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Girl on FireAlicia Keyes
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Jeane-Marie Rockwell













Jeane-Marie Fyrette, Canadian Heat

UCE Enforcers



Don "Major Deej" Finger

8 Nov 2008



Emily Fyrette AKA Emily Rockwell AKA Emme Pyre (sister)

Father (deceased)

Mother (deceased)




Bonne Fyre was a heroic Canadian teen superhero that overcame great adversity with her younger sister, Emily (Emme) and has since turned to evil as a member of the villainous United Canadian Empire (UCE).

When Jean-Marie Rockwell was only 10, she lived with her family on an expansive tract of land just outside the town of Blackpool, located just across the Canadian side of the U.S./Canadian border.  Her father was a shady businessman in Montreal, Quebec who was rarely home.  Her mother was an abused, broken woman.  Jean-Marie’s younger sister, Emily Rockwell, or “Emme” as she was called, was her best friend as they grew up together.   Most of the kids in school made fun of the two of them, since Jean-Marie had red hair and Emme had black.  The playground derision only strengthened their sisterly bond all the more.

One Saturday afternoon when Jean-Marie was outside playing, she decided to go down to an area where there was an old well on the property; a well her father told her many times to never around.  Curiosity being what it was, Jean-Marie decided to see what was so special about it. After a mile of walking and skipping through the woods to the site of the old well, Jean-Marie saw several vehicles around the old well.  Four of them were tanker trucks that seemed to be pouring something that smelled terrible into the well.  Jean-Marie advanced on the trucks and several men surrounding the trucks and asked the men what they were doing.  The men quickly became spooked over her appearance and waved her off, cursing at her.  She told the men that whatever they were doing was obviously bad and she was going to tell on them.  One of the men grew agitated over her remarks and grabbed her up.  He lifted her up and dangled her over the open well, telling her that if she told anyone what she saw, they’d drop her into the well where no one would ever find her.  Instead, Jean-Marie screamed at the top of her lungs mentioning she’d tell the police about the evil men and their Altona Chemical Company trucks and what they were doing. As she continued to wriggle and writhe, her sister Emme appeared.  Emme had obviously followed Jean-Marie to the well.  Emme ran at the man holding her sister over the well and beat on his legs telling her to let her sister go.

The evil Altona Chemical Company man did just that; let Jean-Marie go.

Jean-Marie dropped into the deep well. As she splashed into the liquid that was in the well, Jean-Marie’s skin began to burn.  She screamed in agony as the gelatinous ooze that had been discharged into the well began turning her skin bright red.

That’s when the same evil Altona Chemical Company man threw Emme down the well.

Emme struck her head on the wall of the well on the way down and was knocked unconscious.  As Jean-Marie continued to scream, trying to cradle the limp form of her younger sister as well as keep her head above the ooze, the Altona Chemical Company trucks drove off.  Jean-Marie, try as she might, wasn’t strong enough to stay aloft in the mucky ooze and slipped below its frothing surface with Emme. As Jean-Marie gulped in the ooze from the well, she started drowning, as was Emme.  As the life was waning from Jean-Marie, she felt her lungs burn and boil.  As she tried to exhale the buildup in her lungs, she instead shot a stream of fire out of her mouth and nose, igniting the chemical ooze.  In a furious explosion, Jean-Marie and Emme were catapulted out of the well, riding on a flume of fire and flame that shot out of the well and extended over 500 meters into the sky. 


Both Jean-Marie and Emme fell to the ground hard, each breaking bones in the resulting fall.  Both of them lay broken, naked and barely alive on the open field with flames dancing off their bodies.  Jean-Marie finally passed out, with her final view being the flaming body of her younger sister lying motionless yards for each other.

Jean-Marie awoke in the hospital several weeks later.

As Jean-Marie came to, she realized that she was not burned…or for that matter, dead.  She jumped out of the hospital bed and went into the bathroom to see how badly she was burned.

She wasn’t.

She looked as normal as the time before she was dropped in the well.  A nurse entered and quickly called for the doctor.  Over the next few hours, Jean-Marie was told what had happened since the well.  Policemen saw the plume of fire while half a mile away and drove to the site of the well, where he found both Jean-Marie and Emme, caked in the gelatinous ooze from the well and smoldering.  He immediately cleaned the ooze off them and wrapped them blankets, only for both the blankets to catch fire.  He put out the fire and waited for an ambulance.  They were then taken to the hospital, but had to be transported wrapped in fire-retardant blankets.  Once at the hospital, they were stabilized, however their heart rates were nearly twice their speeds.  There were no burns to their skin or, from what the doctors were able to discern, no real injuries…including no broken bones (which both girls did get broken bones from their fiery fall). With no other recourse, they placed the two comatose girls in separate concrete wards and monitored their conditions.  Emme woke up and was discharged two weeks before Jean-Marie awoke.  Amazed at her miraculous survival, Jean-Marie was discharged hours after she awoke to her parents; a blubbering, crying mother and an angry father.

The car ride home was silent; too silent.  When asked where Emme was, her father said they’d talk about that when they got home.  Once at home, Jean-Marie was drilled with dozens of questions by her father, including if she ‘burned’ everything she touched too.  Not understanding anything he was asking, he became more agitated and smacked Jean-Marie across the face, yelling at her to tell the truth.  The mother tried to get between them and was summarily beaten before Jean-Marie’s eyes.  As her father beat her mother, he ranted about how he was sick of women ‘doing as they please’ and ‘not listening to what the man of the house had to say’.  He exclaimed that if the girls hadn’t gone down to the well and saw the Altona trucks there, they wouldn’t be in so much trouble and he wouldn’t be as swamped as he was with their medical bills.

As he uttered these words, she realized that no one said anything about the Altona truck and that she herself told no one else.  How did he know about the Altona Chemical trucks?

Jean-Marie leaped at her father demanding he stop beating her mother.  As she tried to pull him off of her, her arms exploded into a sheath of flames, burning her dad’s clothes.  He ran off and found a hose and started spraying himself down.  The mother, badly beaten, whispered to Jean-Marie to go to the shed and release her sister and run; run as far as they could into the Canadian wilderness and never look back.

Weeping and scared, Jean-Marie tried to help her mother, only for the furious shirtless father to come stomping back towards both of them with his hands balled into fists and a twisted, angry face displaying his intentions.

Jean-Marie ran.

As her father beat her mother furiously, Jean-Marie got to the shed. It was locked.  She yanked and pulled on the lock furiously.  Once again, her arms burst into flames and her hands that were trying to yank the padlock off the door started to melt the heavy metal lock until is dissolved into molten slag.  Shocked by what she’d done thusfar, she paused only long enough to realize her father was advancing on her location.  Jean-Marie flew open the shed doors to see the beaten and bloodied body of her younger sister Emme chained to a tractor, lying atop a pile of scorched cinderblocks.  Jean-Marie looked at her flaming hands and grabbed the chain that held Emme and melted it just as she did with the lock.  She then tried to grab for Emme, but Jean-Marie’s hands were still on fire.  Fearful of burning her sister, she instead turned on her advancing father and told him to stay away.  As he quicken his pace and grew an even more twisted expression, she held out her hands and told him to stop.  A shaft of flames flew from her hands and engulfed her father from head to toe.  Her burning father continued to advance, slowing with each step until he fell to the ground mere inches from her feet.  He was no longer moving.

She’d killed her father.

Tears fell and dissipated into steam from Jean-Marie's face as she motioned her injured sister from the pile of rocks and bricks.  They both navigated around the still burning corpse of their father and broke into a run to their mother, all the while, Jean-Marie’s fiery arms extinguished…with no burns or marks where the flames had previously danced from her skin.  Once they made it to their mother, Jean-Marie quickly realized her mother was already dead.  Blood was seeping into the ground from under the mother’s head and the lifeless eyes and terminal scared expression left on their mother’s face was all that was left for them to remember her by.

Both Jean-Marie and Emme ran.

They both ran until they could run no more which was at least three miles out of town and into the woods.  There, Emme and Jean-Marie embraced in a tearful reunion; a reunion that was the only bright spot in their lives since the incident at the well.  Right then, Jean-Marie swore to Emme she’d never again let anything happen to her and that she’d always be there for her until eternity.

Over the next few years, the two girls grew up on the street as homeless urchins.  They walked from town to town, heading north each time, trying to find a way to survive another day.  They ate from dumpsters and trash cans.  They begged for food on the street corners. They slept in alleyways and inside other people’s cars, always leaving before anyone found them there.  This went on until Jean-Marie was 15 and Emme was 13.  As teenagers, their lives took another turn; one bad, one very good.

During their five years on the street, both girls learned the extent of their new powers.  Jean-Marie’s powers were stronger and ranged, while Emme’s were more close-in and less intense.  They quickly realized that the fires they generated from their own willpower did not burn or hurt them, or each other.  Both never needed to warm themselves by a fire since both were able to generate enough internal heat to always stay arm, regardless of how cold it was during the harsh Canadian winters.  They learned to master their powers over time, but, as with all learning, there were stumbling points.  Sometimes they set things on fire unintentionally, but soon found they could also control fires within meters of their bodies and as such were able to extinguish flames as well as create them.  As such, a local homeless man caught both Jean-Marie and Emme practicing their powers one night and told them they had a ‘special gift’.  Jean-Marie was quick to explain her powers were given to her by evil men rather than a gift.  In their ensuing discussions, Jean-Marie felt comfortable enough to tell the homeless man what happened to them.  When she told the homeless man about Altona Chemical Company, he bristled with anger.  He told the girls that “ACC”, as he called them,  was under investigation for multiple infractions of dumping chemicals illegally, however, some ‘legal eagle’ known as Seth Jenkins had exonerated ACC over the years.  He knew for a fact ACC was dumping chemicals in a river he’d been sleeping near a few years ago. When the homeless man went to the police about it, they arrested the homeless man and promised to free him if he kept his mouth shut.  As the homeless man continued about the ACC’s additional atrocities he’d seen on TV since then, Jean-Marie took on a dark mood – a dangerous mood.  She wanted to make ACC pay for doing what they did to her and her sister.

Jean-Marie wanted revenge.

The next day, Jean-Marie collected all the money they had and got bus tickets back to Blackpool, where she intended to cross the border into the United States through the woods and obliterate ACC once and for all; especially the man that dropped Emme and her down into the well.  In Blackpool, they got off the bus and walked down familiar roads that once rode bikes on years before.


Without realizing it, they’d walked right up to their old house; it was now abandoned and decrepit.  Curiosity being what it was, they climbed the rickety fence and made their way into the old house.  They climbed the stairs to their old rooms.  Wallpaper was moldy and peeling; the floors were warped and water soaked from a hole in the roof.  Yet amidst the deplorable conditions, they both enjoyed those few moments reminiscing about a childhood that could have been better than anything since the well.  Jean-Marie spied an old teddy bear in the corner of Emme’s side of the closet and gave it to EmmeEmme hugged it and mentioned it was her favorite toy.  Although the teddy bear was musty and dirty, she hugged it as if it were family.

That’s when Jean-Marie and Emme met their old home’s current squatters; a band of teenage meth-heads.

What started as a friendly “who are you?” questions quickly catapulted into a gang rape.  As the girls were being immobilized, Emme and Jean-Marie looked across the floor at each other, smiled, and both burst into flames.  Using their powers as if they were veterans, they quickly scorched each of their assailants, scattering them around the room.  When one boy took out a gun and shot at Jean-Marie, she burst into flames and melted the bullet before it hit her as nothing but mere slag.  She then told the would-be murderer/rapist that he’d ‘burn in hell’ and ignited the teen in a cauldron of fire.  The gun-shooting teen burned to ashes before everyone’s horrified eyes.  As each of the meth-heads scrambled to escape the room, Jean-Marie helped Emme up and ensured she was alright.  They both slowly walked as flaming figures down the stairs, following the meth-heads…right down into the basement.  There, the meth-heads had set up a meth lab, with barrels of dangerous and explosive chemicals all around.  As the meth-heads tried to escape through the back door, Jean-Marie shot a length of flame ahead of them, blocking their escape.  When the meth-heads pulled out their knives and guns to attack the sisters, again, both looked at each other and ‘fired it up’, causing the entire house to blow into pieces and sending the roof over 20 stories into the sky before it came crashing back down.  Both Jean-Marie and Emme walked from the blazing debris that was once their home, unscathed, albeit naked.  Neither had yet found clothes that were ‘fire retardant’ enough for them to not burn through.

As the police and fire department arrived, the girls, using their street-living skills, made off with clothes from a neighbors wash line in their backyard, took some shoes from another house’s car and hoodies from another house’s mud room.  Even though both sisters could have extinguished the flames of their old burning house, they instead left it to be extinguished by the firemen…and time.

As luck, or perhaps, fate, would have it, the house was being watched by a Canadian Drug Enforcement Group.  Surprised at what happened, they called in two Canadian superheroes to stop and interrogate the two girls.  The two Canadian superheroes intercepted the girls just as they were about to cross into the United States by way of a game trail in the woods.  The two Canadian superheroes asked the girls nicely to come back with them to explain what happened at the house.  The girls were very nervous and afraid they’d get arrested, for which the two Canadian superheroes promised they would not be arrested, regardless of the outcome.  At a government border crossing station, the sisters, the two Canadian superheroes and several Canadian Drug Enforcement agents sat down and talked while providing the girls with the first normal meal they’ve had in years.  The girls gave the authorities a fake last name they’d used on the streets; Fyrette


After a couple hours of discussions and some guarded responses as to the sister’s parentage and if they knew who the house once belonged to, the authorities held a meeting with another few government officials.  The resultant: the Canadian government wanted to ask the girls to volunteer to help create a new superhero team for Canada.  After some discussion and concerns, the girls, who had nowhere else to go but to destroy ACC, accepted the offer.  As a result, Jean-Marie was placed into the superhero training program immediately, while Emme, who’s education level was far below the norm, needed a proper public education and schooling before she’d be ready for her role as a superhero (plus, according to the Canadian superhero group’s leader, Emme was too young to be a superhero at that time).  Things were now looking up for the sisters.  They had a roof over their heads, three meals a day, clean clothes, cool new superhero costumes and a future; a future that would soon make a diabolical direction change.

For about a year, Jean-Marie worked side by side (as a sidekick) with a few new Canadian superheroes.  Most of them were very hardcore and demanding, however, Jean-Marie knew that Emme was happier now than she’d ever been and went along with the crushing demands of the super group for her sake.  In several missions, Jean-Marie actually helped save hundreds of people from fires, terrorists and natural disasters.  She even got her new codename: Bonne Fyre.

The strength of her powers grew and through the help of the Canadian supergroup’s leader, Bonne Fyre learned to use her powers in new ways.  Weeks before Emme was to don her new superhero costume and join the superhero ranks, the sisters were outed as the two children that killed their father (and according to a terrible police investigation) and their mother at their original home. 


They were charged with false identities (from using the Fyrette last name) as well.  Both were also blamed for the well fire that occurred on their property and the acres of woods that were set afire as a result, a fire that resulted in burning down several homes (and some government 'secret' monitoring towers).  Before the girls could even defend themselves, the media got a hold of the story, spouting the government was training ‘little murdering teenage girls’ as superheroes, citing public outcry that the girls be immediately arrested for their parents’ murders.  Jean-Marie was furious over what was quickly spinning out of control.  Emme was turned over to foster care that night and Jean-Marie was told she was under ‘house arrest’ pending review of her testimony.  Try as she might, Jean-Marie was unable to garner any sympathy or support. 

Everything was falling apart.

To help take her mind off the media frenzy and court review, the leader of the Canadian supergroup recommended Jean-Marie accompany him on an easy mission, since being under ‘house arrest’ meant he, as a designated government official, was allowed to escort her wherever needed. He also though it  might help Jean-Marie keep her mind off the proceedings and Emme’s new foster care mandate. He also hoped that Bonne Fyre’s ‘public service’ in the mission would help evoke her image of doing good 'in the face of the charges against her'.  Sick with worry over Emme and not sure what to do next, she agreed to go on the mission, so long as she got to visit Emme after the mission.  As it turned out, Jean-Marie would make a fateful decision during that mission; a decision that would change her and her sister’s path to a darker one.

The mission was simple: monitor a military base that was deduced to possibly be raided by a terrorist known as Colonel ChanteauJean-Marie had heard of Colonel Chanteau, even during her years on the streets.  He was a massively popular Canadian war hero that was said to have ‘saved the world’ from the invading Soltan Star Empire when they invaded Earth in 2000 (which Jean-Marie and Emme were too young at the time to remember the invasion).  As far as she was concerned, Colonel Chanteau was still a great national hero and was shocked to hear that the Canadian government now considered him a ‘terrorist’.  She verbally tried to tell the Canadian supergroup leader about her thoughts and feelings on the subject and to be released from the mission.  As the two argued about this, Colonel Chanteau and his United Canadian Empire (UCE) Troops teleported into the military base via his mystically empowered enforcer, Netherbride.  The Canadian supergroup leader immediately attacked the UCE Troops and Colonel ChanteauBonne Fyre stood mesmerized from the sidelines, unable to move, unsure what to do next.  Within minutes, the Canadian superhero was defeated.  When one of the UCE Troops wanted to put a bullet through the superhero's head, Chanteau said, “No.  He was only doing his job, much like we would have done before this”.  With that, Bonne Fyre revealed herself from behind some crates, her arms aflame and ready for action if the situation presented itself.  She asked if they killed the Canadian supergroup leader, with Chanteau stating, ‘Of course not.  He’ll be fine when he wakes up.Bonne Fyre was torn; attack Chanteau or just leave.  Chanteau saw she was struggling with the decision and used his powerful charm and personality to make Bonne Fyre drop her guard.  Rather than kill her, Colonel Chanteau asked Bonne Fyre if she wanted to belong to a family that would care for her instead of scorn her; family that takes care of each other, no matter what they’d done in the past.  The decision came quick.

That night, Colonel Chanteau, three dozen UCE Troops, Netherbride and Bonne Fyre arrived at Emme’s foster care center and ‘liberated’ Emme from the ‘uncaring clutches’ of the foster parents, as Chanteau put it.  They all were then transported to Colonel Chanteau’s base on Wolfe Island.  Both Jean-Marie and Emme were given their own rooms and told to take all the time they needed to talk and discuss things.  After a long discussion, Jean-Marie and Emme decided to give Colonel Chanteau a chance for the next two weeks; if they didn’t think he was the man they’d believed him to be, they’d leave.

It didn’t take but one week for them to permanently side with Colonel Chanteau and the UCE.

During that first week, Jean-Marie and Emme were hunted like rabid dogs by both the Canadian and United States governments.  They were cited as ‘criminals’ and 'converted into terrorists'; lethal force was authorized to subdue them.  The sisters were dumbfounded they were being categorized this way.  After several generous gestures from Chanteau, both sisters gladly decided to join the UCE and Chanteau’s newly formed super-powered group, the “UCE Enforcers”. 

Over time, both sisters grew to like their new UCE family.  They felt like a real family for the first time ever, with Chanteau being the kindly 'father figure'.  Eventually, the sisters went on missions with the UCE, only to be shot at several times by Canadian and U.S. troops, one time with Jean-Marie being shot by a sniper in the shoulder.  Emme, furiously protective of her older sister disintegrated the sniper to ashes as a result.  Jean-Marie eventually recovered, however, the sisters' love for each other and their newfound (UCE propaganda driven) hate they now had against the  Canadian and United States governments fueled the darker side of their souls.  Once Canadian heroes, the two sisters now reveled in killing and maiming anyone who was against the UCE


Even after the UCE’s grand plan called Operation: Gambit, the takeover of New England with nuclear weapons, both sisters considered their actions justified and forthright.

Today, Bonne Fyre and her sister, now codenamed “Emme Pyre”, are two of the most dedicated super-powered members of the UCE and the UCE Enforcers.  So long and Jean-Marie and Emme can be together and free from persecution from the past, they’d consider the UCE as their home and family…no matter the world called Colonel Chanteau aka “Emperor North” and his ‘global terrorist organization’.

On a side note, Jean-Marie has noticed that Emme has become sexually active of late. Being the older sister, Jean-Marie is a bit concerned for Emme's well being...a situation that seems to be creating a rift between the once-inseparable sisters.




Power Origin: Science

  • Fiery Aura

    • Once activated, the aura's intensity can be adjusted to:

      • Provide typical psionic/mental protection

      • Provide up to remarkable protection from energy attacks

      • Provide up to excellent protection from physical attacks

      • Provide up to incredible protection for heat or cold attacks

      • Provide amazing protection against radiation

  • Fire Generation

    • Has the remarkable ability to generate fire, heat and flames.

  • Fire Blast

    • Can emit/shoot blasts of fire from her hands feet or mouth at a maximum of excellent intensity to a range of 200 feet

  • Bonne Fyre Bomb

    • In a rare (yet experienced enough to perform) attempt, after focusing on her power to build-up in-place for 30 seconds, she can release it at 2x her desire intensity (max: amazing level), expelling fire, heat and flame to a maximum radius from her body (max: 50 feet)

    • This results in her having to check for stuns and/or passing out after performing

  • Healing Flames

    • Using her flames to help regenerate her health, she can heal up to 20% of her health per hour.

  • Thermal Hover/Flight

    • Can hover/fly up to 20 mph to 2,000 feet AGL



  • Costume

    • Amazing fire retardant capabilities

    • Feeble physical protection (over covered parts)

  • UCE Earwig

    • Encrypted communications transceiver with unlimited range

    • Amazing material vs heat/temperature, energy; excellent physical

    • Battery lasts 4 days



  • Marksmanship (Proficient)

  • Thermodynamics (Proficient)

  • Street Living (Professional)

  • Survival (Professional)

  • Languages:

    • English (Professional)​

    • French (Proficient)

    • Inuit (barely Proficient)

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