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The Aegis Alliance is a European criminal alliance first founded in 1972 in Athens, Greece.


The Aegis Alliance has a large network of criminal organizations and white-collar criminals that perform the following: embezzlement, bribery, Ponzi schemes, cybercrime, copyright theft/infringement, forgery, surveillance tapping/illegal access, identity theft, fraud, insider trading, social and mass media control, fake news generation, and money laundering.


In the 1950s, when the Aegis Alliance was first discovered by Scotland Yard, over four dozen crime cartel leaders were believed to have 'united' under one leader to focus the alliance's efforts towards maximization of profits and crime.

Once the Aegis Alliance started appearing in the United States, J. Edgar Hoover, leader of the US's FBI, went all out to stop them before they could get a foothold in the United States.  As such, the Alliance was driven out of the United States, but no formal charges, arrests or formal inquiries were ever brought to light.  Most conspiracy theorists believed that the Alliance had 'dirt' on the FBI or J. Edgar Hoover himself, and as such a 'compromise' was worked keeping the Aegis Alliance out of the Americas and instead in Europe.

From the 1970s to the 2000s, the Aegis Alliance was believed to have cemented its hold in Europe, stretched into Africa and had slowly started to work its way into the newly formed Russian Federation.

After the devastating invasion of the Soltan Star Empire in 2000, the Aegis Alliance seemed to have quickly rebuilt itself.  By 2010, The Aegis Alliance was already starting to worm its way into the United States, but at great cost.  Many old school crimelords initially fought off the Alliance, but the Alliance instead influenced the crimelord lieutenants to 'take over' their crime operations and in turn earn a hefty profit from their new association with the alliance.

Nearly 40% of the North American and Central American crimelords were murdered in the name of the new alignments with the alliance.


This group has an international reputation for protecting its ‘shady’ clients.  Nearly all attempts to bring this group to justice have failed.  They operate with the premise of preying on faltering European and American businesses, promising them large returns so long as they perform what the Alliance tells them to do.

The Alliance is vastly complicated and hidden amongst thousands of ‘dummy’ corporations, wherein, even with today's algorithmic crime programs, it would take years for investigators to find a singular criminal business, person or group of persons. By the time the authorities have discovered a source business, the Aegis Alliance has already dropped that business (by burning it down, bankrupting them, or making entire groups of its business investors ‘disappear’), leaving a dead end trail.

The Alliance’s clientele consist of the biggest crime bosses in all of Europe, Africa and now, the American continents.  To this date, no one single person from the Aegis Alliance has ever been caught or prosecuted.

At this point, no one knows who the Aegis Alliance leader is, other than his code-name:  "Mister Aegis".

Mister Aegis


"Mister Aegis" is the code-name of the leader of the Aegis Alliance.

No images or evidence was ever obtained regarding any previous "Mr. Aegis" between the 1950s and 2010s.


At this time, the best description available about "Mr. Aegis" is:

  • darker skinned male

  • mid 30s

  • black or dark brown full head hair

  • no facial hair

  • height: approx. 6 feet

  • weight: maybe 175 to 190 lbs.

Although several criminologists are hard at work attempting to deduce and arrest this man, strangely enough, it seems that each time the authorities get close to finding him or finding out about him, the evidence, the data, the imagery and any 'thoughts' about him seem to 'fade away'. This may mean that either Mr. Aegis has powers, technological or otherwise, that may wipe electronic files and/or distort human thoughts. There is no evidence to the effect, and as I am writing this entry, I feel that I'm most likely wrong about everything I've written here...



Believed to be in Athens, Greece


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Created in MDU on 2 August 2013.

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