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Crimson Quill

PorcupineEcho and the Bunnymen
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Andre Alfonso Rojo
Hinted, but not proven






Death Legion



Don "Major Deej" Finger

14 June 2014


None mentioned




Andre was once a Spanish military contractor in Spain that produced the latest unique weapons ever produced in all of Europe.  As the head of Rojo Industriale, he was notorious for creating equipment for spies, covert operations and black ops teams.  Several years ago, the Spanish economy was hit hard and Rojo Industriale's product lines came to a standstill.  In debt with hundreds of millions of Euros, Andre discovered most of his contracted work had been taken over by several other small companies now headed be executives that had once worked with Rojo Industriale, who started underbidding whatever little work was left, selling products that were originally designed or were in the process of being tested by Rojo Industriale.  Infuriated, Andre went on the legal warpath, trying to sue them, only to find that the corrupt Spanish legal system was against him.  All of his previous international contractors ignored and brushed off Andre and started doing business with the other smaller companies, leaving Andre will huge legal fees, no production and his entire estate and fortune drained. Rojo Industriale was shutdown and boarded up five years ago, and a penniless Andre was left with a seething anger that slowly drove him to revenge.

Amidst his vengeful despair, Andre broke into his fenced off building and got into his research and development vault; a vault that had dozens of unique (if not preposterous) designs to use in covert and black ops warfare.  He stole all the designs, including a plan for an environmental combat suit that still had several bugs to be worked out.  With these designs and a truckload of stolen materials and tools, he drove off to a remote lab in the hills he once used when he'd originally started the company, located about 4 miles outside of his hometown of San Martin de la Vega.  There, he started re-engineering his designs and compiling them onto the environmental combat suit for the purpose of getting even with all those that screwed him over - permanently. 


Months later, when Andre went back to his original factory to 'appropriate' some more raw materials, he discovered his company had been leveled, and in its place, a movie studios amusement theme park.  Red with rage, Andre broke into the park late in the evening and stole materials from the rides and roller coasters he needed for his suit, not even caring that the stuff he took would cause the rides and roller coaster cars to fly off their tracks and potentially kill people.  The next day, Andre finished his suit and tested in at a nearby stream.  The suit worked perfectly, however, as a result of his 'robbery', two roller coaster ride cars flew off the tracks killing over a dozen people.  Security footage was reviewed, and Andre was tracked to his remote lab.

That's when the police showed up.

Andre was told to turn himself in by the megaphone-bellowing officers, yet instead, Andre put his suit to a new test: killing all the police that were now (in his own mind) 'trespassing' on his (truthfully, no longer his legally) property.  Andre swept through the police like a hot knife through butter, firing off various-sized poisonous quills from his armor, as well as charging and impaling officers with the spikes of his armor.  

In the end, over 24 Spanish policemen and women were viciously murdered, showing only a blood-soaked quill suit standing over their bodies, all caught on a police car's dash cam.  A national manhunt went out that day, for what was now dubbed the 'Crimson Quill', with military units, police, and air units scouring the territory for him.  After several pitched battles, and another three dozen dead military and police (and one downed helicopter), Crimson Quill was herded into a cabin outside of his hometown.  Minutes before the police and military were about to rain bullets, bombs and grenades upon the cabin, Andre encountered the villainous "Deathmaster" who'd teleported into the cabin Crimson Quill was in.  The two fought momentarily, until Deathmaster stopped and stated that this new "Crimson Quill" would be an excellent asset to his newly revived assassin organization, Death Legion.  With that as his only option for escape, Crimson Quill agreed and both of them teleported out of the cabin and into Death Legion's secret lair.

Over the next few months, Deathmaster taught Crimson Quill the skills of how to be an assassin; how to hunt and track, and most importantly, how to use his suit in performing contract killings for Death Legion.  Crimson Quill agreed to train and stay with Death Legion so long as 'seven' other 'personal' contracts were dealt with first.  In agreance, Death Legion aided Crimson Quill in assassinating each of the seven ex-Rojo Industriale executives that destroyed Andre's company.  Each 'mark' was killed by a red quill and left with a black rose (Death Legion's calling card) left on each of the bodies. 


On the day that the last ex-executive was assassinated, Andre Alfonso Rojo dropped his name forever and instead has simply become the "Crimson Quill".

Today, Crimson Quill continues as one of the high priced assassins of Death Legion.  His work on improving his armor and weapons, along with aiding Death Legion with the same, has made him a valuable member of this assassin's guild.




Power Origin: Technology-based

He has no powers.



  • Armor:

    • Provides remarkable protection from all damage except magic, psychic and radiation.

    • Provides monstrous protection from radiation-based attacks.

    • Provides good psychic protection in helmet (scrambler).

    • Armor Enhancements:

    • 2x agility (max: incredible)

    • 1x strength (max: remarkable)

    • 2x endurance (max: amazing)

  • Helmet:

    • Same protection as armor (listed above)

    • Full encrypted communications suite providing unlimited satellite data/streaming/packeting

    • Visor provides excellent flash/blinding protection

    • Visor provides thermal and night vision lenses

    • Seals to provide air-tight seal versus 200 psi pressure; 1 hr oxygen supply

    • Digital Video Recorder from visual and sensors (10 hrs recording)

  • Armor Quills:

    • Retractable incredible material spikes from slotted locations in armor

    • Armor quills range from inches to a foot long, locking into place with incredible magnetic quill locks.

    • The quills are razor sharp and do appropriate damage based on impact and force.

  • Quill Launchers:

    • Wrist and shoulder launchers that can fire-off a single blast or continuous barrage of various or individually selected type and sized quills.

    • Quills range from needle thin to two inches in diameter, most providing excellent piercing damage, some with poisons, some with a crimson smoke, and others yet with electrical charges.

    • The quills  are launched using a targeting computer and sensor system, allowing for the quills to travel up to 250 mph at a maximum range (for some) to 200 yards. 

  • Wrist Quill Lance:

    • Each gauntlet contains an a 5-foot extendable, seperable amazing material crimson lance/quill.

    • Can be launched to a max range of 400 yards.

    • Gauntlet allows for 5 reloads of these quills before they run out.



  • Business (Master)

  • Industrial Weapon Design ((Master)

  • Melee Fighting (Proficient)

  • Thrown/launched weapons (Proficient)

  • Armoring (Professional)

  • Finance (Professional)

  • Assassin/Mercenary/Hunter (Professional)

  • Stealth (Proficient)

  • Leadership (Proficient)

  • Languages:

    • Spanish (Master)

    • English (Professional)

    • French (Professional)

    • Italian (Proficient)

    • Greek (Proficient)

    • Russian (Proficient)

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