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Demolition Party

Demolition ManThe Police
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There are two stories about the Demolition Party; one is the 'official' story, according to nearly all of those associated or having dealt with the Demolition Party...and then there's the 'rumored' stories about this band of degenerate profiteers; rumors that link them to a far greater and larger conspiracy that anything that can yet be proven...currently.

The 'official' story is that the Demolition Party are metahumans, all with power either artificially, technologically or mutagenically gained, that banded together to do 'for hire' jobs of taking down businesses, buildings, structures and corporations by being paid to destroy said things, as well as even perform regular, legal contracted demolition work for businesses that don't care about federal or international demolition safety standards and instead want a quick means to 'bringing down an old building'.  Those in 'DP Inc.', as they sometimes refer themselves as, unabashedly seek out and perform wanton destruction and demolition, all for a price of course.  This, sometimes (most than most) lands them in trouble with the authorities and even superhero groups.  They have a shifty lawyer on retainer that continues to get them out of jail faster than they can get into trouble (which is pretty fast!).  DP Inc., according to them, do this all for profit and 'hiring themselves out to do what others can't do'. It is said each job's profits they earn gets split evenly amongst those who participated in each said job.  The team acts like a business, and even though the fight a lot amongst themselves, they band together to do any paid job, especially if they get to take down a super-powered person in the process.

The 'rumored' story comes from shadowy details that have been extracted from certain arrested criminals, scientists and even suppliers relating to DP Inc and even some from 'Zenith Labs'.  In such rumors (none of which have been able to retain an ounce of evidence upon, seeing as how most evidence and/or confessions resulted in either 'lost' evidence or 'dead' confessors with 'lost' confession tapes/recordings), Zenith Labs seems to have a some type of connection or tie-in with DP Inc, with a majority of the whispered rumors stating that most of DP Inc's members were once regular people that were scientifically, technologically or mutagenically enhanced with new powers and abilities by Zenith Labs, all of which cost a LOT of money for which said recipients of said new powers must now pay for at exorbitant rates; money that DP Inc and its 'associates' work-off doing their ever-controversial demolitions and destruction jobs. Zenith Labs, of course, has refuted any and all inquiries into any association with DP Inc or any of its super-powered individuals, stating that Zenith Labs is instead being targeted as part of a 'smear campaign' by other science organizations and labs tried to perform 'corporate warfare' against them.

So what is the REAL story? Well, that's up to you to decide.


With DP Inc noted for being contracted for over 245 jobs in the last year, earning a net profit of $3.5 billion and at least 514 federal, state, international and safety lawsuits (all of which have been 'settled' or thrown out of court) and at least 25 superhero 'incidents' on record, it can be said that DP Inc should more than likely be named the 'Infamous Demolition Party'.

Today, the Demolition Party's membership, currently lead by The Foreman, continues to be in flux with an ever-rotating door of new and old members, with the 'veteran' members (listed here on this page) as the 'regulars' of DP Inc.  They operate out of their New Jersey Warehouse at Port Authority and, as of now, have a legal business license in performing all categories of demolition and construction contracts all throughout the United States, Canada, the European Union, Mexico, Oceania, and several other nations around the world.  They have stated, however, that they would NEVER work for or with the fascist nation of Reichsland and, if anything, would provide services to demolish and destroy anything in and about Reichsland absolutely FREE; all other jobs, however, are subject to contracted, yet competitively-rated negotiations and fees.


We demolish 100% of what you don't want.





Warehouse District, Port Authority, New Jersey

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