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The Legacy Corporation

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About Legacy Corps

About Us

Legacy Corps is a troubleshooting organization specifically created to help you and/or your business with whatever solution is needed to resolve your problems.  Our professional band of analysts are available 24/7 and will work your 'solution' to your satisfaction!

We offer services such as investigations, private security and dynamic resolution consultations. Some of our clients include GUARD, the United States government, the Pentagon and a variety of international governments and businesses. Check out our Ya!Go! customer ratings of 98%!

To get that much-needed solution to YOUR problem(s), contact one of our world-class consultants at 555-7468 or email us at


Legacy Corps Executives


Chief Executive Officer
Kimberly Watson

Kimberly Watson I.jpg

Chief Operations Officer
Gage Hayfield

Gage Hayfield I.jpg

Chief Security Officer
Lionel Caruthers

Lionel Caruthers II.jpg

Legacy Corps Locations


Legacy Corps has over 15 worldwide office locations to serve your business needs. Check out our website for our locations!
Our Main Headquarters is in Chicago, Illinois, USA

Image by Sean Pollock
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