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Established in 2010, this super group comprises a collective of heroes from across the member nations of Commonwealth of Nations (CoN).  The Commonwealth's goal is synonymous with the Commonwealth of Nation's primary goal - peace and democracy.

Although government sanctioned, with each hero owning a superhero registration card, the group has political roots and as such, has been known to be used for political and diplomatic purposes for the Commonwealth of Nation's interests.  This has, on occasion, put them at odds with other nations and hero groups, however, the Commonwealth super-group, under the leadership of the British ex-super-spy hero known as "Britannia", is allowed some autonomy when it comes to whom they recruit to the group and what tactics they intend to use in combat.

The headquarters of the team is based out of the Marlborough House in London, England, which was, until recently, also the headquarters of the Commonwealth of Nations and residence of the CoN's Secretary-General.

Initially, the Commonwealth super-group was used primarily as a show of British force and resolve, all of which resulted in only several major battles for the super group. Individually, each team member had many other fights and encounters, but as a team, they were mostly levied for political purposes, predominantly, for the Commonwealth of Nations.

Recently, however, with global shifts in power and an ever-growing list of geo-political aggressors, the Commonwealth super-group has been involved in several major battles with nefarious groups such as CANIS, the Atlantic Kingdom, the rogue island nation of Oceania and its Champions, the Gold SyndicateMaritime Marauders and the United Canadian Empire.


To note, several media-based rumors have come out recently identifying this super-group to also have direct ties with the G.U.A.R.D..


Previous Members

GRAY=Deceased Member YELLOW=Alive, but left team

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Atalante Aegis



London, England

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