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Aidan St. Lawrence

Secret (Unknown to all)


Yes (As Elvenknight)

Early 20s

Married (secret)







Elf Knight

Emerald Society



Don "Major Deej" Finger

17 Mar 2012




Aidan St.Lawrence grew up in Howth Castle in Howth, Ireland, a town that today is considered a 'coastal' suburb of Dublin.  His parents, Cameron and Sharon St. Lawrence were wealthy gentry who'd lived a life of privilege for generations. At one time, most of the land was owned by Howth clan between the 1400s and the 1800s. Aidan's mother died early in his life and hardly remembers her. His father, on the other hand, was an overbearing, domineering man who enjoyed being rude and cruel to the 'lesser' privileged.  He always wanted Aidan to learn how to be a powerful businessman and make a more powerful name in Irish politics and property.  Much to Aidan's father.'s chagrin, Aidan was disinclined to follow the path his father wanted for him.

​As a young boy, he used to run around the castle as an elf knight, pretend-slashing at servants with tin foil swords, saving maids from evil dust bunnies, and roiling his father's temper all at the same time. Aidan was privately tutored and didn't go to school like the other kids, even though Aidan wanted more than anything to go to public school.


On several occasions, Aidan was slapped or beaten by his father for 'not being normal'.  Regardless of the spankings and the emotional abuse, Aidan still filled his time with fantasy play and fun. .The few times Aidan did sneak out of the Castle to play with other kids, he was awkward and unsure of himself, not knowing how to converse or play with them. As such, he'd start talking like a knight in old English style.  This just made the locals label him as 'touched in the head'.  Sadly, as he entered his teenage years, he instead experienced the reality of being ostracized from those he wanted to be, as well as beaten and berated routinely by his father. Any staff members at the castle that dared to speak up for Aidan were not only summarily dismissed, but on some occasions, taken away by the police on trumped-up charges of 'theft and robbery'.

​Thanks to the Soltan Invasion of 2000, the Howth fishing industry was only half of what it once was. In 2011, with his investments in the local fishing fleet, Mr. St. Lawrence started losing revenue. He used his business, the St.Lawrence Consortium, to buy up all the local fishing vessels, which he sold off.  He had his business then invest in an industrial fishing fleet of several very large ships that were designed to catch fishes by the tens of thousands, stressing out the already limited fish in the area...and the region.  This left local fishmen jobless, destitute and without even a boat to try to catch fish for their own families. Mary's father lost everything.


Due to his expensive business venture, Mr. St.Lawrence had to find new venues for revenue. As such, he opened up the castle for tours and events, such as 'castle tours', formal weddings and parties, all of which weren't cheap. He also lent out his chefs to create a 'Howth Castle Chef's Academy', charging tens of thousands of Pounds for what amounted to only a few hundred Pounds worth of experience and slave labor for Howth Castle events.


Aidan was warned to never mingle with any tours or event quests or he'd be appropriately punished. As such Aidan found himself wandering about the castle more than normal, and as such, learned every hidden passage, room and secret tunnel in the castle.  He even started learning about the history of hundreds of items that were now displayed in their new Howth Castle Museum (open to the public for a sizable entry fee).  That's when Aidan discovered the truth about his family, and more importantly, what his continued existence meant to his father's future, odious plans. 

A few days after Aidan turned 16, he went to his father to inform him that he knew the 'secret' of the museum artifacts and their attachment to his grandfather's will.

After Aidan told his father what he knew, Mr. St. Lawrence beat Aidan within an inch of his life.


A 'family' doctor was brought in to tend to Aidan's near-fatal wounds, however it took months of convalescing before Aidan was even able to walk again.  After that, Aidan began to work out, secretly, becoming stronger and faster than ever before. One of the new chefs in the school had been a master swordsman at renaissance fairs before he became a chef (more money in being a chef), and was enticed by Aidan to secretly teach him how to sword fight. 


Aidan was a natural at sword fighting and sword play and quickly mastered rapiers and swords.

Aidan's father, by that time, had started living in Monaco more than at the castle, reveling in his regained wealthy status and splurging it on wine, women and 'unique' business dealings with the Harmony Foundation.  He'd already bought out most of the Howth fishing fleet and had a new 'environmentally-friendly' fishing fleet replace them, hauling in hundreds of thousands of pounds of fish a year, quintupling his profits. Aidan knew little of his father's business dealings, but wanted more than anything to not only get back at his father, but to right the wrongs certain Howth museum 'artifacts' had unto them.  At a young girl's 16th birthday party event, Aidan attempted to a secretive hero and give back to the community, much like a knight.

​The young girl was Mary O'Casey. Her parents saved every spare coin they had throw Mary a grand birthday party at the castle. Aidan had planned to to go to the museum, sneak out an artifact or two and present them to the birthday girl and her parents. Sadly, Aidan was only able to retrieve one artifact before the museum guard, Vince, woke up.  Nonetheless, he saw Mary from a distance during the 'behind the scene' tour at the castle and followed her and the troupe.


When Aidan got close enough to see Mary for the first time, it was love at first sight.


He started breathing funny; his heart began to race; he felt himself drenched in a cold sweat. His hands became clammy.


Whether Aidan understood it or not, he was in love with Mary. 


Even though he wanted to present her the artifact during the tour, he realized he was too disheveled to even talk to her. Instead, he waited and composed himself.


After Mary's birthday song was sung, he got up enough courage to go see her. As everyone was eating their cake, Aidan appeared from an adjacent castle hallway, motioning Mary to come over to him.  Leaving the cake-eating partygoers, Mary walked over to Aidan. 


When Mary saw Aidan there before her, it was love at first sight.


She started breathing funny; her heart began to race; she felt drenched in a cold sweat. Her hands became clammy.


Whether Mary understood it or not, she was in love with Aidan. 


After a dozen seconds of awkward silence, Mary realized that not only was she blushing, but so was Aidan.

Aidan finally broke their awkward silence and introduced himself with an uncustomary formal bow. He then quickly handed her a beautifully wrapped present. Aidan stammering out a "Ha…Ha…Happy Birthday". Although he looked embarrassed, he still held his poise and tried to maintain a manly stature.

Gushing with emotions, but keeping a level of composure, Mary thanked him with a formal curtsy and then opened the present. It was a beautiful ornate silver headband with a large orange sapphire gem embedded in the center of the headband. She fell in love with it immediately.  She was so excited, she threw off all manners and gave him an energetic, bouncing hug to which Aidan seemed to have never experienced before in his life.  Mary immediately ran back to the party, showing off her new present from Aidan to her family and 'friends', all of whom were flabbergasted over such an elaborate and potentially expensive gift.

​That's when Aidan's father arrived.

​Stinking of alcohol, Mr. St.Lawrence stormed into the party and straight up to Mary.  He stopped fast and snatched the headband from Mary's hands with an indignant countenance. He then grabbed Mary's arm and shouted at Mary, demanded to know how she'd stolen the headband from the Castle's museum display.  Speechless, Mary was terrified at Mr. St. Lawrence and tried to pull away from him.  Mary's parents and friends did nothing to help her.


That’s when Aidan came to Mary's rescue.


EDITOR'S NOTE: For those familiar or have read the story of MDU's "Lady Eriu", the following follows close suite (if not verbatim) to Lady Eriu's origin and story. If you wish to continue, however, by all means, it's always worth a re-read!  - Major Deej


​Aidan ran up to his father and kicked his father in the shin so hard that Mr. St. Lawrence fell to the ground screaming in pain. At this point, Mary ran to her mother, headband in hand, crying and nearly catatonic.  Aidan looked out across the floor to Mary and stuttered his apologies to her just before his father hobbled back up onto his feet and backhanded Aidan in the head with enough force to knock Aidan onto the floor, stunned.

Finally, Mary's father, John O'Casey, walked up to Mr. St.Lawrence, shouting "What do ye think yer doin' to that boy there!?! Enough of that!!".  Mr. St. Lawrence then drew out a small handgun from his suit's jacket pocket and aimed the gun directly at Mary's father's head.  In a formal, domineering and yet agitated manner, Mr. St.Lawrence exclaimed that Mary would give him back the headband or he'd shoot 'someone' (motioning with a nod of his head towards Mary) of whom he'd caught stealing from his home.  Mary, frightened and angered, screamed at Mr. St. Lawrence, "I didn't steal it!!” Pointing towards Aidan, screaming, “He gave it to me as a birthday gift!! But if you want it back so bad, HERE!!!".  Mary threw the headband with such force and accuracy that it hit Mr. St.Lawrence in the forehead, leaving a gash with blood flowing from the wound.

Mr. St. Lawrence reeled from the hit, falling backwards and onto the ground.  The gun fell from his hand, for which Mary's father went over and kicked the gun under a table and out of view. By this time, Aidan shook off his father's blow and shakily stood up. Aidan walked over to Mary to see if she was okay, but Mary’s mother and father had already intercepted her and were now trying to calm Mary down. Aidan mouthed an apology to Mary and her parents, but he knew whatever he wanted to say wasn’t going to make anything right…at least, not at that moment. Aidan then looked around at the frightened people before him. The birthday party-goers, the castle staff, even the cooking school students and chef had all come out to see what was happening.

Mr. St. Lawrence pulled himself off the floor, brandishing the large cut to his forehead complete with a line of blood down the front of his face.  Mr. St.Lawrence looked at Aidan with a twisted face of disdain and shouted, "YOU!?! You, Aidan, are responsible for all this?!?".  Aidan looked sternly back up into his father's eyes.

Aidan’s father punched Aidan in the face. Hard.

Although his father had bloodied his nose, Aidan did not falter. Instead, as he slowly wiped away the blood from his nose, he gave his father a devil-may-care look...and began speaking the unspeakable - the 'secret' his father nearly killed Aidan for the last time he'd spoken of it. The story that Aidan told next would shock the town of Howth to its very foundation for years to come.

Aidan, with a piercing, angry look, and not a stammer to his voice, explained what he himself had done up to this point: saw the most beautiful wonderful girl in the world having a memorable, joyous birthday party, and that he decided to give her a gift that was as much hers as anyone else’s in the town of Howth.

Aidan then mentioned that, as per the conditions of his grandfather's will, several dozen rare antique artifacts in the museum were to be gifted to the people and the town of Howth. A lottery was to be performed allowing for the residence of Howth to potentially win dozens of sought-after antiques that, according to Aidan’s grandfather in his will, ‘belonged to the people of Howth in the first place'.

Aidan's went on explain that his own father never went through with the will's demands after the grandfather passed away.  Instead, Mr. St.Lawrence hoarded the treasures for himself and fired the executor/lawyer of the grandfather’s will.  Aidan said he knew what his father was doing was wrong, and wanted to correct his father’s misdeeds by gifting the items in the will over the next few months; an action he knew would surely lead to his father beating him to death. Aidan stated that before he was to be beaten by his father, he wanted to ensure that at least one  beautiful soul such as Mary’s would receive such a gift as beautiful as her.

Again, Aidan apologized profusely to everyone gathered around. Aidan then asked for everyone to leave so that he and his father could discuss how best to fix this 'egregious situation’.  As everyone shuffled out of the hall and out to the parking lot, Aidan saw Mary. Aidan was sad and ashamed for what had happened to her. Aidan only hoped that someday, someway, someone would figure out that having Mary and the townsfolk leave that day may have saved their lives.

After the castle doors closed, Aidan's father stood before Aidan. He screamed at Aidan, asking if he though he felt like a man for beating up his own drunk father before a band of peasants. Before Aidan could answer, his father threatened him once again. Should Aidan leave the castle grounds, he'd forfeit his claim to the family fortune.  If he dared to give away one single museum artifact before his 18th birthday, he'd be jailed and forfeit his family fortune. The biggest threat was to never see that girl (Mary) ever again or he'd kill her and her parents without anyone ever finding their bodies. He spat blood onto the floor before Aidan and stumbled off.


The St. Lawrence 'cold war' had begun.

It didn’t take long before the revelations from Howth Castle hit the Irish news groups and social media, condemning Mr. St.Lawrence and his illegal and selfish actions.  The lawyer than St.Lawrence had fired came forward and confirmed the veracity of Aidan’s comments about the will’s wishes.  This also caused a massive backlash to the Howth Castle Museum and restaurant attendance as it dropped off to barely a trickle of paying visitors. The chef and his school took off, never to return, and with it AIdan's swordsman tutor. Half of the staff gave notice and quit days later. Cameron St.Lawrence quickly became a pariah and was ‘uninvited’ to nearly every function in Ireland. That’s also when all the lawsuits started coming in.

Mr. St.Lawrence left Ireland and moved into a chateau in France leaving Aidan and a skeleton crew of workers left to maintain the castle.  Aidan,  forced to stay in the castle, was assigned a new governess and a private teacher. Since Aidan’s mother had died , Mr. St.Lawrence never remarried, but had instead inherited his wife’s riches.  Although the castle, grounds and relics were originally St.Lawrence owned, it required Mr. St.Lawrence’s return before any lawsuit could be started. Thus, he stayed in France. The only good thing that came out of the events that occurred on Mary’s 16th birthday was that of a new budding relationship between Aidan and Mary and the start of their adventures together.

After Mary’s 16 birthday party/incident at Howth Castle, Aidan began sending a couple of the castle's groundskeepers (with a little pay incentive) to go find out everything about Mary.  After weeks of info gathering, Aidan discovered that everyone in the town avoided Mary like the plague; not that Mary cared.  He also discovered that she like Irish folklore and was enamored with the idea of the Irish goddess Eriu.  He also discovered that she'd been trying to find if any Renaissance Faires were looking for a 'medieval Irish goddess' to be paid to frollick around the Faire for pictures and stage events.  Sadly, she was turned away. Instead, Aidan got an idea; a grand idea.

He'd create his own live-action role-playing group (LARPers, as they were called) and secretly have Mary and a few others interested folks in the region get together to enact fantasy play at the castle. After Aidan found several other kids their age to join them in LARPing, he sent on of the new LARPers to recruit Mary to the group. Mary joyously accepted and was overwhelmed when she was told that it was being done at the castle.  As it was, Aidan had to send Mary a note stating that it was safe for her to be at the castle, since his father was away in France and so long as Mary went by the name "Eriu" while at the castle, no one would be the wiser, including the governess.

Mary agreed and joined the group.


The LARPers loved to play as fairies, leprechauns, Celtic druids, gods or goddesses or any such made-up magical beings, people and/or creatures.  The group had the time of their lives enacting fantasy roles in and about the castle grounds. Sometimes they spent entire weekends together in the castle in-character.  After weeks of the group's interactions, Mary and Aidan, who were still desperately in love with each other, began to learn more about each other through their LARPing.  Aidan had hoped the LARPing and time together would bring Mary and him closer together.

It did.

 Mary  had taken to enact the role of the eponymous matron goddess or Ireland, Eriu.  In their LARPing sessions, the group really got into their fantasy roles, such to the fact that they began talking ‘in-character’ even outside of their LARP sessions.  Mary soon stopped working in town and rarely showed up at her mother’s flat for anything other than a change of clothes and sleep. During this time, Aidan took on the fantasy role of being Mary’s/Eriu’s protector, calling himself (his character), the 'Elvenknight'.  In dozens of different role-played scripts, he played the part as “Lady Eriu’s” champion and knight, protecting her from whatever foul fantasy-based character the group would concoct from one week to the next.  Mary and AIdan was truly happy immersing themselves in this lifestyle.

The day Aidan finally turned 18, his father had Aidan thrown out onto the street. Aidan was given two bank cards amassing a total of 2,000 Euros, a notice of intent to arrest Aidan should he ever trespass upon any St.Lawrence property (Howth Castle in particular) and the mention that he’d been removed from the family will.  Aidan didn’t even get a chance to pack his things; he was tossed out with the clothes on his back. He didn’t even have his wallet.

Aidan was devastated. 

Mary had Aidan stay with her and her mother, Maureen, at their flat in town until she could figure out how to help Aidan.  Mary and her mother were already behind in the rent for three months and were days away from being evicted. Even though things weren’t looking up for anyone, Mary kept a positive outlook, cheering up Aidan and her mother as best she could.  Mary’s mother was indifferent about Aidan and ignored the both of them as much as possible. If wasn’t until days later that Mary understood why.

Mary’s mother told Mary and Aidan that she would be moving in with her ex-husband and that neither Mary nor Aidan were allowed to move in with them. Mary and Aidan had to leave and make it on their own.  As Mary’s mother left with her bags packed, she bellowed that the two of them needed to stop playing their fantasy games and get on with reality and get real jobs or they’d find themselves dead within a month.  Aidan did all he could to console Mary, but they both packed what they could and left the hovel of a flat hours later.

Aidan and Mary attempted to stay with the other LARPers in their group, but instead were turned away by each of their ‘LARPing friends’ in turn. 


With no other form of cheap shelter, Aidan and Mary hung out under bridges, in back alleys and even snuck into roofed chicken coops, just to stay dry and out of the Irish rain. With a bad economy, there were no jobs, and even then, no one in town would give them a job. Everyone within miles knew who the two were and wanted nothing to do with them.  Aidan used his bank card to only buy food, but even after a few weeks, it began to dwindle.  While buying food one night, Mary saw a flyer in the store’s window. The decision to follow the flyer would thereafter change the rest of their lives – good…and bad.

The flyer Mary had spied in the store window told of a 6-month class wherein new adepts would be trained in becoming licensed druidic priests and priestesses capable of performing dozens of different payed-for tasks for the city, region or for private parties and sessions, including well-to-do weddings.  Mary was excited about the prospect of being a real druidic priestess and wanted them both to drop everything and go learn to be real druids.

The problem: the cost.

For one person to attend, it cost 1000 Euros; for two, a discount of ‘only’ 1750 Euros. After checking the remaining money on Aidan’s charge cards, they realized didn’t have enough money for both of them to go.  Mary suggested calling the phone number listed on the flyer and requesting options for working off the additional 250 Euros that they didn’t have. Using a public pay phone, they called the flyer’s number and were told to come see them in person and they’d discuss the situation further while there.

The druid adept training location outlined in the flyer was located several miles outside the town of Erie, Ireland.  It took awhile for them to walk in the rain and cold to get there, but when they finally arrived, Mary lit up like a Christmas tree.  Aidan saw that same look in Mary’s eyes when he saw her excitement that one day at Mary’s 16th birthday party at Howth Castle. 

Aidan met with the school’s leader (the one they’d talked to on the phone) and went off to a corner to talk out of earshot of Mary. Aidan mentioned to the school leader that they didn't have enough funds for the two of them, and wanted to 'work off' whatever it was that would be owed.  The leader told him no deal. When AIdna told him that both of them would leave instead, the leader pointed to May, who was trotting about the room like a happy child looking at all the Irish lore in the room, stated, "I think she'll stay. You on the other hand, won't.  Bye bye to your quiff.  Now, if instead, you wouldn't mind maybe doing a little job for me, like say, 'appropriating' some  creature comforts worth twice the difference of your payment, I might keep you. You don't provide though, or go to the police, I'll gut both of you instead. Understand?"


Aidan quickly realized the druid school was a scam. He knew it wasn't going to really teach Mary and him any real Druid magic or truly make them druids. Instead, the school leader was no better than his father. Aidan, knew Mary would be heartbroken. So, he made the deal.


The school’s leader and Aidan walked back to Mary, with the school leader proclaiming that all was taken care of and that they would both be entered as new druidic adepts into their school to learn to become an official druidic priest and priestess. Mary was overjoyed at this and hugged Aidan, telling him that she couldn’t have gone through this without him. 

For a moment, Aidan’s and Mary’s eyes meet each other for longer than they’d ever had.  Aidan was about to tell Mary how much he loved her and that he’d do anything for her, but Mary instead became bouncy and giggly, playfully hugging Aidan, and then breaking off outside running around to meet all of her new fellow adepts. Aidan, although disappointed in losing their potential romantic moment and being ensnared by the druidic scam artist that was the 'school leader', rejoined Mary and went around with her, greeting the other new adepts.  Aidan truly loved her and loved the things she loved, but to use the last of their money to learn to become fake druidic priests wasn’t the path Aidan had hoped for them in being together forever. He hoped this wasn’t a mistake.

Over the next five months, Aidan and Mary lived in a stone and wood hut, peeing in the woods, gathering berries and plants, learning about communing with nature and making ‘potions’, ‘salves’ and ‘ointments’ in their alchemy classes to help the ‘unfortunate’.  Aidan realized quickly on that the school was not what he’d expected; it was a front to get their money and give out ID cards at the end of their ‘druidic’ training and perform odd jobs for the equivalent of Shillings on the Pound for their ‘order’.  Most druidic schools at least taught the basics of druidism, but this school’s teachings were considered a modern ‘integration’ of the old and new ideas of druidism…at least, that’s what the school’s leader kept stating.  Regardless of Aidan’s misgivings about the school, Mary was ignorantly blissful in her day-to-day activities, throwing herself 150% into learning to be a ‘modern’ druidic priestess.  Mary even started talking and acting like her LARP character ‘Eriu’ once again.  Although Aidan knew the difference of what the school was versus what Mary perceived it to be, Aidan was content in the knowledge that Mary was happy doing what she was doing. Just being around Mary those long months meant the world to Aidan.

One night, Aidan was called upon by the school’s leader. It was time for Aidan to 'pay up'.  The school leader said "Mr. Aidan St.Lawrence, it seems, according to the papers and media, that Howth Castle has a lot of rare and priceless artifacts that you tried to give away. Seems only fair that you give one of those artifacts to me, eh?". Aidan, surprised that the school leader even knew who he was, was furious over the situation. The school leader said if he didn't go to get him an artifact in the next 4 hours, Mary would be 'dancing with someone else's blade in her'. WIth no other option, Aidan took off the place he'd been running from Howth Castle.  Things would never be the same again.


The next morning, Mary couldn't find Aidan.  Mary quickly became worried about him and talked with the school leader.  The school leader said that Aidan had to return to Howth to get the ‘agreed upon’ final payment needed for both of them to graduate the druid school. Mary, unsure of what the school leader meant, demanded to know where in Howth he was heading, to which the school leader casually said, “Howth Castle, of course, luv!”.

Mary immediately knew what would happen to Aidan if he stepped foot on the Howth Castle property.

Awash in fear, Mary ran from the school site in her druidic priestess garb and tried hitching a ride from cars on the road a mile down from the site.  She eventually got a ride to Howth Castle’s front gate.  From there, she saw several police cars in the parking lot, lights lit.  


Mary feared for the worse.

Mary sprinted past the gate guard and up onto the front steps of the castle before the police physically stopped her.  Mary screamed at the castle demanding to tell her where Aidan was. In response, Mr. St.Lawrence, Aidan's father,  casually walked out from the castle’s front foyer entry, shooting daggers from his eyes at Mary.


Wide eyed and in tears, Mary demanded that Mr. St.Lawrence tell her where Aidan was.  Mr. St.Lawrence, with the casualness and couth of a man who considered himself far superior to anyone else, replied that the police would be ‘taking care’ of Aidan from here on. He then took out a handkerchief from his pocket, purposefully cleaned his glasses with it, and then purposefully dropped the handkerchief on the ground before her.  With a smirk, Mr. St.Lawrence turned and started walking back inside the castle, but not before he motioned to the police to ‘remove’ Mary from his property.

Mary would have noticed Mr. St.Lawrence’s motion had she not instead recognized the handkerchief which Mr. St. Lawrence had dropped; a handkerchief she’d made for Aidan at the Druid school; a handkerchief with blood on it.

Mary exploded in rage and tears, screaming at the top of her lungs towards Aidan’s father, demanding to know what happened to Aidan, all the while trying to pull herself from the police that held her fast.

Mary was dragged outside of the the Howth Castle gate, where she immediately dropped to her knees in the mud-soaked ground, weeping uncontrollably.

Devastated, Mary cried as the sky darkened and the rain began to fall. Hours later, she was still there, caked in mud, sopping wet. To the motorists driving past her, Mary looked to be a pathetic site to view, even as those same motorists splashed even more water and mud from the road’s puddles onto her as they passed her.

The next morning, Mary finally got up from the mud and started walking back to the pay-to-be-a-druid school. Most of her journey she’d walked was in a daze; traumatized.  Unsure what to expect at the school, she knew she had nowhere else to go but back to her leaky stone and wood druid hut.

Several hours later, Mary arrived at the school’s site.  Mary looked like she was the walking dead; pale, sullen, clothes disheveled, torn and muddied.  The school’s students and staff looked upon Mary with shock, yet no one went to her side or asked if she was okay. Instead, Mary plodded back to her hut. There, she noticed that someone had built a new fire in her fireplace.  Looking about, she spied Aidan, lying in her bed, sopping wet, pale…and bloodied.

Mary raced to the bedside, hugging Aidan and rapidly talking about how much she missed him.  After a minute or so, she realized that Aidan was in far worse shape that she realized.

He’d been shot three times in the chest. 

Aidan was dying.

Mary screamed for help…but no one came.  Mary ran about the school grounds demanding for help, but everyone nervously turned their heads and rapidly walked away from her.  When Mary grabbed one of her fellow adepts, the adept pulled away, wide-eyed and scared, from Mary stating she wasn’t allowed to help her.  Puzzled and confused, Mary ran to the school leader’s cabin and barged in, telling him to call for an ambulance, a doctor, a paramedic, anyone, to help save Aidan.  That’s when the school leader told Mary that his hands were tied and that, as part of his recent arrangement with Mr. Cameron St.Lawrence.


He’d mentioned that Mr. St.Lawrence had called the school leader hours earlier after Aidan’s purported break-in at Howth Castle, they were not allowed to even recognize Aidan’s existence, nor Mary’s for that matter, unless they didn’t want to receive a ‘generous donation of 200,000 Euros’ for their compliance. The school leader, rather than help Mary, motioned her out the door with a string of ‘sorry; I’m so sorry; sorry’ empty words and rhetoric until Mary found herself corralled to outside the school leader’s cabin door where he promptly closed the door and locked it from the inside, leaving Mary alone…and out in the mud…once again.

After a minute of self-realization (or a turn towards the macabre), Mary rustled her hair, brushed some of the caked mud on her robes and bore the stance of her favorite LARP character, “Lady Eriu”.  With her head held high, her back straight and the look of a determined Irish goddess, Mary/Lady Eriu walked back to her stone hut. There, Mary converted the cot-made-into-a-bed that Aidan was dying on into a stretcher.  She strapped Aidan onto the stretcher, grabbed a small bag of her things and a bulky bag of Aidan’s things that she’d found tied to Aidan’s robe and began dragging the stretcher-born Aidan behind her as she walked across the druidic school grounds in full view of her ‘fellow’ adepts and began her journey to take Aidan to a hospital…wherever the closest one was.

All the while Mary/Lady Eriu was dragging Aidan on the stretcher, she talked with purpose, deportment and spirit just like her Lady Eriu LARP character.  The inner strength she mustered to drag Aidan through the rocks and mud down to the road was amazing to bear witness to.  When she reached the road, she set down Aidan aside the road and walked out into the middle of the road into oncoming traffic, causing two cars to barely brake in time before crashing into each other.  Mary/Lady Eriu then demanded like an Irish Goddess for those before her to care for her wounded champion before she unleashed the fury of the gods itself upon them all.

Unsure what to think, several people got out of their cars and attended to Aidan.  Luckily, one of those people was a nurse.  The nurse noted that Aidan has been shot three times in the upper body and that he’d lost a lot of blood.  He required immediate medical care and thus called for an ambulance with her cell phone.  The nurse stopped the bleeding and bandaged up Aidan as best should could, all the while Mary continued to talk and act as Lady Eriu, demanding the nurse to save her “Elvenknight” or risk the wrath of Lady Eriu. Within minutes, an ambulance showed and took Mary (still acting like she was Lady Eriu) and Aidan to a hospital four miles down the road.  Once there, Lady Eriu escorted the ambulatory Aidan to the emergency ward.  When nurses attempted to shoo Mary/Lady Eriu from the operating room, she exclaimed that she was the Lady Eriu and she was not to be trifled with.  Although it was against the hospital’s policy, they masked her and let her stand to the side, watching Aidan undergo his surgery.

An hour later, Aidan was taken to the Critical Case Unit (CCU) where he slept, recovered and healed for the next day.  During that whole time, Lady Eriu stood watch over him, without sleep, talking to him as her LARP champion, Elvenknight, but not as Aidan.  During that time, one of the nurses checked in on her and Aidan more routinely than necessary.  Mary/Lady Eriu was asked several times about who she was by the inquisitive nurses, but only received the same answer again as “Lady Eriu” and her champion, the “Elvenknight”. Each time the nurse completed their inquiry, Mary/Lady Eriu refocused on Aidan/Elvenknight…and nothing else. One such nurse however, tried talking to Mary/Lady Eriu in what sounded like a strange Celtic language, but after a few seconds, the words became clear to Mary as if she was translating the nurse’s words in her head.  Mary/Lady Eriu’s didn’t respond to that nurse, and instead, went back to caring for her Aidan/Elvenknight.

The next morning, Mr. Cameron St.Lawrence visited the hospital with several policemen in tow.  The police were to arrest Aidan for trespassing and the grand theft of two priceless items found missing from the museum. When Mary/Lady Eriu saw Mr. St. Lawrence, she exploded into action, belting him in the jaw, causing him to fall to the floor.  As Mary/Lady Eriu stood over him, the police attempted to subdue her.  They’d sooner made better headway against the winds of a hurricane instead.  With an inner strength and determination Mary was never able to muster as Mary, Lady Eriu instead felled all of the policemen, one right after another in an epic hospital room fight. Lady Eriu was able to shove the police and Mr. St.Lawrence out the room’s door before she slammed the door closed and barricaded it to prevent all but Lady Eriu from getting to her Elvenknight.  That’s when Lady Eriu realized she was not alone in the room.

Grabbing an IV pole like a professional staff fighter, Lady Eriu wheeled around to encounter the nurse from the day/night before…the one who spoke in the strange Celtic tone.  The nurse was unafraid, and for that matter, seemed to have a glowing aura about her.  The nurse asked if the Lady wished for her to depart the hospital with her champion without conflict; Lady Eriu, puzzled, nodded a strong formal nod.  To that nod, the nurse then spoke in that strange dialect once again. The nurse’s aura grew brighter, with the glow eventually encompassing both Mary/Lady Eriu and Aidan/Elvenknight. As the police broke in the hospital room’s door, they witnessed (what they later talked about in the hushed corners of a pub) Mary, Aidan and the unknown (and unrecognized) nurse disappearing in a blinding flash of light.

When Mary/Lady Eriu awoke, it was 18 hours after being teleported from her champion’s hospital room. 

Mary/Lady Eriu had collapsed from exhaustion once she’d been ported to the nurse’s remote home; a home deep in an unrecognizable, hidden forest. When Mary/Lady Eriu finally awoke, the ‘nurse’ handed her a cup of tea.  Before the nurse’s mud-caked guest realized she was drinking the tea, the questions began to flow through Mary/Lady Eriu’s head... 

Where were they?

Where was Aidan/Elvenknight?

How much time had elapsed? 

The nurse then asked if she was talking to Lady Eriu now or Mary O’Casey.

After an awkward moment’s self-assessment, the muddied woman replied. “Mary. Mary will do”.  The nurse gave her a big smile and stated, “That’s what I thought”.  The nurse explained that all three of them were now wanted as mass murderers with their images splashed across every computer, TV and news screen in Ireland and Great Britain.  The nurse mentioned about a ‘fire’ that occurred at the druid school and that all but one man, the school’s lead druid, died.  She mentioned the man who lived claimed that two of his ‘crazed’ students, Aidan St.Lawrence and Mary O’Casey went crazy, killing everyone there in what was described as a sick and macabre ‘kill-them-to-show-me-how-much-you-love-me’ act between the two ‘mentally ill’ and ‘extremely dangerous’ murderers.   Mary was in utter shock.

In an adjacent room, a gravelly voice muttered “I don’t know about any of you, but I’m guessing we’re not really the killers, are we?”.

It was Aidan. He was alive and awake.

Looking less pale, but still weak, Aidan sat up in the adjacent room’s moss-covered bed. He still looked haggard but that didn’t matter to Mary. All she saw were Aidan’s beautiful green eyes gazing directly back at hers.

Mary raced to Aidan throwing her arms around his neck, crying.  Aidan winced in pain at the strength of Mary’s hug, but after a couple of seconds, he no longer seemed to care.  He hugged her with a tear in his eye. The nurse let down a string of moss across the doorway of that adjacent room and left them to their privacy for the time being.

After several minutes of hugs (but still no kissing), they exchanged information of what had happened to them.

 Aidan told Mary that he’d worked a bargain with the Druid school’s leader to get him twice owed after they’d graduate, but instead, the school leader called Aidan to his ‘cabin’ that previous night and demanded the money that night.  The school leader had figured out who AIdan was and told him to raid one the msueum's artifacts instead for him or they'd hurt or kill Mary.


Since Aidan already knew the house and grounds all too well, and figured it would be a simple operation.  Once inside, Aidan went to the Castle’s Master Bedroom, where he found his father awake in bed with two of Aidan's fellow LARP girls.  There, they talked about how those same ‘LARP girls’ had actually been paid good money to keep Aidan distracted with his stupid LARP group and ‘Mary ‘o Jax’ to be too busy to meddle in Aidan’s father’s affairs.

At this point, Aidan knew he’d been had. He knew right then and there his father was behind his and Mary's misfortune.  Aiden Instead snuck off to his old room where he found one of his custom-made LARP costume bags.  He then gathered up his old wallet (complete with traveler’s checks, bank cards and a few hundred Euros in cash), his gold watch, diamond cufflinks, his Elvenknight costume, Mary’s Lady Eriu costume, and a couple of changes of Mary’s and his clothes. He then went off to the museum, but rather than to retrieve one artifact for the school leader, he also needed one other item.  An item that needed to have no matter the cost.

Once again, Aidan slipped past the security system and into the Castle’s museum section, past the old guard who always slept on the job, Vince.  Once in the museum, he went straight to a glass case that displayed a sapphire gem worth hundreds of thousands of Pounds. Once he acquired and pocketed that, he wen after the item he had to have at all costs: the near-priceless silver headband he’d unsuccessfully attempted to gift Mary on her 16th birthday.  Knowing he’d bypassed the security sensors before, he knew he could easily do so again.

Or so Aidan thought.

Aidan tripped a new security trigger in the display, setting off a wail of alarms and a flashes of red alarm lights everywhere.  Aidan ripped open the display top and removed the headband from the case.  He then rushed to the exit only to see a new iron gate drop down from the ceiling before him.  Vince appeared on the other side of the gate’s bars and said, “Glory! Mr. St.Lawrence was right! He knew ye’d be back!  I wouldna ‘a believed it if naught fer me own eyes!” He then waddled off, bellowing for Mr. St.Lawrence, saying that Aidan was caught in the new mousetrap they’d installed.  Aidan was indeed trapped, but he wasn’t the mouse they’d assumed him to be.

Looking at the gate, he saw the control pad just out of reach on the other side of the gate. There was a button that said “Raise Gate-Emergency Override”.  Try as he might to stretch his arm out to reach the button, he couldn’t even bridge half the distance to it.  He then started looking around for something…anything…to use to reach across and press the button.

That’s when he spied three crates with relics half wrapped in them.  One of them was a sea-growth encrusted rusty-looking longsword.  Aidan braced himself to pick up what he expected would be a heavy sword, but instead, lifted the sword as if it were made of Balsa Wood.  He took the sword and attempted to reach it through the bars and press the button.

Aidan instead dropped the sword outside the iron gate.

The sea growth and crustaceans that had encased the sword broke away from the sword’s blade and hilt, displaying a glowing green metal blade with archaic, unusual writing on it.  Although mesmerized by what seemed like an eternity, Aidan shook off the effect it had on him and reached through the bars, trying to grab what seemed to be his only chance to get back to Mary – the green glowy sword.

In a painful lunge against the metal security gate, Aidan slammed his head against the gate, cutting his brow.  Blood dripped across his eye.  He tried to wipe away the blood by wiping it with a handmade handkerchief that was made at the druid school. His sight cleared for the moment, Aidan threw down the handkerchief and lunged his arm through the iron gate once again. This time, Aidan grabbed the sword. He then maneuvered the sword back up into position to stab at the override button.  Just as Aidan plunged the sword into the button the museum’s front doors opened; Vince and Mr. St.Lawrence ran into the foyer, with Mr. St.Lawrence brandishing his favorite gun.

At this point, sparks flew from the button’s panel, startling Vince and Aidan’s father just long enough to allow Aidan enough time to roll out from under the now lifting iron gate and run across to museum’s emergency exit doors with his LARP bag in tow and the headband stuffed in said bag.  In a deft maneuver of athletic moves, Aidan arrived at the Emergency exit doors with a grin on his face.

That’s when Mr. St.Lawrence shot Aidan three times.

Although shot, Aidan plunged through the doors, setting off even more alarms. Aidan then barred the door with an old wall-mounted pike pole and a cut tree stump/stool.  Aidan then staggered off into the woods, climbing across rocks and trees he knew all too well as a child growing up on the property.  It wasn’t until a half a mile later that Aidan had realized how bad he’d been shot.  Remembering some of the ‘druidic’ alchemy they’d taught at the school, he quickly gathered up some mud, leaves and reeds and made an impromptu bandage, using the mud to help slow the bleeding.  He made his way back to the druid school to warn Mary and give her the headband, but according to Aidan, he didn’t remember anything after getting half way back to the school grounds.

Mary then explained her story to Aidan (no, we’re not going to repeat it again!). 

After telling her tale, Mary mentioned she’d tied off Aidan’s muddied and unrecognizable LARP bag with hers, and that she had since been wearing it the whole time.  She reached down and took the mud-encrusted bag off her belt and looked into the bag. There, she saw everything Aidan had packed – including the silver headband.  She gingerly pulled the headband from the bag and looked over at him with gracious eyes. Mary then stated that she had no right to keep it; it was still stolen property. That’s when Aidan stated that his grandfather’s Will had also originally bequeathed that the castle and the museum were to be bequeathed to Aidan the day after his 18th birthday, including any all remaining items and relics on said property, should the relics have not been distributed properly by Aidan’s birthday (plus one day). His father was NEVER to receive a single dime from the grandfather. Aidan’s father instead lied and had taken illegal custody of the castle and the museum – a castle, museum and artifacts that legally were supposed to belong to Aidan.

Aidan then took the headband from Mary’s hands and placed it upon Mary’s head.  To Aidan, Mary truly looked like a goddess.  In his LARP voice of his Elvenknight character, he stated, “Lady Eriu, I give you back your crown and title; goddess of Ireland, so say us; so say all!”  Mary smiled and laughed and hugged Aidan.  Their eyes met once again for that long moment that had been so rare for them thusfar.  In that moment, Mary truly knew she was in love with Aidan.  Just as she was about to tell him so, the ‘nurse’ entered the room, disrupting the moment.


“Well now.  It seems we have a predicament here.  You are wanted by the authorities and you have no place to go. For the time, I am willing to have you stay with me, but I do have a condition. A very LARGE condition. Do you want me to discuss that condition with you?”

Puzzled, Aidan and Mary looked at each other for a moment until Mary finally said, “All we want is justice…and for Aidan ‘an me to be with each other from here on after, together. Not in jail.”

The nurse replied, “Justice is the degree of repayment dispensed or expected by those who’ve had wrongs done unto them. Today’s justice system in your world of…nations…doesn’t reflect that. I am here to tell you, neither of you two will get your justice…at least, not with them.”

The nurse then spoke for the next several minutes about an ancient secret mystical society known as “The Conglomerate”; a society that operates outside modern civilization’s laws.  The society’s city operates underground, but their schools of magic all exist in man’s world all across the planet in secretive sects. The nurse mentioned that, should they choose that path, there would be no going back, for to join that society, you give up your current lives forever. Should you ever try to leave The Conglomerate once you’ve gone there, they’d hunt you down and imprison you for your actions for decades. The nurse then mentioned SHE was once part of The Conglomerate and was trained in the school of Druidic magic in Newgrange. She then stated that she herself has been on the run since leaving The Conglomerate some 50 years before and that The Conglomerate was still, to that day, hunting her.

The nurse then mentioned another path for the couple - her path.

The nurse went on to tell that she’d broken away from the Conglomerate’s training when she realized they were holding her back. Instead, she left The Conglomerate and her family and has hidden in and about man’s world since then.  The nurse mentioned that over the last five decades she’s learned more about druidic magic that anyone had ever known through formal training in The Conglomerate’s society.  She mentioned she was now getting on in years and that it was time to pass on her learnings. She considered Mary and Aidan as perfect choices to be her new adepts. 


The nurse then mentioned the last path – back to their own civilization.

The nurse mentioned that if they took that last choice, they’d have to leave the next day and go back to the civilized world and face its evils and threats alone. Amongst those threats were charges of being mass murderers, grand theft, breaking and entering and trespassing. The nurse also mentioned that after that night, they’d never see her again, nor learn the secrets of druidic magic from either her or The Conglomerate. 

The nurse told the couple to think on it. She then asked for the couple’s robes (clothing) so they could be taken care of properly.  Both Aidan and Mary stripped bare and handed over their damaged and dirty clothes to the nurse.  The nurse mentioned that there was no more room in the hut for separate sleeping arrangements, so the two of them would have to ‘bunk’ together for the night. She smiled at them and said, “we’ll talk more in the morning. You two can now spend a wonderful night making love with one another.  Goodnight!”.  Before they could respond, the nurse carrying the armful of dirty clothes walked through the hut’s stone wall and disappeared into thin air, leaving the couple  alone…and in the buff.

And with that, Aidan and Mary finally had their moment together. They finally kissed each other and proclaimed their love for one another. It was a beautiful night (and morning) of physical love and emotional passion for both of them. Never had the two ever been so happy or content in their lives.

By noon the next day, the couple awoke to see their LARP cos-play costumes laid out before them.  The nurse stated that their old robes were ‘disgusting’ and had to be re-purposed as mulch in the quagmire. She then motioned then to get dressed and said she’d be right back with a fresh pot of tea for them.

Upon the nurse’s return with the tea, the now-costumed couple was then asked the big question.

“So, what’s it going to be, you two? Go to the secret magical Conglomerate underground society? Allow the crazy old lady to teach you her version of druidic magic? Or would you rather ignore those options and make your own way in the civilized world as hunted animals?

They chose the crazy old lady’s path.

For the next four years, the couple and the nurse, who allowed them to finally call her “Aria”, exhaustively trained.  There were days of incredible discoveries and magical feats of amazement, but there were also days where they argued, got angry at each other, and then forgave each other and moved on.  Although it was a challenging time for the couple, they soon became masters in their new profession.

As fate would have it, Mary had an incredible advantage, thanks to Aidan. The headband Aidan had given Mary, aside from being a priceless ancient artifact, was also imbued with “Conglomerate” magic. The headband’s magic properties allowed the wearer’s magical energies to ‘flow’ to and from the wearer at greater strength and volume than any druidic master could channel.  This made Mary’s spells, casting and defenses twice as potent as Aidan’s or Aria’s magic.

For Mary and Aidan, over the years, their love grew even more. In their second year, Mary and Aidan asked Aria to wed them in a formal druidic marriage ceremony that spring. Aria was honored to do so, and in a ceremony that would put any storybook fairytale wedding to shame, Mary and Aidan were married in the beauty of nature and its fauna. Where some would think their passionate love would diminish once betrothed, the couple instead grew more passionate and more in love than ever before.

Mary and Aidan were perfect for each other.

At the end of the fourth year, Aria, who’d grown exponentially older and feebler over that time, proclaimed that she could teach them no more than they had already learned.  They’d already exceeded the training The Conglomerate would have provided and had since learned and mastered all of Aria’s skills, knowledge and abilities.  Aidan even learned how to be a master swordsman through the teachings of a 15th century master swordsman’s ghost over those same years.  Aria stated that they were now ready to embark on a new path of their own choosing.  Aria, however, did offer up one option; an option that, according to Aria, was brave, daring and fraught with danger, but at the same time, the most fulfilling opportunity a soul could ever do – being a hero.

She’d mentioned that she’d seen a single vision of the couple fighting alongside others of Irish decent in the city of Boston, in America, in a team led by a man known as the “Irish Fighter”.  In Aria’s vision, she saw the couple saving thousands of lives while simultaneously fighting and defeating evil creatures and monsters amassed about them with a ‘society of other green-clad heroes’. She also said that of all the future visions she’d tried to conjure up for the couple, only that one vision, that one path, ever presented itself to her.

The next morning, Aria died. 

In a formal druidic ceremony, they consecrated her to the earth.  The couple believed she was close to 104 years of age at the time of her death, based on what Aria had mentioned about her earlier life experiences.  The funeral done, the druidic couple packed what they could and left the magically hidden forest they’d resided in for the past four years in Ireland.

Knowing they might still be sought out, Aidan used his new druidic magical power to slightly alter Mary’s and his face.  To ensure this ‘charm’-based spell remained active even when they slept, Mary infused the spell into her own headband (making the headband even invisible), while Aidan used magical tattoo ink to infuse the spell into a sword tattoo on his right arm.

Using their own magic to make themselves invisible, the couple boarded a cargo ship that was scheduled to go to Boston. Onboard, they lived (and loved) in the cargo hold, with no one being the wiser.

Once they arrived in Boston, they’d dressed in regular street clothes and used their magics again to make themselves invisible so that they could sneak out from the Port Authority. As with any well-conceived plan, the occasion for failure can occur; this was one was just such an occasion.

As they stealthily neared the Port Authority exit gate, Mary and Aidan walked within range of a special ‘Magic Detection, Depower and Nullification’ (MaDDeN) station set up by the federal government to inspect imported cargo for any dangerous magical power, weapons or wards (these stations were installed by G.U.A.R.D. four years prior). As such, the couple’s magics were nullified, leaving them visible to the naked eye…and the Port Authority security cameras.  The station also nullified the couple’s charm spells, showing everyone their natural, real faces – the same faces that were considered mass murderers.

They didn’t realize what had happened until a security guard started yelling at them to stop where they were.  Knowing how bad this was, they both bolted into a nearby maze of cargo containers. The couple darted and dodged amongst the cargo containers until finally they fell out of range of the MADDeN station.  They quickly recollected their things and made off to their true destination: Boston’s Castle Island, otherwise known as the home of the leader of the Emerald Society – The Irish Fighter.

Sadly for our couple, an APB was put out on them, now identifying the pair by their Christian names as wanted for mass murders and now ‘dangerous terrorists’ who covertly entered the United States. The police were out everywhere, earnestly looking for the couple. Now that they had their magical powers back, they were able to stealthily make their way to Castle Island, but not without realizing the trouble their own personal identities now presented.

As such, the couple found space to hide long enough for them to create new image ‘charms’. Again, the charms were imbued in Mary’s headband and Aidan’s tattoo.  This time however, they both realized that in order to see Irish Fighter, they may need to dress the part.

Being LARP players (and character actors by affiliation), they both decided to don their cosplay costumes and masquerade as Lady Eriu and Elvenknight once again.  They both knew that the authorities might link their LARP character names to them, but with their use of druidic magic, they ensured themselves a means of not being ‘formally’ identified.  Aidan gave himself real ‘elf’ ears, while Mary gave herself a full head of long, thick colorfully red hair (her natural hair was a stringy, darker red type of hair). They once again made several ideal changes (not slight as the last time) to their faces and bodies, even altering their fingerprints and baseline DNA enough so as not to provide a positive or direct match. Mary, now Lady Eriu, even gave the charms a powerful ‘boost’ to ensure something like the MaDDeN station wouldn’t shut their charms down again. They’d agreed that from that point on, they’d have to play the parts of an Irish goddess and her champion elf knight.

With that, Lady Eriu and the Elvenknight walked out from their space several blocks from Castle Island and strolled out onto the streets for the first time in their (relatively) new identities.  People on the street immediately started taking cell phone snapshots of the pair and before they even reached Castle Island, the police stopped them.

In character, the two regally stated that they were on a quest to speak with the Irish Fighter and aid his Emerald Society to help protect humanity from evil…and itself.  The police were baffled and Mary knew she had to do something to prove who they were.  She used her magics to make a tree grow up out of the middle of the road, and then demanded to ‘prevent delaying’ a goddess.

That’s when the Irish Fighter arrived with a customary super-jump hero landing before them.

Again, acting as their LARP characters, the couple explained that they’d traveled from a Celtic land that is ‘betwixt and between’ each other’s worlds, and that they were sent forth by other gods greater than they so as to ‘stand with’ and ‘assess’ the human world and whether it was finally time for both their worlds to finally meet. For humanity to prove its worth, Lady Eriu and her champion, Elvenknight, must conclude, after an assessed time, whether Earth was ‘worthy’ and ‘heroic’ enough.

Irish Fighter, after hearing all this, had his reservations, but wasn’t about to say anything in front of the Boston populace.  Instead, he formally invited the Celtic duo to join him on Castle Island so as to ‘discuss’ the situation.

Once down inside the Castle Island base, Irish Fighter mentioned that he can’t help but feeling that he’s being tricked to them.  He’d been told by powerful heroic mages that there was ‘no way’ any dimensional portals would ever be popping up on Earth or for that matter, in the last two thousand years.  Again, Lady Eriu and the Elvenknight held true to their story, but even they were beginning to see the inevitable folly of their story. Still, Lady Eriu demanded to be part of the teams ‘adventures’ and ‘heroics’.  Irish Fighter reluctantly agreed and swore that if they turned on him, his team or his trainees, he’d ‘find yuir dimensional portal and cram ye right back through it…no matter the size ‘o the hole”.

For the next few months, Lady Eriu and the Elvenknight fought bravely and heroically, with both even getting cut up and hurt in one particular super-villain battle.  Not long after that battle, Irish Fighter pulled the couple aside and apologized.  He said he’d collected blood samples from each during the last super-villain battle and had their DNA tested to ensure they weren’t who they claimed to be. The results of the DNA test proved, as far as Irish Fighter was concerned, that Lady Eriu and the Elvenknight were who they claimed to be.

To this day, the couple has yet to tell anyone else who they secretly are.

On an added note, Mr. St.Lawrence is alive and well and is obsessed with finding Mary and Aidan.  He is so obsessed, he’s placed mercenary ‘marks’ on Mary and Aidan, as well as hired super-powered trackers and expensive troubleshooting agencies such as Legacy Corps to ‘track down’ and eventually ‘eliminate’ the couple.  With the couple’s last accidental sighting at the Port Authority, Mr. St.Lawrence has moved to a penthouse in Boston so as to oversee his paranoid and obsessive need to lead the efforts in finding and killing them.

As for Mary and Aidan, they are finding it more difficult each month to continue their role-playing ruse and not be romantically involved with each other.  They fear that if they ‘break character’, they’ll be found out who they really are.  This is putting a HUGE dent in their romantic relationship and is providing nothing but lonely nights and even lonelier tears for each of them.


All of Elvenknight's powers are based on his excellent magic skills and spells.

The following is a list of magical abilities and spells he has access to at this time:

  • Create Water - can create up to 20 gallons/day of pure water.

  • Detect Magic - Detects spells and magic items within 60 feet/20 meters.

  • Flare - short several second excellent blindness flash of light; affects all in 15 foot radius.

  • Earthly navigation - Can discern magnetic north, true north and ley lines.

  • Illumination - Inanimate object (no larger than a cell phone) can be magically enchanted to emit as a light source for 20 minutes.

  • Body Change Charm - can slightly alter DNA, body shape, skin style (soft, hard), skin color, hair color and face with several minutes focused spell effort for each person/being. To create a long-term effect on a person to a max of 2-months requires an additional 20 minutes or focus per person.

  • Human enhancement - Can temporarily (20 minutes) or long-term (20 days) charge a normal human's fighting, agility, strength and endurance each to excellent level abilities. Causes Elvenknight to pass out for 20 seconds for the long term spell.

  • Warding - Can create magical alerts, alarms, sensors or shields around and about a person or object. Can perform this 20 times a day, duration is 20 hours for each ward.

  • Healing meditation - 1 hr of meditation heals for 100% health. Only do once in a 20-hour period.


  • Emerald Swords (2) - Unearthly magical material that can cleave through anything up to fantastic material strength.  Swords can emit a slight green glow by providing kinetic energy to the blade. Considered to be thousands of years old.

  • Magic Dagger - Unearthly magical material strength; 9" wavy blade. Cannot be removed or cast from Lady Eriu's hand once in it.  Pierces magical shields rendering the shields useless.

  • Magically enhanced costume - Can withstand up to remarkable levels of damage, but offers the wearer no actual protection. Cannot be magically altered or controlled by anyone other than by Lady Eriu.

  • 3 magical ward stones - unearthly level of magical material strength; used to house ward spells. Can be used to mystically 'record' events over a 20 hour period of time.

  • Treasure Bag:

    • Sapphire (1) - provides warmth to any and all within 10 foot radius for 10 hours. Unearthly material.

    • Cell Phone (1) - with magical power charger.

    • Earwig (1) - provided by Emerald Society SG for use in SG communications. Range 250 miles.

  • Swordsman (Master) - 3x fighting, agility, evasion, dodging with swords. No penalty with 2 swords.

  • Fencing/Rapier (Professional) - 2x fighting, agility, evasion, dodging with swords. No penalty with 2 swords.

  • Acrobatics/Tumbling (Professional) - 2x agility in Melee fights, blocking and dodging in non-sword melee/fight.

  • Druid Priest  (Proficient) - 1x knowledgeable of druids, druid magic, druid lore/history; knows 10 contacts in the druid community.

  • Acting (LARPing) (Professional) - 2x influence, charm, acting/persuasion. Increased 20% popularity if identified/associated with LARPing.

  • First Aid/Limited field medicine (Proficient) - 1x knowledge of medical procedures/life saving techniques; Can prevent death by assisting dying person with successful effort.

  • Business/Finance (Proficient) - 1x knowledge of banks, banking, financial systems, fiduciary operations, budget balancing.

  • Irish lore/history (Proficient) - 1x knowledge of all things related to Irish history and lore.

  • Druid spells/salves/potions/remedies (Proficient) - 1x knowledge and skill in knowing and performing.

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