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Created in 2012, a neo-fascist group calling itself the 'New Reich Army' amassed an ever-growing group of young, disenfranchised, angry Germans and Europeans that were fed up with constantly losing jobs, wages and homes to tens of thousands of refugees from neighboring lands.  As a result, an anti-Semitic movement grew,  especially in the township of Nuremberg, Germany​.  Riots, protests and violence grew and escalated as the growing ranks of the New Reich Army began to swell.  Although this neo-fascist group was motivated, they initially lacked leadership, discipline or for that matter, any skills in being any form of 'revolutionary army'.

By 2014, the New Reich Army's ranks had grown to over 10, 000.  Members were arrested and sent to prison, where they recruited even more anti-Semites. In 2015, an influential pair of men took up the reins of leadership and catapulted the New Reich Army to an organized revolution. One of those leaders, Klaus Herzberg, was killed in prison by a guard after Klaus had been arrested during a protest.  This made him an overnight martyr to the New Reich Army's cause, drawing in thousands of new, violent neo-fascists.  Another leader, calling himself "Volksjagger" or the "People's Fighter", was a highly organized young man who quickly rose to become their leader after Herzberg's death.

Propaganda soon sprouted up all over the world, calling for support of the 'oppressed' New Reich movement, demanding a separate city-state where Nuremberg, Germany would become their new nation of "Reichsland", calling for white/Caucasian people to band together to stop the 'invasion and extermination' of the white race. As a result, racial tensions and violence escalated, creating even more deaths in not only Germany, but dozens of other nations.  The United Nations was stymied by the movement and was unable to react fast enough, and as such, Nuremberg became the 'Mecca' of the New Reich's movement.


In 2016, the fuse was lit and an armed revolution began. Dubbed the "Nuremberg Revolution", a massive patriotic rally turned into a call to action that ignited the mob mentality of the New Reich Army's militants who immediately went on a killing spree, murdering dozens of Nuremberg Town police  that resisted the New Reich movement. Before any outlying German police stations or federal military units could respond, the neo-fascist mob took over nearly 200 square miles around Nuremberg and claimed their newly gained land as their long-desired "Reichsland" on 15 June 2016.


Once the German military descended upon "Reichsland", the New Reich Army started losing battle after battle, retreating further back toward the city center of Nuremberg. Over half of the initial New Reich Army militants died in the ensuing retreat. During this time, Volksjagger was able to secret in munitions, weapons and more recruits each day, using a sewer/tunnel system he'd was told of.  That said, with only a square mile of the city center left to defend, Volksjagger knew it was only a matter of time before they'd be completely overwhelmed and defeated.  That's when their 'miracle' happened.

Just as Germany's superhero group, the Teutonic League, joined the fray for what was to be the final offensive against the 'Reichsland rabble', an unexpected surge of professionally trained troops emerged from the sewers and pushed the German military back.  As for the Teutonic League, they were soundly defeated within 2 minutes by the unexpected reappearance of a majority of the long-thought-dead WWII Nazi super-group known as "Axis Force", led by the enigmatic Baron Berlin.


Hours later, Axis Force, Baron Berlin's storm-troopers and the New Reich Army not only pushed back all of the German forces to the previous Reichsland borders, but decimated said forces.  The Teutonic League's heroes were all hospitalized, most in critical condition.  The United Nations, in hopes of preventing the invasion of the rest of Germany granted a formal Cease of Hostilities towards Reichsland and an unofficial, yet sanctioned, city-state allowance' for the Reichsland to be 'recognized' by the international community.

Baron Berlin was unanimously named Reichsland's "Kaiser".  Thereafter, Baron Berlin combined the New Reich Army and his stormtroopers into a new military order called  the Reichsland Defense Force (Verteidigungsstreitmacht), while still keeping his Axis Force as his special forces team.

The peace didn't last long though.  The United States and Great Britain immediately demanded unconditional surrender of Baron Berlin and his Reichsland forces, only for Reichsland to explode a nuclear weapon off the coast of Great Britain, claiming that the next ones would go off in several major United States and British cities instead of in the middle of the ocean.  To add further emphasis to this, over a dozen classified military satellites that were targeting and spying on Reichsland were destroyed by (to this day) an unknown object, weapon or person. When the United States decided to perform a full cyber-attack on all computer systems within Reichsland's borders, the attack instead was deflected and instead cause the loss of several airliners as they were hacked and told to fly into mountains, causing over a thousand innocent passengers to die in the process.

Since then, the world has been stymied about how to proceed with liberating Nuremberg and taking out Baron Berlin and his Reichsland forces.

Today, there are well over 150,000 Reichsland troops, with over 350,000 additional civilians either desiring to live in Reichsland...or trapped there. The Flosenburg Labor Camp was rebuilt, wherein anyone that is non-Caucasian or classified as a 'dissident' is forced to labor in Reichsland's new high-tech factories. Advanced weaponry continues to be built or brought in by Oceania while high sensity force field security screens, bought from the United Canadian Empire have been installed all along the Reichsland borders, making Reichsland a veritable fortress right in the middle of the German nation.

Hundreds of new recruits are brought in each week, and with the Baron's professionally trained stormtroopers doing the training, the Reichsalnd Defense Force is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with.

Several superheroes have attempted to help and/or defeat Baron Berlin and his Axis Force, only to be soundly beaten and even killed in the process.

The internet released information that the United States government has initiated what they call "Alpha Foxtrot" protocols to combat Baron Berlin, for which current speculation believes the tip of that protocol to be the reforming of the WWII legendary hero group known as 'The Allied Fighters', a group where several old WWII warriors or their proteges have banded together as a countermeasure to Baron Berlin's Reichsland. The Allied Fighters' leader, the near-centennial aged legendary hero known as Major Invader, is said to be training up new recruits for the team so as to help eventually 'take down' Reichsland and Baron Berlin once and for all.


Reichsland is now considered one of the most dangerous nations in the world.



Reichsland Map-Germany Location.JPG
Reichsland Map and Borders II.jpg
Reich Party Rally Ground-Nuremberg.jpg

Reich Party Rally Grounds (pre-restoration)

Nuremberg Germany Image 01.jpg

Old Nuremberg Section




Reichsland is the new fascist nation created by Baron Berlin, Axis Force and the New Reich Army on 15 June 2016.

  • Capital

    • Nuremberg

  • Government

    • Fascist dictatorship


  • Population

    • aprox. 350,000; 150,000 of these are military-related troops (and growing)


  • Industry

    • 135 Factories

    • 400 Commercial Centers

    • 60 Schools

    • 45 State-Run Taverns

    • 26 Social Centers (Sex/Baby Factories)

    • 25 Labor Camps

  • Monetary Unit:

    • Reichsmarc

  • Land volume

    • ~150 square miles 

  • Language

    • Primary - German

    • Secondary - English

  • Military

    • Facilities

      • 25 Airfields

      • 10; Naval Stations (river)

      • 20; Army bases

      • 40; Missile Sites

      • 50 fixed missile bunker sites

      • 50 mobile missile launch sites

      • 2? Space Platforms

    • Units

      • Air Force

      • Army

      • Navy

      • Logistics

      • Intelligence

      • Star Force

    • Critical Ordnance​

      • At least 2-4 dozen Z-level nuclear weapons​

      • 10-20 dozen incredibly radioactive 'dirty radiation' bombs

      • 20 Cargo Aircraft

      • 100 River Assault Patrol Boats ("Rhinekraft") with incredible missile arrays, EMP, sonic and remarkable machine guns

      • 160 modified American F-35 "Lightning" Fighter planes with fantastic stealth features, incredible missiles and remarkable machine guns

      • 200 Assault Tanks amazingly armor protection, incredibly fast, with incredible energy blast primary weapons, sonic secondary weapons, remarkable flamethrower weapons

      • 220 Modified AH-64 Apache (renamed "Valkyrie") Assault Helicopters with remarkably strong armor, remarkably powerful missiles and machine guns

      • 300-500 incredibly dangerous toxic chemical weapons

      • 150 Soltan-based tech tracking systems of amazing perceptional abilities coupled quad-mount missile launchers with missiles that are amazingly fast and damaging

      • 1 Death Satellite - "Tod aus dem Himmel" - "Death from Heaven"

        • massively modified communications and lab module with unearthly energy beam that can fire from space

Military Ranks

  • Kaiser

    • Ruler of Reichsland and leader of the only political party allowed in the country, the Reich Party

    • Baron Berlin is the Kaiser.

  • Prime Minister

    • Deals with foreign relations for the Kaiser.

  • Chancellor

    • selected individual chosen by Baron Berlin himself as part of his think-tank dubbed as the 'Round Table of Reichsland'; There are 10 Chancellors total.

  • Reichsmarshall

    • Head of each major military unit of Reichsland's armed forces.

  • Field Marshall

    • Combat leaders of Reichsland's armed forces answerable only to the Reichsmarshall. 

    • Volksjagger is a Field Marshall

  • Commandant

    • Department leaders of each major faction of Reichsland's armed forces.

  • Colonel

    • Division Leaders of each major department of Reichsland's armed forces.

  • Major

    • Leaders of each major sub-division in the Reichsland Armed Forces.

  • Captain

    • Leader of small units of sub -divisions in the Reichsland Armed Forces.

  • Lieutenant

    • Leader of small units of sub-divisions in the Reichsland Armed Forces.

  • Ensign of Business

    • Company business leaders for factories and major manufacturers.

  • Enlisted

    • Drafted men and women of the Reichsland Armed Forces, most of which do the actual fighting.

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