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Cameron Starling


United States/Hero 











Astroguardians, Guardians



Don "Major Deej" Finger

26 November 2011


Montgomery Starling (Father)

Destiny (Porter) Starling (Mother)

Stanton Starling (younger Half-Brother)

Chlarysa Starling (Mother-In-Law)



In a effort to create an environmental suit that could withstand the rigors of high-gravity planets and shielding from dangerous energies,heat and cold, a manufacturer named Stellar Corp. created the perfect suit for such needs...with one exception - it didn't have a compatible power source.

After years of testing and experimenting with normal energy sources, the company started losing money and was at risk of filing bankruptcy.  The CEO, Montgomery Starling, a money-grubbing silver-spooner, demanded that the engineers find someone to design the power supply, regardless of the cost...or morality.  They found such an inventor in a captured alien named Master Darkstar.  They agreed to 'break him out' of the powerful prison if he'd help them.  Master Darkstar agreed.  Days later, a prison break occurred, freeing Master Darkstar, as well as inadvertently freeing several other dangerous villains and aliens.  Master Darkstar was taken to a remote lab of Stellar Corp in North Dakota.  There, Master Darkstar designed the power supply they wanted, however, he also secretly rebuilt his dark energy power supply for his battle armor. The day he finished Stellar Corps armor, he planned to power-up his new suit and lay waste to any and all in his way of conquering Earth.

On the day when the Stellar Corps intended to show the world the armor's capabilities, Master Darkstar was escorted to a sub-basement where he was asked to wait for a reward that would 'change his destiny' a gift from Stellar Corp's CEO.  Although Master Darkstar didn't trust humans, he was genuinely intrigued to see what a mere human could provide him that would be deemed 'destiny 'changing'...before he would destroy them all.

At noon at the Stellar Corps North Dakota plant, the CEO, before a live video feed to the world, and with his company's top engineers, scientists, executives and shareholders before him, presented the new white armored suit calling it the "Stellar Corp Stellar Suit".  After reading off its stats and capabilities, the CEO shifted the audiences attention to a live feed in the facility's sub-basement - the one that Master Darkstar was in.  The CEO then told the audience he'd show the world, live, of Stellar Corp's commitment to the world, by using the new suit to 'capture' the escaped alien megalomaniac called Master Darkstar.


The whole thing was a set-up to make Stellar Corp look good and 'arrest' Master Darkstar, all in one fell swoop. 


That's when everything went wrong.

The man tasked to operate the Stellar Corp Star Suit was the CEO's 19 year-old son (from his first marriage), Cameron Starling; a simple, conscientious young man who had no combat experience and an even greater desire to NOT be part of his 'ex' father's business dealings.


Cameron initially resisted his father's 'offer' to suit up in the armor, but when his father suggested it would boost Cameron's self confidence (that, and that he'd financially cut him and his now destitute mother (the CEO's first wife, Destiny (Potter) Starling) from any further money), Cameron relented and decided to do this 'simple task' as his father stated/demanded. 


In a matter of seconds, Master Darkstar defeated Cameron without hardly any effort.  At this point, Master Darkstar, bragging before the camera, engaged an energy buildup device he'd built while aiding in the building of the Stellar Corp Star Suit Power Supply. The device was designed to wipe out everything within a 20-mile radius (except Master Darkstar himself, of course). During this 30-second build-up, Master Darkstar's armor is locked in a stasis field; a field that ensures no harm comes to him during the explosion. During that time, Master Darkstar cannot move until after the detonation/explosion.

As the CEO's shocked audience watched the video feed, panic ensued at the North Dakota plant.  The CEO himself tossed shareholders aside, trampling them as he went, so that he himself could try to escape. The world watched with bated breathe as the live feed continued to show the destruction that was about to occur.


Cameron, regaining consciousness, realized what was happening. He pulled himself up and grappled Master Darkstar, rocketing upward through the plant, shooting into the atmosphere and eventually the edge of space, traveling at a full power at nearly Mach 3. Since Master Darkstar, when in his energy buildup stage, could not move, Cameron flew unhindered with the statue-like Master Darkstar.  Once Cameron reached the edge of the Exosphere, he threw Master Darkstar out into space with everything he had.  Master Darkstar's energy build-up reached its apex and exploded safely out in space (resulting in shooting Master Darkstar even further out into space at high velocity!).

As a result of his suit's exposure to the dark energy that was building up for detonation, all of the suit's systems went haywire.  The suit's white exterior blackened, and the gold energy colors turned to a mean, oscillating Red-Pink color.  When Master Darkstar's energy buildup device exploded, the suit malfunctioned in a torrent of wild, colorful energy discharges...all leading to the suit's Cameron fell back to Earth from the Exosphere.


Unable to control the blackened, damage suit, Cameron started burning on re-entry.  Cameron attempted to regain control, but because of his suit malfunctioning, he wasn't able to. Luckily, at several hundred feet from impacting the ground (at what would have been close to Mach 5 speeds), Cameron was saved by the the superhero AstroguardianAstrotguardian flew Cameron back to the Stellar Corp plant in North Dakota, all the while with Astroguardian mentioning how proud he was of Cameron for saving all those people...but that he better prepare for a legal inquiry about what just happened.  As Astroguardian (with Cameron in his suit) set down at the Stellar Corp plant, the suit reactivated...this time, with its blackened suit color and the angry oscillating pink-red energy colors again.  


Cameron was safe, but Stellar Corp...well, it had a lot to answer for.

After a federal investigation and speedy trial, Stellar Corp was taken from Montgomery Starling and handed over to its share holders, of which the company was fined $20 Billion for its involvement in the Master Darkstar and Stellar Suit Power Supply conspiracy.  Stellar Corps did not fold, though.  Instead, Cameron's younger half-brother, Stanton Starling, was placed as a 'trustee' for the business, now headed by an ex-NASA Astronaut and Corporate Executive Officer - someone the Federal Trade Commission and the Department of the Interior allowed to restructure and rebuild Stellar Corp back up.  Stellar Corps' investors, many of which were US Senators and Congressmen, ensured that the business didn't go bankrupt, thus allowing a potential for some form of 'stock holder' return in the future.


Montgomery Starling was sentenced for 25 year in a federal prison.  The "Stellar Suit' was confiscated by G.U.A.R.D. and Cameron was cleared of any involvement with the company's conspiracy.  Strangely enough, Cameron became a young celebrity for his daring, televised save, with millions of followers on Ya!Go! as a result. 

Although Cameron considers himself 'nowhere near anything like a hero...and stuff', Astroguardian, now the leader of the Astroguardians super-group. invited Cameron to once again don the suit and this time, be properly trained to fight aliens and help protect Earth with the new Astroguardians team. The engineers and scientists that helped create the armor signed up as 'new' GUARD engineers (in the Astroguard Division) and became the support crew for what was now called the "Omniflux" armor by the media.  Cameron agreed to use the suit for good, wanting to help erase the evil and greed his father had promoted.

Today, Cameron has received proficient combat and suit training by none other than the Astroguardian's ex-Marine, Nimtrona.  Cameron may not be the best fighter, but his heart and morality have helped the team steer straight in many 'grey' area battles since then.

Can Cameron continue as the new hero, Omniflux?  Can he still be the same innocent young man he is while being part of GUARD and the Astroguardians?  Is his involvement with his despised father truly over...or has it just begun? And what of his half-brother's legacy as a trustee of Stellar Corps? Will this affect their brotherly relationship...a relationship that was already strained?

Check out the tabloids for the latest sighting of the new young superhero celebrity, Cameron Starling AKA Omniflux!



Power Origin: Normal/Technology/Science; Normal Human being with now inherent powers.



Omniflux Suit

  • Armor/Omniflux Field

    • Composite armor:

      • Provides remarkable full body physical, temperate and toxic/acidic protection and defense.

      • Provides incredible radiation protection.

      • Provides excellent energy, plasma and electromagnetic protection.

    • Omniflux Field:

      • Omniflux Field can be activated for a total of 8 hours per day before requiring a 4 hour recharge cycle from the suit's power source

      • Provides additional excellent full body physical, temperate and toxic/acidic protection and defense.

      • Provides additional amazing radiation protection.

      • Provides additional excellent energy, plasma and electromagnetic protection.

  • Power Source

    • Augmented alien energy pack that self-replicates the energy as an unknown energy source (believed to be a hybrid intermix of cosmic and dark energies)

    • Provides a max of 14 days worth of Oxygen

  • Helmet

    • Remarkable protection versus all forms of damage (except magic)

    • Excellent level of protection versus magic

    • Contains full frequency range communications network for full terrestrial (planetary) communications

    • Microwave communications used for interstellar communications (range 200 million miles)

    • Heads-Up display (HUD) displays inside visor with link to communications and video feeds

    • Link to any externally broadcast/ranged satellite/microwave transmission within range and/or signal strength

    • Visor provides flash protection by a factor of 4

    • Visor provides night vision and ultra-violet imaging

  • Gauntlets

    • Can emit remarkable energy blasts at an unlimited rate

    • Can build-up (10 seconds) for a total of 10 incredible energy blasts/day

    • Can build-up (20 seconds) for a total of 5 amazing energy blasts/day

    • Can build-up (30 seconds) for a total of 1 fantastic energy blast/day

  • Rocket Boots

    • Can fly up to speeds of Mach 3 in atmosphere

    • Can fly up to speeds of 750,000 mph in space

    • Rocket fuel allows for full burn (Mach 3) for 1 hour, or 1/2 burn (Mach 1.5) for 2.5 hours

  • Flux Portals​ (Uncontrollable)

    • Due to the hybrid/erratic energy source of the suit, at times, when the energy utilization in maxed out ( > amazing levels or when the Omniflux Field is fully operational), teleportation portals are created within a 10 foot location to the armor (1% chance of this occurring under these conditions)​.

      • The portals have a range for 10 yards to 1 million miles away

      • Size of portal hole varies from 10 feet diameter to 100 feet diameter

      • If the pressure on the entry portal side is greater than the exit portal pressure, there is a high chance of being caught in a pressure vortex (varying strength) causing any and all material/personnel to be 'sucked' into the portal

      • Portals are known to open for any length of time from 10 seconds to 10 hours

      • Only a fantastic energy-level disruption around the portal will cause it to falter and close (or create even more portals)


  • Internet Surfing (Master)

  • Video Production/Editing/Photoshopping (Professional)

  • Video Gaming (Master)

  • Aerial Combat (Proficient)

  • Marksmanship (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts:

    • Blocking/Evading/Dodging (Proficient)

    • Military Hand-To-Hand (Proficient)

  • Computers/Programming/Coding (Proficient)

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