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Back in 1805, when America was starting to grow as a nation, Britain formed a secret assassin organization to find ways to 'get back' at America; it was dubbed "The Death Legion".  

This 'legion' was a conglomerate of hired killers, occult assassins, and professional mercenaries, whose sole purpose was to 'stage' or 'create' circumstances that led to a government official or presidential assassination. At each instance, they left a Death Tarot Card to show the assassination was by Death Legion. As forensic science and fingerprinting became more useful, the use of the Death Tarot Card was disbanded.

In 1813, the organization attempted its first high level assassination by poisoning James Madison; President Madison pulled through, making Britain VERY unhappy with the Legion.

As the years went by 'unfortunate' accidents happened to congressmen and senators alike throughout the country.  Most of these deaths were ruled as accidents or 'acts of God'; instead, it was the Death Legion.


By the mid 1800s, Britain forgot about them and aborted the Death Legion, burning all correspondence and documentation relating to their relationship, thus claiming there was no such link or tie to them.  Death Legion was told to disband.  Strangely enough, an assassination attempt was made against the Speaker of the House of Commons; it succeeded.

Now, on their own, they instead became a loose knit band of generation to generation killers and murderers.  One individual code-named "Death's Shadow" recruited a mind-controlling mystic to get John Wilkes Booth to assassinate President Lincoln"Death's Shadow" was soon voted as the new leader of the Death Legion.

Within several years, Death Legion became a dangerous and powerful organization.  Using Civil War veterans, they created armies of disenfranchised thugs to do their bidding; creating riots, lynchings, hangings, you name it.  If someone needed someone dead, the job went to Death Legion.

After racking up more presidential kills of Garfield and McKinley, "Death's Shadow" retired a wealthy man.  His successor was simply code-named "Political Death". Using politics and subversion, instead of using knives, poisons and guns to kill, he created political situations that would create enough anarchy for the need for MORE services from Death Legion.  Even the munitions and gun manufacturers paid them to create issues that would demand more of their weapons.

Finally, at a ripe old age, "Political Death" took a holiday, and strangely enough, died on the first day of his retirement.  His replacement, "Global Death". Using the same tactics, but at the international level, he helped create WWII, Korea, and Vietnam.  His actions resounded in billions of dollars of profit. Then, they did it - they finally bit off more than they could chew; the Kennedy Assassination.


Using mind control over a several hour period, a Death Legion member forced Oswald to shoot Kennedy, and then, eventually, Jack Ruby to shoot Oswald as he was loosing his mental grip on Oswald (and prison walls were too thick to use mental powers through).  As a result, dozens of classified and secret superhero groups and organizations were brought in to find who was responsible.


On December 10th, 1963, The manhunt took the heroes to the Death Legion's lair, nicknamed "Death's Door, where a couple hundred Death Legion assassins and super-powered assassins fought the heroes...and lost.  Nearly every member of Death Legion was arrested or killed in action (KIA). As a result, Death Legion became defunct overnight.

The Legion remained abandoned until that fateful day in 2007 when a schizophrenic mercenary (a poor one too) was told of the old Death Legion lair in Philadelphia, and that he might find something of value there.  He didn't find anything but an old tunic worn by the original "Death's Shadow".  He took this and reinstated the rumor that Death Legion was back in action, calling himself "Deathmaster"


He was soon pommeled with work; such to the fact that he 'died' a lot while performing these jobs (he was thankful for the alien regeneration technology he'd also found prior to this). He started to leave a new calling card; not uique, but effective.  The calling card was a Black Rose, left on the assassinated body or at the location from which the killer was at during the assassination.


As a result of a 'high demand assassination market', Deathmaster brought in more mercs and highly-trained assassins, but this time, he also brought in meta-humans, gangs, mages, aliens, and even....(gasp)

Today, Death Legion continues to grow, and with it, its ambitious agenda.  Now, each assassination conducted by Death Legion is identified with a black rose left at the site of the murder or where the sniper or assassin stayed. If someone wants someone dead, a call goes out to a black web network that issues a 'mark' on a target (and in some cases, a required time limit) along with the amount of payment upon services rendered. To 'cash-in' a mark, the assassin MUST physically show up at pre-assigned GPS coordinates to be teleported to the new, secretive "Legion Lair" location, where the assassins must not only show-up to claim their payment, but must also provide proof or verification of their assassination.


As such, Death Legion has truly become an assassination business all unto itself.  In the last few years, it has now branched out into 'super-assassinations', of course, with mark payments tallying into the hundreds of millions. Beware heroes, you may have a 'mark' against you as you read this...



The Legion Lair

Secret location, believed to be in the United States, but only founding members know for sure.

VIP Parking uses teleporter tech during ascent/descent of internal of base; parking spots/personal flyer landing locations use teleporter beacons located from hundreds of locations around the world.

Entry bay has 4 "Marker Cash-In" and "Marker Assignment" stations wherein assassins can enter base, go to one of these 4 stations (as viewed in first slide image) and either receive a paycheck for finishing/verifying a mark, or obtaining a new mark, 

Base has a massive shooting range, Assassin's Pub, lounge, game room, weapons locker, docks, hangar bay, large storage, death maze, several mission operations room off of a master operations hub, teleporters and of course a medical bay.

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