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The Virtual Corsairs are a large group of internet geeks and hackers whose sole purpose is to rob from everyone via the Internet, as well as, when required, create hazards and chaos through remote control and hacking of critical systems, such as power grids, data storage facilities, video surveillance and even traffic lights.

Initially, a small band of hackers known as the "Virtual Warriors" simply hacked networks and servers to make political statements and perform Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks, but as time went on, their messages became more blatant and their actions more criminal.  They started hacking into major banks and stealing entire bank accounts of the rich, then redistributing those stolen funds to the bank accounts of the poor.  This garnered the attention of the FBI and Interpol. After months of investigation, neither the FBI or Interpol were able to arrest one single Virtual Warrior.  

After many unsuccessful attempts to shutdown the Virtual Warriors, an anonymous chat message reached the FBI's cyber-crimes unit, stating her (or she) knew who was behind the Virtual Warrior's internet attacks and that their leader had to be stopped before things got worse. During that chat, a 747 was remotely shutdown in mid air and crashed into the FBI's cyber-crime unit building, killing hundreds of passengers and over 200 FBI agents.  The Virtual Warriors posted a comment that they had nothing to do with this and it was done by a rogue hacker only known as "Corsair Commander".

In the next few months, Corsair Commander was on the FBI's Top 10 Most Wanted list.  New internet attacks started increasing in frequency; more banks were being electronically robbed, and now, federal and state law enforcement agencies were being targeted with repeated internet attacks.  FBI Agents bank accounts were hacked and drained; SWAT team GPS units were remotely taken control of, driving SWAT teams over cliffs and into death traps.  The final straw was when a superhero that was under fire from a large heavily armed gang died in the gunfight without police back-up because the Corsair Commander and his new Virtual Corsairs took over police broadcasts giving erroneous information to the police units.

Recently, the superhero community started lending a hand in responding to the Virtual Corsair cyber attacks.  One hero called "Mr. Network" triangulated one of the Virtual Corsairs' network paths to an old abandoned building.  When Mr. Network arrived in the building, natural gas mains were remotely controlled by the hackers and made to overpressure, creating a gas rupture under the building that killed Mr. Network and several homeless vagrants. That's when the Virtual Corsairs leader, Corsair Commander, finally sent out a video.  In the video, he swore that any who thought they are 'smarter' than him will die like Mr. Network and that he 'owned' the Internet.  At the end of his video, he left a cryptic message that unless the authorities stopped 'messing with him' he'd crate a new disaster each week.

In the last five weeks, the Virtual Corsairs (now claiming to be over 300 in number) claimed responsibility for a new major cyber crime each week, culminating in last week's hacked launching of a nuclear missile from a Nebraska silo by the Virtual Corsairs (that was luckily aborted). 

Considered one of the most dangerous cyber-terrorists alive, the superhero community has now added the Virtual Corsairs to their list of dangerous gangs that need to be taken down - NOW.


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MDUverse Data:

Virtual Corsairs were created in the MDU in March 2015.  The leader, Corsair Commander, was conceived in Jan 2007, but wasn't applied or detailed until the Virtual Corsairs were created.

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