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SwarmThe Library of the Human Soul & Vienna Session Orchestra
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Nina Juarez




early 30s









Master of Maleficence



Don "Major Deej" Finger

1988; 6 Jan 2007


Esmeralda Juarez (mother, deceased)

Julio Juarez (father, deceased)

Carlita Carson (aunt, deceased)

Domingo Juarez (cousin, deceased)




Nina Juarez was the only daughter to Mexico's Juarez Honey Company founder, Julio Juarez. Nina was a strange young girl that gravitated towards the family's trough hives (man-made beehives used to extract honey from) while not wearing protective clothes and 'hang-out' with the bees at their honey farm. 


Nina's mother, Esmeralda, had to go 'save' her many times in her youth, even though she was never once stung  by the bees.  In her pre-teen years, her parents, concerned with her obsessive desire to hang out with the bees, took Nina to live with her aunt 70 miles away in the town of Juarez, Mexico, her father's hometown.  Instead, a huge migration of aggressive South American bees and wasps had come up and through Mexico and instead set up hives encircling and in Nina's aunt's house.  


Nina was actually happy to be out and amongst the bees, however her Aunt was fearful of the bees, and started blasting them with bee killer sprays and smoke.  Nina told her Aunt to stop doing that or they'd get mad.  Aunt Carlita (Carlita Carson), eventually stormed out to Nina's 'outdoor bee communion time' and grabbed her by the arm, dragging her back to the house and locking her in her room, fearful that the bee colonies were growing out of control.  In response, the bees and wasps swarmed the aunt and stung her hundreds of times, killing her on the spot.  Nina, rather than be shocked and fearful at the site of her dead aunt, instead, stood over her aunt's dead body and said "you shouldn't have done that, auntie". She then exited the house, held her arms out slowly spinning her body around in one spot, while all the bees and wasps landed on her covering her entire skin's surface, save her mouth, nose and ears.  Nina was never more happier...that is, until the aunt's funeral.

On the day of the aunt's funeral, Nina's parents brought her back to Juarez for the closed-casket ceremony.  When there, when Nina went up to the coffin, she said, "you deserved that auntie. You hurt my friends".  Nina's parents and the funeral crowd gasped at her words.  Nina's father grabbed Nina by her arm and demanded her to take her words back.  Nina simply said, 'you shouldn't have done that, father.  Now they'll be mad at you too", wherein several thousand bees and wasps exploded into the church, stinging everyone, killing everyone at the funeral, including Nina's parents.  When all was done, Nina simply sighed and skipped out of the church, with a string of bees following wherever she went.

After the funeral death's, Nina was eventually hit with a tranquilizer dart, and her following of bees promptly frozen.  Nina was then kept drugged in a children's psyche ward outside of Tijuana, Mexico.  There, they kept her sedated and confined for the next 10 years.  During that time, hundreds of reports came in from all across Central America and Mexico of huge swarms of killer bees and wasps attacking towns and communities. These killer bees and wasps would only stay long enough as though they were looking for something, and then would leave for good.

Eventually, the killer bees and wasps found Nina in Tijuana.

For Tijuana, it was a bee apocalypse as hundreds of thousands of bees and wasps swarmed into the city, eventually taking up a new enormous hive in Nina's very own psyche ward room.  Since the staff couldn't get anywhere close to Nina without getting attacked by the bees, Nina's drugs eventually wore off and she began talking with the bees once again.  She was once again happy to be around her bee and wasp friends again.  The honey bees began creating an enormous hive throughout the hospital wing that housed Nina. That's when the psyche hospital's staff gave in and called the Mexican government for help.

Eventually, the Mexican army arrived with flamethrowers to burn and smoke the bees out.  Nina was furious.  Nina screamed at the soldiers telling them to leave; instead Nina told the bees and wasps to attack.  Over 25 Mexican soldiers died that day from stings.  At this point, the Mexican Air Force was brought in and told to 'firebomb' the evacuated (except for Nina, of course) hospital.  When the planes arrived on site, they were downed by hundreds of thousands of bees and wasps entering the aircraft's air intake and killing the planes' engine combustion.  The plane engines died and crashed in fiery explosions on the ground not far from the hospital.  At this point, nothing was able to stop Nina and her bees and wasps....nothing that is, except for the legendary Mexican hero, Aguila de Mexico.

Much like a modern day Zorro, Aguila de Mexico arrived at the hospital, showing respect for the bees, wasps and Nina.  His kindly demeanor towards Nina prevented the bees and wasps from attacking him.  In a polite conversation, Aguila kindly asked Nina to allow him to take her to a 'new location' where the bees, wasps and people wouldn't hurt one another;  to an uninhabited island off the Mexican coast called Islas San Benitos.  There, the Mexican government would house her in an old lighthouse home and the millions of flowers that lined the shores of the islands would provide the bees and wasps with sustenance.  The Mexican Navy would drop off food shipment and supplies to her on a monthly basis.  Nina agreed, and through a very complex process, was able to get the bees, wasps and Nina moved to Islas San Benitos.  There, Nina was happy in her long as she had her bee and wasp friends.  Over time, the two lighthouses on the island became the largest beehives in recorded history.  Aguila's solution saved everyone, however, it wasn't long before it all went wrong again.

Recently, at the age of 32, Nina had her first new guest in years.  It was Domingo Juarez, a relative of hers, who'd taken over the derelict Juarez Honey business and instead became a mogul in a variety of foods and food goods distribution.  Domingo, although family and a businessman, was also involved with some VERY shady ties with Crimemaster, leader of the crime cartel CrimewaveDomingo tried to influence Nina to allow his men to come ashore extract the enormous amounts of honey being stored at the enormous beehives.  Nina, after communing with the bees, agreed, but said only half was to be extracted and that no bees were to be harmed, nor were they to bother the queen bee under any circumstances.  Happily, Domingo brought boatloads of workers and equipment over to the island to extract the several thousands pounds of honey from the ex-lighthouse...all for free. 


All was going well until one of the workers lost his footing on the slippery honey-drenched lighthouse stairs and fell, smashing several dozen bees...including the queen bee.


When Nina felt this, she screamed at the top of her lungs, ordering the bees and wasps to attack the workers.  Of the thirty workers on the island that day, only two survived. One of the fatally stung workers was a distant relative to Crimemaster's Lieutenant, El Scorpio El Scorpio was furious and had Domingo killed. El Scorpio then ordered his men to set fire to the island and its enormous beehives, as well as kill the 'strange bee woman'.  That night, El Scorpio's men snuck ashore on the island, poured gasoline on the two large hives, and set them on fire. 


The men got away. Nina and her bees however, weren't so lucky. 


Nina was found a day later by the Mexican Navy (the ones that usually delivered her supplies). They found her with 20% of her body caked in 3rd degree burns, and nearly all of the bees and wasps dead.  After multiple surgeries and skin grafts, Nina awoke a month later screaming in rage, pain and anger.

Her family of bees and wasps had been killed.

Humanity would pay the final price for destroying her bees and her island paradise. 

For a day she sat up in bed in a semi-conscious state with her eyes whited out. She was calling for any and all bees and wasps to converge on her location at the Ensanada Naval Base in Baja California.  Millions of bees and wasps descended upon Baja California, killing people along their flight path by the hundreds.  Aguila de Mexico was brought in to once again resolve the situation, but even he was unable to get even close enough to talk to Nina, and was instead stung dozens of times, causing him to be hospitalized for over a week.  As Nina was about to unleash her bees upon the naval base, a strange person called Mad Halloween Jack arrived in Nina's hospital room out of thin air.


Mad Halloween Jack, the leader of the evil Masters of Maleficence, began talking to Nina, asking her to join his group and help him in killing and/or ruling over those that don't deserve to live.  During their conversation, Nina sent had her bees and wasps try to sting Mad Halloween Jack to death, but since he wasn't really alive, the stings didn't phase him at all. Eventually, Nina stopped her bees and wasps from stinging him to hear what he had to say. Mad Halloween Jack avowed that she and her bees and wasps deserved their peace, and that the Masters of Maleficence would take care of her on her island if she agreed to help them with 'punishing' others with her bees and wasps whenever he needed her to do so.  Nina agreed, but mentioned the colony's queen was dead as a result of the last attack, and that Nina was now the colony's queen and that she should be treated as a queen should.


As a result, Mad Halloween Jack had an enormous building made for her on her island, including massive bays for the bees and wasps to nest in close to her.  He also had special armor made for her; armor that included kinetic-powered insect wings that she could use to fly with.  With her new island home and a new army of bees and wasps, Nina took the code-name of "Swarmstress".


To this day, Swarmstress lives on her island, surrounded by close to twenty million killer bees and wasps.  She has her own teleportation platform, allowing her to teleport to any of several dozen fixed locations courtesy of the Masters of Maleficence magical teleporters.

When called upon, Swarmstress will gladly aid the Masters of MaleficenceSwarmstress takes great pleasure in killing other humans, however, she has given her bees and wasps an order never to hurt anyone from the Masters of Maleficence.  As such, Swarmstress in a VERY dangerous woman, with no morals, scruples or convictions, other than towards her enormous colony of bees and wasps...and Mad Halloween Jack!



Power Origin: Mutant


  • Hymenoptera Control

    • Controls and communicates with all species in the Hymenoptera genus, which includes ants, bees, flies, fleas, buttlerflys and moths.

    • She can communicate, through a chain of them, for several hundred miles, but only to at least once source that must be at least 5 miles away.


  • Hymenoptea Vision

    • Swarmstress can see through the eyes of any Hymenoptera up to a max range of 5 miles.

    • She can jump her vision from any Hymenoptera to another with the blink of an eye that is within the 5 mile range.

    • Has normal, Hymenoptera and thermal vision capabilities.

  • Hymenoptera Sense

    • Can sense any and all Hymenoptera within a 5 mile range.


  • Bio-Armor

    • Special, magically fused bio-armor that covers all of her body except her head.

    • Provides excellent protection from all forms of attack other than mental.

    • Armor secretes an under-armor healing salve that, when she is injured, provides excellent healing to her body over time.

  • Kinetic Wings

    • Wings are kinetically changed bio-armored cellulous membranes

    • Wings allow her to fly up to speeds of 60 mph to a max altitude of 6, 000 feet.

    • The resonate kinetic energy built up in the wings charges her stinger weapons.

    • Wings can excellent focused damage before they stop working

    • Wings, if damaged, will regrow.

  • Stinger Weapons

    • Bio-Armor gauntlets that are charged by the wing's kinetic energy, transforming that energy to bio-energy-based blasts.

    • Perform up to excellent energy damage at a range of 200 yards.

  • Neuro-Toxic Spikes

    • 12 thorns on the gauntlets and boots (3 on each) are spikes of incredible material that, when piercing a surface, can emit a good neuro-toxin that causes paralysis and possibly death.

  • Neuro-Toxin Antidote

    • Carries four vials of the neuro-toxin antidote with her on her armor.

    • Antidote will prevent further damage from the toxin (stops endurance and health loss), but will still require a normal person to spend at least 2 days to recover from the toxin's effects.

  • Headset

    • Allows communication with Masters of Maleficence at a max range of 25 miles (w/o tower, satellite support) or unlimited Earth range (if within tower, satellite support)

    • Used to extend her communication and control ability to more Hymenoptera within a 5 mile range at a much faster speed than by simple focused thought (i.e., without the headset, she could manage over 100, 000 Hymenoptera easily; with the headset, she can manage over 5 million easily).


  • Hymenoptera Genus (Doctorate)

  • Beekeeping (Professional)

  • Pollination (Professional)

  • Bio-atmospheric communication (Master)

  • Languages:

    • Spanish (Professional)

    • English (Proficient)

    • Portuguese (Proficient)

    • Hymenoptera  (Master)

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