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Hymn To Red OctoberBasil Poledouris
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Soviet Guard TEAM


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The Red Guard

Previous Guardians

The Soviet Guard's history goes back as far as 1941 when it was known as the "Red Guard". Generalissimus has been in charge of both the Red Guard and the Soviet Guard throughout the existence of both teams. Over the decades, members of the Red Guard, as well as those that would eventually be part of the newer Soviet Guard, would be praised for their heroic acts to the Soviet Union and to Soviet Guard unto itself. For the story of the Red Guard, see our "History" subsection.


The following is a list of members of the Red Guard that are no longer with us (but are forever remembered in the "Red Guard Hall of Heroes" at the Soviet Guard's secret Greenland base (or were part of the Red Guard once, but never returned or never went on to the Soviet Guard in their listed identity).

Gray = deceased    Yellow = still alive   Orange = Alive but maybe under different name/title

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Comrade Cossack
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Red Guard Troops
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Red Shadow/Invicker
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Red Spider
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Siberian Snowman
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Sister Cossack
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Soviet Cold Warrior
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The Soviet Guard, once known as the 'Red Guard', was one of the Soviet Union's (USSR aka CCCP*) most powerful weapons of the Soviet war machine from World War II (WWII) until 1991 when they were expatriated and outlawed under the auspices of the new Russian Federation. Under the current leadership of the legendary Soviet Marshal "Generalissimus" Budennii, the Soviet Guard and its followers have been amassing weapons, personnel, resources and power. Since the Soviet Guard's Invasion of Lithuania in 2005, it has since become dangerous enough to be considered a militant nuclear terrorist organization.  How they got to this point is a story which Russian novelists would most likely consider 'epic' unto itself...

Back in early 1941, Joseph Stalin, at that time as Premier of the Soviet Union, secretly created a unit of 'exceptional Soviets'; exceptional meaning 'heroic' to the people of the Soviet Union, but in truth , exceptional meaning 'gifted with powers'.  These 'gifted' troops comprised of meta-humans, mystically-empowered, technologically-enhanced (or armored) or expertly skilled in specialized weapons, warfare or espionage.  This unit, eventually named as the "Red Guard", was trained by a die-hard Soviet Officer known as Marshal Budennii. He was a tireless, hardcore Soviet communist and a taskmaster of the highest order.


By June 1941, the Red Guard was ready to enter combat for the first time against the Allies...that is, until their ally at the time, Nazi Germany, decided to break their alliance and instead implemented Operation: Barbarossa on June 22nd, invading the Soviet Union.

When Nazi Germany invaded the Soviet Union, Stalin was furious.  Stalin used the Red Guard as a blunt instrument against the Nazi troops, expecting them to cower in the face of the Red Guard.  The Nazis didn't cower; instead, they countered with their own super-team: Axis Force.  Throughout most of WWII, up to 1945, the Red Guard lost 40% of their men and women, but still had a profound effect on Germany's aggression and Axis Force, causing Germany to loose more battles than expected . The battles weren't without losses though. Axis Force, buy war's end only lost about 30% of their number; the Red Guard lost 70%.  Most of the those that were initially in the Red Guard died before the war ended. In 1945 during the final days of the war in Europe, the last remnants of the Red Guard, led by Marshal Budennii, now called the 'Generalissimus',   were the first to enter Hitler's bunker, a moment the team had dreamed of...only to find that  Hitler had apparently committed suicide. With Hitler's body burned by his own staff, the Red Guard, all of whom swore to bring Hitler back alive to Stalin, believed they'd failed in their quest to the people of the Soviet Union and Stalin.


Mere days after the end of the war in Europe, the Red Guard was arrested and sentenced to death for their 'inaction' in capturing Hitler. Hours before their execution, Stalin ordered a stay of execution for each red Guard memver if each swore to forevermore uphold the laws and orders of Stalin and to carry out every single order Stalin would tell them to do until the day of their deaths.  They each agreed, and Budennii, as the Generalissimus, was once again placed in charge of the Red Guard. As far as the Red Guard was concerned, serving Mother Russia was all they ever wanted to do in the first place, and thus saw this as a win-win for everyone. As such, the Red Guard was revered as Heroes of the Soviet Union, garnering medals, statues, giant murals and fanfare that the Soviet propaganda machine would continue to turn out for decades to come.

Over the next few years, from 1945 to the 1960s, the Red Guard became went from initially being a secretive force used by the Secretary Generals and Premiers to take out emboldened factions that fought against the communist expansion of the Soviet Union to being considered one of the greatest dangers in the world.  On several occasions, the Red Guard encountered western and/or NATO-created super-powered teams and heroes, in some cases, resulting in the death on one side or the other. Most of these encounters were kept classified throughout the Cold War period, however, rumors, classified pictures and stories still found their way from die-hard journalists and avid news reporters about the Soviet Union's super-powered, unstoppable Red Guard machine. Stoking the fans of Soviet superiority, the Soviet propaganda machine eventually shifted the Red Guard from their air of secrecy to full disclosure of the team's existence, boasting of they power and patriotism. One such Red Guard member, the invulnerable man known as Comrade Ivan, was cast as a worker's hero and paraded all about the Soviet Union from its Uranium mines to the steps of the KGB, all in an effort to promote the power of the Soviets. As a result, fear intensified in the West as the Red Guard was soon considered more dangerous than a nuclear weapon.

In 1973, Marshal Budennii reassigned himself to a top secret super-trooper formula research project.  In a selfish yet patriotic  scheme (okay, he was dying), Budennii, the Generalissimus, administered the experimental formula  on himself.  He died as a result of the injecting himself with the experimental formula, however, miraculously, he awoke days later empowered with abilities akin to that of the combined strength and stamina of three men.  The KGB kept him listed as 'deceased', however the Generalissimus was instead secretly running the Red Guard in the shadows, assigning the then-current Soviet Guardian II as the new Red Guard leader. assigned back to the Red Guard, leading them from the shadows. This allowed new techniques to be trained to the Red Guard leading to improved battle techniques (no longer "zerging" the enemy per se).


Eventually in 1985, Budennii was verified alive by the legendary Major Invader during a dangerous Cold War mission (of which the Major pretty much knew all along that Budennii was still alive and working with the Red Guard, but his CIA bosses believed otherwise).  As such, with mounting internal pressures and failing economic and political foundations throughout the Soviet Union, Budennii was placed 'behind a desk' by his handlers, where he worked at the KGB headquarters as an actual Chief Logistics Officer - a serious demotion and an outright slap-in-the-face to anyone deemed a 'Hero of the Soviet Union'. Budennii was furious over the situation, but knew better than to no support the party line. Instead, Budennii decided it was time to look to the future.


Budennii, already unbalanced due to the experimental formula running through his veins, began to believe that the current leadership in the Soviet Union was no longer worthy of his support. Instead, he set a plan of his into action to steal from the current Soviet Union military bases and then, one day, after the current Soviet regime led the nation to ruin, he, as the Generalissimus, would rise up like Stalin and lead the Soviet people to a new future, one that would have the Soviet Union, of course, dominating the world.

In 1991, The Soviet Union finally fell, as did the remnants of the Red Guard.  With no leadership, funds or support, most of the Red Guard,  its troops and support personnel simply walked off the job, attempting to find work somewhere to help their families survive in the devastating economic downturn that was to come. In 1991, when Secretary General Brezhnev had finally lost control of the Soviet Union and a political rival, Boris Yeltsin, stepped in, Budennii believed it was time to the coupe to occur. Thanks, to Major Invader and the CIA, however, Budennii was duped into believing he had tens of thousands of troops at his disposal, positioned where he needed them to be to perform his well-planned coupe. Instead, Major Invader misdirected everything Budennii planned, even so much as telling the remaining super-powered Red Guard team to 'lock themselves' in nuclear-proof bunkers and told not to come out until they were told the password "democracy'.  When Budennii finally arrived to perform his coupe with a dozen tanks surrounding Boris Yelsin's location, Budennii instead was shot in the head by one of Budennii's own Red Guard expert snipers, killing Budennii and ending the coupe once and for all.


Budennii, however, didn't die that day.


As before, after a day or so of being 'dead', the experimental formula 'resurrected' Budennii once more, this time, minutes before being cast into the fires of a funeral crematorium.  Much to his chagrin, the bullet that 'killed him' was still lodged in his brain, however, the wound had closed up around it, making it impossible to extract it without having the world's greatest brain surgeon available, and that wasn't going to happen anytime soon. Thus, with the bullet still in his head (adding more strikes against Budennii's mental acuity), Budennii quickly discovered how his coupe was foiled and that Major Invader was the cause of said foiling. Budennii was furious over the traitors that deceived him and Mother Russia as well. Although still in 'jailed', he was transferred to one of the darkest, most reclusive gulags in Siberia - a place where political prisoners are sent to die.  He was interrogated daily, beaten daily, but didn't say a work to anyone of the 'pathetic band of Russian Federation traitors'. Eventually, a band of un-arrested Red Guard troops and heroes performed a massive jailbreak, extracting the Generalissimus and several dozen other incarcerated "Soviets" and "Red Guard" troops and heroes confined there.  They even added a few dozen more to their ranks with fellow prisoners from inside the gulag helping the Red Guard with the jail break.  They all got away and made their way to any of the several different safe houses they had.  With that, Budennii put another plan into action - Operation: Soviet Guard.


Operation: Soviet Guard was a contingency plan to be used if the coupe failed. Generally, the plan was designed to finally set into motion the plan to steal every single military asset, weapon, airplane, ship, and living member of the Red Guard and instead use these stolen assets to arm a new militarized 'revolutionary guard' that would instead rise up and replace the Soviet Union's leadership, this time, without any chance for subterfuge or political shenanigans. From his time working in Logistics, Budennii knew EVERY single warehouse, secret storage facility, secret weapon and of course every piece of information the KGB had on everyone else. As such, under the veil of anonymity, he sent out requisitions for vehicles, planes, trains, etc., to haul tens of thousands of weapons and military equipment to, of all places, Greenland.  As this was happening, he went about and found his other fellow imprisoned Red Guard troops, heroes and even family members and broke them out of their prisons. Sadly, some of those imprisoned were virtually at death's door from starvation when Budennii found them.  They all traveled to Greenland to an old hidden and abandoned KGB underground base and began to plot the takeover of the corrupt new Russian 'Federation' that had since replaced the once mighty Soviet Union.


Over the rest of the 1990s, Budennii AKA the Generalissimus had his new Red Guard conduct covert operations to obtain classified information from the West, the Russian Federation, manufacturers, science labs, and most importantly, nuclear weapon site information. After years of training, the new Red Guard was ready to perform a massive, multi-faceted assault on the world, taking control of their nuclear weapons and using them to demand his ascendancy as the new ruler of a new Russian Soviet Union. With mere days before the Generalissimus' D-Day, the Soltan Star Empire invaded Earth.


Although the Soltans didn't immediately attack the Red Guard's Greenland base, eventually, the Soltans detected the group's resident witch, Mystyck, and honed in and attacked the base over a series of months. Using every resource they had, the Red Guard fought like warriors born, setting story to song with amazing heroics and sacrifices made by the Red Guard's troops and super-powered heroes. By the Soltan invasion's end, 90% of the Red Guard's troops were slaughtered, but not before they took out 75% of the 2 divisions that the Soltans threw at them. Some of the surviving Red Guard troops and heroes were forced to work for the Soltans as slaves in their captivity during the invasion.  Eventually, the combined forces of Earth's militaries, super-heroes and populace rose up and defeated the Soltans, sending them back to outer space and to the far side of Mars, where to this day, they have congregated to 'lick their wounds'. The remnants of the previously enslaved Red Guard were abandoned in the wake of the Soltan retreat, and as such, left and went back to the only place they called home - Russia.

It didn't take long before Russian authorities discovered those from the 'rebel' Red Guard that had returned home. They were promptly thrown into prison (again for some) and placed into forced labor camps to aid in the rebuilding of Russian buildings and structures laid to waste as a result of the Soltan Invasion. Within months, the Generalissimus swept through the poorly secured prisons and broke out his followers, all the while, gaining thousands of new followers who'd 'had it' with the Russian government and its unending austerity and crippling poverty.

Once again, Generalissimus forged documents and papers to once again steal weapons (this time, from all over Europe) and have them transported to Greenland.  Once back in Greenland, Generalissimus gave a rousing speech to his thousands of new workers and troops, promising them that in less than five years, their new Soviet order, of which they were all now part of, would see the super powers of the world suffer and cower against the order's new super-powered 'Soviet Guard' and thousands of their new Red Guard Troops, named in honor of those before them, as the 'Red Guard'.  With that, the Generalissimus rebuilt his base, his supplies, and his weapons and retrained his new army for that which was ordained to happen in 2005.


In 2010, the Generalissimus ordered his Soviet Guard and Red Guard to invade the ex-Soviet (now independent) Baltic nation of Lithuania.

The Soviet Guard and Red Guard together decimated most of the Lithuanian armed forces. Generalissimus kept Lithuania's allies at bay by rounding up thousands of Lithuanian children and taking them to secret locations, all with remotely detonated packet bombs designed to blow up the children at the push of a button.  The world was in a state of shock over the situation.  Generalissimus enjoyed the position of power he and his forces placed against the world's nations, however, his goal wasn't just to taunt them,  but instead, for a different thing entirely: nuclear torpedoes.


Generalissimus knew of several tactical submarine-launched nuclear torpedoes that had been buried in an old Vilnius submarine pen the Soviets previously used during the Cold War. At the end of the Cold War, rather than hand-over the nuclear torpedoes, a band of defecting Soviet submariners instead 'buried' the nuclear torpedoes so no one would get to them or knew what happened to them. To that end, Generalissimus ordered the enslavement of thousands of Lithuanian civilians and prisoners, making them dig for the nuclear torpedoes, most with their bare hands. Enslaved workers died by the dozens each day, with new civilians brought in to replace each one that died.  It was a true nightmare made real; a nightmare that Generalissimus wanted the rest of the world to know how it felt to be enslaved...just as he and his men and women were enslaved during the Soltan Invasion.


Amidst all of this, a band of Lithuanian resistance fighters conducted guerrilla warfare against Generalissimus' forces, making unprecedented victories against the Soviet Guard and the Red Guard troops. Generalissimus  was so furious over the attacks that he started making mistakes; mistakes believed to be the short-circuiting of his brain with the bullet lodged in his head. These mistakes led the resistance fighters to the location of the kidnapped children wherein the packet bombs were all disarmed, preventing not a single child to die during the Invasion of Lithuania. The man who led the resistance fighters would eventually be known as the famous Lithuanian super-hero known as "Captain Lithuania".  In the end, Captain Lithuania and his forces proved victorious against Generalissimus and his forces. The Soviet and Red Guard, combined, lost 70% of their troops. Generalissimus, however, got away with the two nuclear torpedoes.  He was able to take the few surviving Soviet Guard superheroes (whether alive or dead) as well as about 40 Red Guard troops and load the nuclear torpedoes on the sub before they finally retreated on said sub undetected.

For the next several years, the Generalissimus once again slowly built-up his forces and weapons, including the numbers of troops and personnel in this new Greenland-based Soviet location. In that same time, he also employed dozens of spies and recruiters to aid him in rebuilding his army. Luckily for Generalissimus, thousands of new recruits flocked to his door after they saw the world brought to its knees by the Soviet and Red Guard in Lithuania. As such, the ranks continue to swell to this day, bringing in mostly disillusioned youth looking for adventure, camaraderie and a life filled with visions of socialist grandeur.  Even to this day, Generalissimus has expanded to new secret bases in the United States, Europe and of course Russia to house the expansive number of new recruits that want to be part of a 'new socialist world order'.


Today, the Soviet Guard and Red Guard are still run by the Generalssimus.  Although the Red Guard has now been absorbed into the Soviet Gaurd and are now simply called the 'Soviet Guard Troops' (so as to prevent any misconceived notions of inequality), the goal and focus of the Soviet Guard is the same: destroy the West, obliterate the current corrupt Russian Federation leadership and take over all the lands that were once the Soviet Union and rule them, and the world, with 'Generalissimus' leading the way - all for the glory of Mother Russia and the Proletariat.

* Soviet Union acronyms : English - USSR: Union of Soviet Socialist Republics; Russian - CCCP: Союз Советских Социалистических Республик



Secret location in Greenland

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