stores 3 Aerodrones and associated telemetry transceiver arrays for each drone. Suit wearer (or remote controller) can launch drones from slots aside Flight Pack


    • Good material hover/fly drones (12" x 6" x4" when unfolded)

    • Range: (when fully charged) 25 miles

    • Video Camera with normal, heat and infra-red vision with remote Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) with 200X zoom (400X digital)

    • Typical sensor telemetry package

    • Typical flight controls with pre-programming; Poor with direct remote control

    • Emergency Locator Transmitter Beacon (25 mile range); 7 day battery



Current Occupation: Leader of Aeroguardians; Creator and founder of SAR Inc.; Lifetime Member of Civil Air Patrol (Colonel); United States advisor for United Nations Disaster Assessment and Coordination (UNDAC)

  • Pilot (Master)

  • Leadership (Master)

  • Martial Arts A (Knowledgeable)

  • Search and Rescue (SAR) (Master)

  • Emergency Services (ES) (Master)

  • Disaster Relief (Master)

  • International Humanitarian Relief (Experienced)

  • SAR Suit Energy Gauntlet Aim (Experienced)

  • Loadmaster (Master)

  • Business (Experienced)

  • Politics (Experienced)

  • Military (Master)

  • Small Arms (Experienced)

  • Rifle (Experienced)

  • Stealth Operations (Knowledgeable)

  • Computer Systems and Networks (Knowledgeable)

  • History/Tactics (Knowledgeable)

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