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The MDU contains a gaggle of ganglionic units known as "Gangs".  Each gang has its own unique style.  Each gang wants the benefits of their territory, usually through malevolence, theft or extortion (there are also 'benevolent' gangs). Gangs don't like other gangs on their 'turf' - especially heroes.  To learn more about the MDU's gangs, click on any one of the respective gang blocks below. NOTE: Not all gangs or gang members have been fleshed out yet...leaving lots of room for more ostentatious MDU stories!

ORANGE Border: Villainous, Illegal Motives     GRAY Border:  Rouges (despised by Villains & Heroes)

Dawid II.jpg
acrimonious flag.jpg
Aegis Alliance webpage image I.jpg
Anti-Alien Army Logo.png
Madame Menagerie I.jpg
Crimewave Group Shot I.jpg
Daybreakers Group Shot I.jpg
Golden Dragons Group Shot I.jpg
Gold Syndicate Group Shot II.jpg
Maritime Marauders Group Shot II.jpg
General Patrick I.jpg
Virtual Corsairs Group Shot I.jpg
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