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Never AloneJim Brickman (featuring Lady Antebellum)
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The American Patrol is a band of super-powered heroes that help protect the citizens of the Midwest United States region.

Their leader, Doctor Warder, initially went around the region finding unique and super-powered people, or teaming with them at one time or another. Most heroes went their own ways, but time and gain, they'd band together fighting such things as a super-villain in Omaha, or an arcane magic evil cult wanting to destroy Phoenix, Arizona.  As each event occurred, a majority of Doctor Warder's initial team showed up to stop the evil.  When Doctor Warder finally asked if they'd all be interested in working together as a team, since no other superhero team showed up in the region to even help with any one of the major crisis they'd already fixed, they agreed.  The problem was, how to get together so quickly over such a large mid-western United States area should the team needed to respond.

Doctor Warder had a solution.

The Doctor gave out a square blue crystal to each team member.  He told them that when they were needed, it would start to glow.  Within a minute's time, it would then teleport the crystal's bearer to the location of whoever summoned the team, if they so chose to do so.  A summoner had only to place the magical crystal in their hands and say the phrase, "Periculum voco" (I call you to danger). To stop or prevent a teleport, the crystal's owner either had to 1) not hold the crystal in their hands, or 2) simply say "Resto" (remain/stay/leave behind) before the minute was up.


Since then, the American Patrol has been involved in several major super-powered engagements, winning said battles quite successfully.

Recently, the American Patrol received over $250 million from an anonymous donor (actually "Major Invader" of the Allied Fighters) to help the team build a new base in Houston, Texas.  There, the American Patrol has become of mid-western superhero celebrities.  They've even been given an "American Patrol" day from the Mayor of Houston for 21 January, the day the team first formed. 

Today, the team, with its newly created base continue to work together to help the American people of the Midwest fight crime, save them from danger and defeat any super-villain or magical threats therein!



Liberty Tower, Downtown Houston, Texas, USA (Public knowledge)

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