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Freedom FightersTwo Steps From Hell
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The Liberators are a group of resistance fighters that operate against the militant socialist island nation regime of Oceania, located in the South Atlantic Ocean.

In the MDU, decades ago, the islands of Saint HelenaAscension Island and Tristan da Cunha, once British territories, were overtaken by a dynamic socialist movement led by George Winston Goldstein.  As a result, the islands became a haven for many 'unwanted' people especially from Europe and Africa, all being enticed with the chance to 'start anew' and become part of something more.  As such, the islands and its inhabitants became nothing more than slaves to the regime's new socialist rules. Many died trying to resist the new regime. A small group of resistance fighters, armed with mere clubs, rocks and slingshots started the fight and even though most of them died fighting against the heavily armed 'Oceanians'. One man arrived in the islands to try and help protect the people, but instead, later, became 'the invader who stayed' to help re-form the resistance movement into a dangerous well-trained and deadly band of fighters, designated as 'terrorists' by the Oceanians, against the 'invading' Oceanians.  That man was given the name 'Major Liberator'.

Over the past couple decades, Major Liberator and his band of "Liberators' has made an extreme effort, bordering on rogue-like vigilantism, in trying to stop the Oceania forces.  They've routinely bombed and sabotaged Oceania production and manufacturing, killed hundreds of Oceania troops, thousands of their automated Oceania Social Units (OSUs) and done everything they can and could to either save native islanders from being brainwashed into Oceanians and/or avenging them. Major Liberator is a hardened man who, even according to the world's peacekeeping force known as G.U.A.R.D., is 'extremely dangerous' and 'an obsessed man leading a rebel organization' that is considered 'the most dangerous militants on the planet'.

Over the years, hundreds of rebel fighters, even some coming from all over the world, have joined the Liberators in their attempt to free the people from Oceania's Governor Goldstein's control.  They've lost MANY Liberators in their fight, but they've also stymied Oceania's extremely powerful technical manufacturing and militant reach, forcing the socialist island nation to realign their resources and defenses towards dealing with the Liberators rather than expand the island's military power. As a result, Governor Goldstein had to create a powerful group of super-powered beings called the "Champions of Oceania". As a result, the Liberators' job to liberate the islands and the people have become even more difficult.

Today, the Liberators continue their fight against the government and nation's military forces (as well as the nation's defenders, the Champions of Oceania), making themselves as freedom fighters to some, terrorists to most and Liberators to those that want to free what was once the people and the islands of Saint HelenaAscension Island and Tristan da Cunha. They've lived in the jungles, in the city streets in squalor, in sewers, in mud-bound tunnels in the mountains, volcanoes, in underwater caves and even, sometimes, amongst Oceania's own citizens, integrating themselves into Oceania's workforce and/or populace, hiding in plain sight. They are constantly on the razor's edge of life and death, making every day either a gift to those in need of being liberated...or a nightmare to themselves or those around them.

Can Major Liberator continue in what seems to be an unending war against the Oceania regime? Can the Liberators actually liberate the powerful island nation from Governor Goldstein while constantly being hunted down and picked off? According to the team's powerful military leader, Major Liberator, they can 'go the distance' to save the people, no matter the price he and his Liberators will have to pay to do it.



The Lost

The following is a list of freedom fighters from the Liberators who are either considered Killed In Action (KIA) (Red border), Missing/Lost (Grey border) or imprisoned (Yellow).  These heroes have sacrificed all they have to help free the people from Oceania's militant socialist rule and from Governor Goldstein's domineering control:

Britannic Knight
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Citizen Julia
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20 Secret Bases located all about the Oceania Isles
This is Base L3 - Oceania Sewer System, 

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