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Jordan Hammer
Jordan Hammer


Our Services

Process Services

When lawyers, business or discerning individuals need to locate and effect the service of Process they always turn to the highly skilled investigators, skip tracers, and processors of Hammer Investigations.  We specialize in hard to locate individuals. We have over an 80% success rate on service of process. By utilizing the internet and the old tried and true method of looking under every stone, we 'hammer out the situation' when other companies give up. 

This philosophy has continued to make us one of the premiere process serving, skip tracing and retrieval firms in the New York and New England region. Our agency follows the guidelines of the World Superhero Registration Act (SRA) and has worked with local and federal agencies to find unregistered super-powered and enhanced skill people. 

Our offices have and continue to work with other skilled investigative agencies such as INTERPOL, Scotland Yard, the FBI and even the Peacekeepers, all to effect the service of process required. 

Process Services

Corporate Services

Hammer Investigations has helped conduct a variety of internal investigations for our client's companies. Our agency has conducted investigations in the following areas:

Corporate Services

• Forensic Accounting

• Embezzlement

• Kickbacks

• Fraud

• Conflicts of Interest

• Discrimination and Harassment

• Security Sweeps

• Information Systems Tampering

• Money Laundering

• Non-Competes

• Competitive Business Intelligence

• Employee Military Background Verification  

• Missing Inventory

• Hidden Assets

• Falsification of Records

• Expense Account Abuse

• Fake Vendors/Employees
• Theft of intellectual Property
• Information Systems Security
• Workers Compensation Claims
• Employee Theft
• Employee Background Checks
• Employee Education Verification

Private  Investigations

If you suspect your spouse or significant other of infidelity, have suspicion of anyone misappropriating family assets, or abusing children or elders, you need to call us right now.


We are specialists in tracking down hidden bank accounts, property and other assets that one spouse may seek to hide during a divorce proceeding. We have forensic accounting experts ready to go over financial records to determine an accurate financial report on any assets pertinent to any legal proceeding. 

If you are already in a divorce proceeding and want to more effectively protect your parental rights, reputation, financial well being or personal property, you need to call us right now. Our investigative staff can assist your attorney by tracking down hidden assets, verifying income and by providing evidence gathered by surveillance. In many cases, these services can quash actions taken in adversarial divorce proceedings. 

We can legally provide professional investigative assistance during domestic disputes in many situations where law enforcement agencies cannot intervene. Unlike local, state and federal law enforcement, we work for you. Our assistance can in the long run, protect your reputation, assets and even assist in expediting any legal procedures. 

Do not become a victim in a domestic legal proceeding because of a lack of documentation or evidence! Call Hammer Investigations to help assure you a fair outcome of any legal proceeding! The "Hammer Method", is a proven tool that can help you or your client prevail in court during domestic litigation. No one ever suffered for a lack of thorough legal representation.

Private Investigations

Notary Public Services

We provide professional Notary Public and document signing services for New York and Massachusetts. Hammer Investigations takes pride in completing all your loan document signing and document notarization requirements in accordance with all state notary laws.

We travel to homes, offices, hospital, convalescent homes, county jail or any convenient locations of your choice for notary service. Available before and after regular business hours and weekends.

When notarizing documents the Notary Public requires proper ID from each party signing the documents to be notarized.The Notary will ask to see a current identification document that has a photograph, physical description and a signature.

Notary Public
  • Power of Attorney

  • Personal Legal documents

  • Transfers of Real Estate

  • Real Estate Loans

  • Financial Documents

  • Wills & Trusts 

  • Family matters

  • Guardianships 

  • Health Care Directives 

  • Medical Release Forms 

  • DMV Documents

  • Copy Certification by Document Custodian

  • Acknowledgement / Affirmations 

  • Domestic Partnerships

  • Sworn Oaths

  • Consent Letters for Minor Child to Travel Internationally

  • And All Other Documents allowed by California Law



Our Story

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Our Location

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