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In the late 27th century of Earth, humanity attempts to rebuild itself after cataclysmic cosmic wars and tampering with temporal and quantum weapons.  As a result, a band of space-time scientists banded together and instituted an Intergalactic Space-Time Convention, setting up new intergalactic rules in temporal weapons, time travel and an enforcement and monitoring organization capable of ensuring temporal crimes would never affect the prime timeline (the MDUverse) under severe intergalactic specie penalties.

After several years of deduction and assessment, the first draft of the Intergalactic Temporal Laws were completed and the Order of Chronos was created as a regulating body.  Earth was granted the enormous responsibility to monitor, correct, and enforce the proper temporal activities of significant galactic periods of time using "Chrono Knights" as the guardians and " Chrono Prime" as the coordinator and overall authority of the timelines.  Hundreds of Chrono Knights performed their duties, most coming from other civilizations, as well as working with other time period Chrono Knights, to ensure no deviations to the prime timeline.

Chronos Prime

Within several years of the initiation of the Order of Chronos, evil galactic empires and power-hungry despots from the 27th century performed violent attacks against the Order of Chronos and the prime timeline, resulting in drastic shifts in alternate timelines and slightly affecting the prime timeline enough so that every single active Chrono Knight, Guard, Adept and Apprentice had to be deployed to monitor and correct their respective timelines.  The resulting deaths were catastrophic to the Order. During their temporal corrections, many Guardians were killed by the empirical rulers, their time-displaced troops or more predominantly, the despots.  Some Guardians were even taken captive, tortured and manipulated to work for the despots.  In the end however, the well-trained Chrono Knights triumphed over the empirical troops and despots and righted the prime timeline, however, dozens of fractured alternate timelines where either the despots ruled or continued to create additional temporal ripples continued to inadvertently (or directly) affect the prime timeline. 

Today, the Order of Chronos, led by Chrono Prime, and his band of only a few dozen remaining Chrono Knights, fight to ensure the prime timeline is not destroyed or maligned.  As a result, the Chrono Knights have been given more authority over their timelines.  For the most part, this was a good action, but ramifications can occur without the availability of the temporal omnipotence that Chrono Prime has.

One such Chrono Knight, Sigma Seven, in charge of the 20th to the 25th century of Earth's sector, has had to directly intervene on several occasions (much to the chagrin of Chrono Masters and Directors alike) resulting in 'acceptable' temporal alterations, but alterations nonetheless, some creating full blown alternate timelines.  Their numbers thin, and with only several new Chrono Apprentices and Adepts currently in training, the current Chrono Guard and Knight ranks are stretched thin.  Since it takes over 20 years of intense temporal academic, engineering and combat training before any Chrono can become a Chrono Knight, the existing Chrono Knights are overworked, weary and in some cases, a bit scatter-brained.

Recently, the despots from the 27th century have begun popping up in alternate universes, ultimately affecting the prime timeline in direct and indirect situations once again.  Chrono Prime and the Chrono Knights continue to repair the temporal damage and bring in the guilty despots, however, there is still a great amount of work for the Order of Chronos to do to ensure that temporal peace doesn't return to cataclysmic cosmic wars once again.




The following is the tiered ranking for all who are members of the Order of Chronos.  On the average, it takes nearly 20 Earth-years to achieve the rank of Chrono Knight.


Level 1-Chrono Apprentice
Chrono Apprentice III.jpg

Order of Chronos Rank: 1

Rank Colors: Phase : Green & White; Phase II: White & Green

Schooled by Chrono Masters in Temporal Academics and administration.  Apprentices are never placed in the field and are instead sent through an extremely difficult academic process learning everything about the timelines to include history, languages, cultures, technology, religions and the basics of what is required to be a Chrono. 


There are two phase of training. Phase I is 'Chrono Apprentice Basic (CAB)' Training; Phase II is 'Chrono Apprentice Timeline (CAT)' Training. Their final test in Phase I is VERY difficult and known to separate many of those that cannot take the rigors of being a member of the Order of Chronos. Their final test in Phase II is conducted in a 'training' alternate universe specifically created with key aspects of the universe's various civilizations, cultures and religions all in the space of a solar system.

There are at least 50 Apprentices per galactic cycle (several years); those who do not progress to Level 2 are mind-wiped and returned to their own place in the primary timeline.



Level 2-Chrono Adept
ChronoAdept II.jpg

Order of Chronos Rank: 2

Rank Colors: White & Orange

Schooled by Chrono Masters in Engineering and Temporal Devices.  Adepts are assigned in training missions on devastated and/or lifeless alternate timelines to learn how to utilize the temporal devices without hurting other beings and civilizations.  They are also trained in observation and temporal administration.

There are at least 30 Adepts per galactic cycle (several years); those who do not progress to Level 3 are wiped from the primary timeline permanently (basically, killed, due to several insurgent issues with past Chrono Adepts who 'knew too much' and were too dangerous to not be regulated outside the Order of Chronos).

Level 3-Chrono Guardian


Chrono Guardian I.jpg

Order of Chronos Rank: 3

Rank Colors: White & Red

Schooled by Chrono Masters in all forms of combat, tactics and weapons from across the universe. Each guardian receives intensive training in mastery of  fighting styles and combat across the temporal timelines.  Most of these Guardians are used as warriors, troops, and guards to various Order of Chronos facilities and/or locations.  Guardians sometimes get called in to support Chrono Knights in unexpected temporal battles and situations.

There are at least 150 Chrono Guardians at any given time. Most do not progress beyond this level and usually die as Guardians. Those that are deemed worthy of progressing become Level 4 Chrono Knights, the most revered position in the Order.

Level 4-Chrono Knight


Chrono Knight II.jpg

Order of Chronos Rank: 4

Rank Colors: Gold & Blue-Green

Active guardians of their assigned timelines.  The 'foot soldier' of the Order of Chronos.  The Chrono Knights actually go out and correct temporal disturbances and rebalance or attempt to correct the timeline so as to prevent additional alternate timelines and incursions.

There are at least 50 Chrono Knights, with each Chrono Knight assigned to specific time periods and centuries.

Level 5-Chrono Master


Chrono Master I.jpg

Order of Chronos Rank: 5

Rank Colors: White & Black

Master in their specific profession (science, combat, training) and supervisors of Chrono Knights.  Although predominantly educators, Chrono Masters can also either supervise or lead Chrono Knights in the field.  At rare events, Chrono Masters can even be assigned instead of Chrono Knights to repair the timeline.


There are at least 12 Chrono Masters, most of which are usually training Chrono Levels 1 to 3, however, some may either be supervising Chrono Knights or on vital missions for the Chrono Directors.The best of the best of the Chrono Knights makeup this rank.



Level 6-Chrono Director
Chrono Director I.jpg

Order of Chronos Rank: 6

Rank Colors: White & Grey

In Charge of assignments of missions and Chronos to time sectors and regions for Level 6 Chronos and below. They also make up the Temporal Tribunal.  Anyone charged with temporal crimes will face the judgement of the Tribunal.  Conviction usually results not only in the accursed being killed and wiped from the timeline (or altering it, pending the accused's level of importance to the timeline), but any and all traces resulting from the temporal crime will be rectified permanently (or in VERY rare cases, the allowance of a new alternate timeline). 


There are 5 Chrono Directors. One is in charge of all of the alternate universes (not an enviable task) and is designated as the "Prime Director". Each is also a Temporal Tribunal Judge.



Level 7-Chrono Prime
Chronos Prime

Order of Chronos Rank: 7

Rank Colors: White & Gold

Overall leader of the Order of Chronos.


This person is infused with temporal super-powers vice technologically empowered like others in the  Order.  He usually spends most of his or her time in a temporal chamber being 'one' with time, only leaving in astral form to leader and discuss issues, missions and conditions with Chrono Directors, Chrono Masters and on rare occasions, Chrono Knights.


There is only one Chrono Prime. Once infused with temporal powers, his job is to parse out the needs of the universe's chronological needs, good or bad, and ensure the order maintains the prime timeline and has his order correct any chronal aberrations.




Location: Somewhere between time, space and dimensions

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