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About Golden Triangle Trade Consortium

About Us

In 2017, international trade businesses of the Asia Pacific region, overburdened with an ever growing amount of shipping and trade regulations and restrictions, were on the verge of collapse. Thanks to a dedicated band of venture capitalists, steadfast regional shipping and trade industries and some of the greatest financial backers in the Pacific region, the Golden Triangle Trade Consortium was founded.


Restrictions to trade reducing profits for traders and shippers were legally discussed with the resultant of a multilateral international trade agreement brokered by the consortium. As a result, businesses in the consortium have preferential trade status with major Pacific region nations such as China, the United States and Japan. The efforts of the Golden Triangle Trade Consortium has established a new precedent in trade agreements, providing the business and entrepreneurs of the region with one voice to create and establish meaningful and prosperous business conditions between nations, industries, services and their customers.

Today, the Golden Triangle Trade Consortium continues to represent and aid  in regional business growth with new international contracts allowing for businesses to do what they do best - their own business. For the first time in over 100 years, free trade and minimized import controls have led to a greater prosperity, thanks to the executive board of the Golden Triangle Trade Consortium

To see how the Golden Triangle Trade Consortium can benefit you and your business or industry, contact our regional representatives or our headquarters out of Hong Kong for an opportunity to benefit with other businesses in the Pacific region!


Len Wu
Golden Triangle Trade Consortium CEO

Len Wu I.jpg

More to come!


Golden Triangle Trade Consortium HQ
Hong Kong, China

Image by Pat Whelen
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