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The Daybreakers was originally a New York City gang that had been rebuilt from being the "Blood Bolts" to the newer "Daybreakers".  Back then, the gang was noted for money laundering and protection rackets.


As the decades went on, the gang grew to a normal city gang size, garnering the attention of police and murder investigations all the same. It wasn't until 2015 though that the gang would undergo a radical change; a change brought on by revenge from an ex-policeman named Donnie Sloan.

Donnie Sloan was once a New York City Policeman who heralded from Harlem. He made quite an impression with the police force and was quickly moved to homicide as a Detective 3rd Class.  Once there, Donnie saw the horrors of what evil can do onto humans...including the dozens of mutilated bodies from vampire attacks done by what was later revealed to be from The Crimson vampire gang/coven. In an auspicious and well planned raid on The Crimson, Donnie and his fellow police arrested hundreds of vampires, some even as far away as Providence, Rhode Island. Donnie was lauded with being the mastermind behind the raid. He became the top story of the week and was even trending in YaGo!


The next week, Donnie's entire family, parents, friends, teachers and mentors, were found mutilated from multiple vampire attacks across the world.


Donnie went berserk.

He quit the police force and went rogue, taking over the Daybreakers gang (which was run by a childhood friend of Donnie's until that friend was murdered by The Crimson).  With the gang's 100+ members, all of which wanted vengeance for their previous leader's death, Donnie trained, armed and refocused the gang to become vampire hunters.  To fund the gang's operations, Donnie encouraged a strong-armed approach to the gang's prior tasking as protection racketeers (now offering protection from vampires/The Crimson) and raiding all vampire coven bases, storage facilities and other illegal operations, garnering the Daybreakers gang with hundreds of millions of dollars in weapons, high tech gadgets and vampire-killing relics and tomes.

Today. the Daybreakers is one of the most notorious gang of vampire hunters in the world.  Gang members travel from nation to nation in search of vampires to hunt, kill and plunder.  Donnie Sloan, who now only goes by the name "Sloan the Slayer", is considered to be one of the greatest vampire hunters ever and is loved and revered by his gang of vampire killers and monster hunters.






One of their many bases.  This one is located in New York City.

MDUverse Data:

This gang was originally called the Blood Bolts are was created in MDU on 20 July 2013. The gang was later renamed "Daybreakers" on 31 Dec 2017. Leader (of Blood Bolts) was Boltmaster, however, with the gang name change, the leader now going by 'Sloan the Slayer'.

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