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Finding Home (Instrumental)Zack Hemsey
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Homeless. Disadvantaged. Hobo. Bum. Street trash. Downtrodden. THE TRODDEN.


These are the names given to the thousands of poor and homeless people in the San Francisco Bay area.


Even though the thoughtful folks of 'Frisco like to display their 'kindness' by social media streamed hand-outs and politicians pontificating about the money they have to raise to 'help' support their district's disenfranchised, there's only one small group that actually goes out of its way to TRULY help and protect their fellow homeless; they are simply known as 'The Trodden'.

This band of alley-level heroes work together, as best they can, to help others in need. Sadly, this makes lots of enemies, but this team is notorious for turning the tables on nearly all of those 'said' enemies.

They came across each other over time while each trying to help someone else just as 'downtrodden' as themselves. Together, they've learned they can do more good to help their disadvantaged brethren than any social worker, policeman or social justice warrior ever could. They are considered vigilantes by most authorities, however, a majority of the citizens of California and the U.S. west coat call them 'heroes' instead.

Today, the Trodden are constantly on the move, helping the homeless and innocent all throughout the bay area...and in some instances, helping out other supergroups and/or heroes. They never ask for money; they never ask for repayment, but they will accept help to help others. With the team co-led by Expat and the Homeless Archer, this band of misfits are the only thing making a difference to the homeless.


Be wary though; these are not your everyday heroes...they have an edge to them, as well as the fact that they aren't exactly 'kind' to their enemies.


Trodden Sewer Homeless Shelter and HQ

San Francisco, CA, USA

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