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Señora Fiera

Just Like FirePink
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Marcela Montoya Ignacia














Phillipe Hidalgo Ignacia (father, retired)


Demolition Party



Don "Major Deej" Finger

6 June 2015




The daughter of the famous Brazilian Steel magnate, Phillipe Hidalgo Ignacia of the Vesta Steel Conglomerate (VSC), Marcela Montoya Ignacio has received the best education and lifestyle anyone would want.  With a masters degree in International Business, as well as being one of the top ten female college Beach Volleyball players in her time, Marcela has lived a life of precedent, luxury, stature  and wealth, all while being groomed to be the next VSC CEO.


Not too long ago, her aging father retired from running the business and had Marcela take over as the company's CEO.  It wasn't long before she realized that the steel industry was a highly competitive world.  Several other international steel corporations, including ones in the United States, were doing everything they could to take away her business.  At one point, a hostile takeover of VSC was attempted by a powerful United States business broker known as Galaxy Panamerica.  The resulting legal, administrative and financial turmoil it caused to stop the takeover was dramatic.  VSC lost nearly 1/2 of its value overnight with each day thereafter placing a drain on their investors and wealth. As such, Marcela had to make some tough business decisions.

Shady business decisions.

Decisions that would save her family's company and their overseas businesses.

Decisions that involved corporate espionage and sabotage.

Decisions that would take her down a darker path than her father would've ever wished for her.

Decisions she made and approved.

Dark decisions.

Through several unsavory business alliances, predominantly with the Aegis AllianceCANIS, the Golden Dragons and the Solano Family, Marcela was not only able to destabilize and sabotage Galaxy Panamerica's takeover, but within weeks was able to reverse the tables and bought out Galaxy Panamerica for just over $5 Billion. Taking such a risk didn't come without consequences.

Many other competitors started pressuring the World Court to investigate VSC's finances to figure out how they were suddenly able to buyout Galaxy Panamerica.  Legal investigations ensued and with the finesse of a politician, Marcela and VSC were able to hide all of their illegal transactions, but again, at a cost.  Her business alliances demanded more money for having to 'work so hard' to save her 'assets'. As such, Marcela had to come up with a plan that would allow her to make more money while at the same time give her the thrill she strove for when she played soccer/futbol...something daring, inventive and exhilarating. 

As part of sabotaging Galaxy Panamerica, a unique pay-for-destruction group was brought in called the "Demolition Party" that created several 'accidents' in Galaxy Panamerica's financial server locations.  When she covertly met with the Demolition Party's leader, The Foreman, to thank him personally for his team's work, she had a long discussion of how he and his team got their powers.  After several drinks and a long discussion about the Demolition Party's 'power-broker' (Zenith Labs), Marcela was thoroughly excited about the prospect of getting her own super-powers. 

The thrill of the physical confrontations.

The zeal to steal something not hers.

The opportunity to maim, hurt or maybe even kill others that she dislikes or gets in her way.

The camaraderie of a powerful team.

The ability to take control and destroy what she wanted without having to use proxies to do so.

It was truly intoxicating to Marcela; she HAD to have these matter what the cost was.

Days later, after devising what Marcela deemed her 'master plan', she set forth Phase I of that plan by getting her powers. She paid off (in one payment) Zenith Labs to augment her with her new super-powers. After discussions, testing and surgeries, Marcela was found to best be imbued with fire generation powers, fire invulnerability and fire manipulation abilities at an incredible level.  After learning to use her powers, she set forth Phase II of her master plan.

Phase II involved making back her money by working with the Demolition Party on their jobs and getting her multimillion dollar cuts.  That money would be matched to her teammates for them to continue to do more covert corporate sabotage against her company's other competitors. She would work with the Demolition Party on their gigs, and in turn, they'd do her jobs she needed so long as she was a great distance away with an alibi and means of proving her alibi. VSC would benefit from the competition's collapses wherein she could buy up their businesses, their profits and their resources and pay her business alliances to maintain a secretive, yet shared relationship.

Amidst all of this, another organization known as the Harmony Foundation, a benevolent world-view movement, introduced themselves to Marcela.  They admitted they were in the business of creating a new world order and that their world order saw VSC as the one and only steel magnate in the world wanting to make her an equal partner in their order.  The Harmony Foundation entrusted Marcela as one of their 'associates' and thus the VSC soon reached a new level of corruptible evil. She has not told any of her Demolition Party team of her dealings with Harmony Foundation's CEO, Harmon Yee, and as such, intends to keep it a secret should the Demolition Party 'no longer be able to meet her needs'.

To this day, Marcela throws on her fire-resistant long black haired wig and and facial software distorting shades and secretly frequents missions and jobs with the Demolition Party for the thrill of the job, all the while continuing on as the billionaire business heiress who disappears for days at a time, ultimately found in the arms of some famous actor or young playboy millionaire in a tumultuous media fanfare article and leaked pictures.   Only her three top trusted VSC executive advisers, the Demolition Party and Zenith Labs know of the true identity of "Senora Fiera"!




Power Origin: Science


  • Fire Generation

    • Fiera has the incredible ability to generate her own fire and heat from her body

    • Can create flame, fire, heat, thermal conditions with her fire generation ability (pending Limitations, below)

  • Fire/Cold Invulnerability

    • Fire/Cold Immunity

      • Monstrous immunity to all forms of fire and/or temperate-based damage or conditions

    • Environmental Temperate Attunement

      • Can actually withstand the cold of space but would need oxygen to maintain fire and breathe, though

  • Fiery Sheath

    • When activated, she can emit a fiery sheath around her whole body, providing incredible protection against physical, energy and toxic/toxin attacks (pending Limitations, below)

  • Cauterizing Wounds

    • Using her fire powers, she is capable of cauterizing superficial wounds, but not internal wounds to an incredible degree of skill

    • Can help heal herself at a good rate (10% per hour)

  • Fire Manipulation

    • She has the incredible ability to take any existing fire or flame and manipulate it to make the fire move, follow her gestures, motions and even form into crude shapes and images (hammer, bird of prey, sphere, etc.)

    • Can manipulate fire/flame up to 400 yards away

    • Can manipulate up to a max of 4 separate fire-related machinations, however, she has to perform increased focused concentration for each fire machination beyond two; each machination she makes reduces the max potential of each fiery machination (ex: Incredible effect for controlling 1, remarkable effect for 2, excellent effect for 3, etc.)

  • Flight

    • With her fire powers, she is able to create thermal propulsion capable of allowing her to hover and fly up to 200 mph

    • 10,000 feet max altitude

    • Can carry up to an additional 400 lbs with her thermal flight, however, she has to focus and concentrate beyond the 200 lbs of  this weight

  • LIMITATION: Oxygen

    • Senora Fiera can only perform fire generation, fiery sheath, fire manipulation, cauterizing wounds and flight if there is at least 10% oxygen in the air/void; any less that 10% Oxygen, and Senora Fiera cannot start or apply these powers

    • Senora Fiera must also still breath Oxygen herself to survive, which she does NOT generate (only the 'fuel' and the 'heat' parts of the fire triangle, as it were).



  • Costume

    • Monstrous fire and cold resistant costume (dress, boots, etc.), wig and sunglasses

  • High-Tech Sunglasses

    • Made of composite monstrous materials and temperate-protected internal components

    • Allow her to see through the flames and heat-generated eddies and currents waves that can distort normal vision, thus allowing 'normal' vision

    • Loaded with the latest in technology that masks her voice and facial features (distorts and/or scrambles facial recognition scans/appearance)

    • Providing Infra-Red and polarized, normal vision

    • Provides link to satellite communications, cell phone tie-in communications and an electronics scrambler that affects selective technology within a foot of her or aimed at her (i.e., targeting computers, sensors, visual recording devices, etc.)

    • Powered for 2 days before recharging is needed

  • Emergency Signal Device

    • Has two emergency signals she can activate:

      • One signal for Demolition Party to track and/or find her within 25 mile range

      • Second separate signal for any of her three entrusted VSC executives to track/find her within 200 mile range

      • Powered for 2 days before recharging is needed



  • Business (Professional)

  • Finances (Professional)

  • Dark Money Processes (Professional)

  • Criminal Enterprising (Professional)

  • Steel Manufacturing (Professional)

  • Metallurgy (Proficient)

  • Thermodynamics (Professional)

  • Aerial Combat (+Fighting) (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Dodge/Evade (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Melee Fighting (Proficient)

  • Flame Power Marksmanship (Proficient)

  • High Society (Professional)

  • Languages:

    • English (Professional)

    • Portuguese (Master)

    • Spanish (Master)

    • Creole Spanish (Proficient)

    • French (Proficient)

    • Chinese (Proficient)

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