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Donovan O'Malley




80s (physically, 20)









UCE Enforcers



Don "Major Deej" Finger

1975; 3 December 2010





Donovan O'Malley was born an only child by his father, Shamus O'Malley and his mother Beatrice O'Malley in April 1937.  His father was an Irish millionaire who was a stone quarry magnate who also loved the company of 'loose' women. His mother hated her husband's lifestyle and in March of 1939, she took off to Canada with 70,000 Pounds of his money and disappeared, taking young Donovan with her.

In 1939 as Great Britain entered World War II, Canada began supporting Great Britain's war effort.  Donovan's mother, Beatrice, volunteered to wrap care packages for the British troops as well as give a large portion of her stolen Pounds to the war effort, all the while trying to raise Donovan in a wealthy neighborhood.  Eventually, the money ran out by war's end, leaving Donovan and his mother in poverty.  They had to move into a flophouse full of alcoholics and derelicts where Beatrice worked at the house's food kitchen to pay for their room and board.  Donovan grew up being the oddball 'Irish' kid in the slums of Canada, routinely getting beat and getting into fights at school.  One such fight resulted in Donovan receiving a severe head injury, placing him in the hospital for months with a coma-like concussion.  When Donovan came to months later, he was a changed young man.  He was more violent and angry at anyone who crossed him.  He became more aggressive in his fights, getting even with those that gave him the head injury by beating them within an inch of their lives.  Nonetheless to say, charges were brought against Dononvan and he was placed in a juvenile detention facility outside of Vancouver, Canada, separated from his mother the whole time.

At age 18, he was released on his own recognizance, however, much had changed.  Donovan, after being exposed to other evil teenagers in the juvenile detention center, became even more criminalized while in custody.  He tracked down his mother's last known location to discovered she'd married a rich Canadian aircraft manufacturer during Donovan's incarceration.  When he showed up unannounced at his mother's new husband's home, he was treated like a criminal.  His new 'father in law' immediately told Donovan to leave or he'd call the police, only for Donovan to see his mother turn from Donovan and shun him for her new husband.  Donovan lost it and violently attacked his father-in-law,  brutally beating him to death with an iron lamp again and again, smashing the man's brains all over the foyer.  When the police arrived, they arrested Donovan for murder.

The trial was quick and complete.  Donovan was charged with first degree murder and was sentenced to life in prison.  That is where Donovan spent the next 70 years of his life, however, not the way any normal hardened criminal would spend his or her life sentence since Donovan discovered his new powers early into his life sentence.

Ever since Donovan received the head trauma when he was a young boy, he was always a bit awkward in walking and with his motor skills.  By the time he'd left juvenile detention at age 18, he still looked like a 14-year old kid, yet he was stronger than most people he knew.  Unable to determine why, thanks to his lack of understanding things (between the head injury and his lack of schooling), he ignored his differences.  After Donovan's murder trial over killing his father-in-law, Donovan was taken to Canada's old Stony Mountain Prison outside of Winnipeg, Manitoba.

While there, Donovan quickly learned to be a thug for prison bosses, shanking fellow inmates and being used as a patsy again and again to get other prison bosses clear of suspicion.  Time and again, Donovan found himself in solitary confinement.  by his fifth year in incarceration, he was attacked by a rival prison boss' gang and beaten severely.  He'd received once again a near-fatal head injury and as a result of his injuries, lost both his forearms, both of which had to be amputated due to the severity of the attack.  Donovan was kept in a prison hospital ward for the next several years until he was finally allowed to go back to normal population in 1980.  When he awoke, he discovered he had new abilities - powers that had been blocked due to his previous head injuries.  He no long walked awkwardly either, instead he felt stronger than he'd ever been in his life.  To test his new abilities, he attacked his captor guards in the prison hospital, tossing them through a concrete wall.  He also discovered he could fly.  As he started flying away, he was shot at by over a dozen high-powered rifles by guards.  The gunshot wounds would have killed a normal man, but instead only grounded Donovan long enough for them to place him in heavy steel chains and drag him back to the hospital.  There, he healed quicker than ever before and within days, was fully  healed from the dozen of so gunshots he'd received in his attempted jail break.  As a result, the warden and staff knew that Donovan was the greatest threat of any prisoner there in Stony Mountain and actions had to be taken to prevent Donovan from getting free.

The warden of the Stony Mountain PrisonAl Stevenson, was a strict disciplinarian during his administration there.  Knowing  Donovan to be a super-powered threat, yet unable to get the Canadian government to provide another more secure place to incarcerate him, Warden Stevenson instead created a maximum holding cell made of six inch thick steel.  The prison cell was only six feet long by six feet wide and six feet high, thus making flight in the cell near impossible.  There, Donovan was kept separated from the rest of the prison population, in seclusion and 'off the books' to prevent what Warden Stevenson called 'a chance for bleeding heart reformers to try and give him a chance to free himself'.


Over the years in solitary confinement, Donovan went slowly mad, cackling and started talking to himself.  He'd tried punching his way through the cell, only to be drugged long enough for new welded steel plates to cover the damaged steel walls.  Over time, the layering of the steel plates began to diminish the size of Donovan's cell, taking out over 2 feet in all directions, thus preventing Donovan from being able to every lie down flat to sleep.  This added to Donovan's already deteriorating mental condition, further fueling his hatred for anyone in the government or working for the government. 

Eventually Donovan's powers were revealed to the Canadian government, who decided to move Donovan to a more 'secure' location at the recently build Millhaven Institute located in Bath, Ontario.  There, Donovan was given a much larger (20x20x10) cell, however it was lined with 10 feet thick of concrete and steel reinforced walls of several inches of thickness.  Try as he might, Donovan was unable to even dent the walls nonetheless break out.  Although the accommodations were still better, and he was actually able to talk to guards and staff at the prison, he was still cut off from the normal population and kept in their Special Handling Unit (SHU). Donovan and the Millhaven Institute's warden saw common grounds in many respects and for the first time in decades, Donovan began to believe he could reform himself.

In 1985, the SHU unit has been 'shutdown' thanks to the government's new liberal agenda...shutdown, except for Donovan's cell, which was still kept active until new facilities were to be built at another location.  That same time, Millhaven's warden was replaced by a new warden; a warden Donovan knew too well - Warden Al Stevenson from Stony Mountain Prison.  In a taunting meeting, Stevenson threatened Donovan that 'whatever Hell he (Donovan) thought he experienced while in Stony Mountain (Prison) was about to look like a day in paradise compared to what was about to happen to him (Donovan) now that he (Warden Stevenson) was back'. Before Stevenson could finish his statement, Donovan began screaming in anger and despair. Donovan knew that the tortures of Stony Mountain would once again befall him, only worse. 


After the meeting with Warden Stevenson, every night thereafter, while imprisoned in Millhaven, Donovan screamed himself to sleep in utter despair as the warden cut off Donovan's cell lights and put him on bread and water, while also making a leaky sewer plumbing pipe drip constantly down into Donovan's cell; a cell with no air conditioning activated either...nor windows. Every time Donovan tried to fall asleep, loud acid rock music was played and the lights were turned on, sometimes even flashing, until it was time for whatever the next round of torture was planned by Warden Stevenson.

Wanting to kill the warden, Donovan started working out ways to escape his cell to get to him.  Donovan successfully escaped his cell several times that year, but rather than escape the prison, he went after Warden Stevenson, though unsuccessfully each time. It got to the point the warden actually had to have 'protection' from Donovan's habitual escapes.  Eventually, Stevenson retired, fearful for his life, but not before nearly breaking Donovan with more inhumane prison actions targeted at Donovan. All this did was create new levels of hate and anger to further fuel Donovan's unsettled mind.

In 1999, Donovan was transferred to a military prison where he was kept in titanium shackles in an ultra secure cell deep underground. There, he sat out the entire Soltan Invasion of Earth in 2000 (as did all personnel assigned and incarcerated at said prison). In 2001, late in the evening, Donovan was released by a man known as Colonel Chanteau during a jail break.  Chanteau said he'd free Donovan only if Donovan helped him escape the prison with his troops.  Donovan did, giggling and cackling the whole time as he killed guard after guard throughout their escape.  Although Donovan still had no forearms, he was still able to tackle and charge at the guards with the use of his powers. Eventually, they made it out of the prison and were flown to a remote abandoned underground facility on Wolfe Island, the location that would eventually become his new home.

Although Donovan relished the idea of being free to leave the island, he found himself fascinated with Colonel Chanteau.  It seemed that Chanteau's goals were in sync with Donovan's goals - take out the established order of Canada and make a new empire with them in charge.  As such, Donovan not only elected to stay and join Chanteau's new "United Canadian Empire" (UCE) movement, but insisted to be one of his lead troops to take the battle straight to the Canadians themselves.  Chanteau, now known as Emperor North,  agreed and with the help of a fellow UCE mate, Doctor Phlebotinum, Donovan received his first set of prosthetic arms to fight with.

Over the next few years, Donovan had Doctor Phlebotinum modify the arms to be as strong at steel and to house mini-rocket launchers in them, allowing him to fire missiles while he was in flight.  Earning the new title of "Rocketstro", Donovan soon became a valuable member of the UCE and one of the first members of their super-powered team known as the UCE Enforcers.

Recently, Donovan discovered his roots and that his biological father, Shamus O'Malley, who'd recently passed away, had millions of Pounds of wealth awaiting a 'supposed' family benefactor.  Donovan knew it was him, since he was an only child (as far as he knew).  Using lawyers to remotely parlay for his inheritance, he discovered that his father had an illegitimate son by way of a prostitute; that son was his half-brother, Kyle O'Brien, otherwise known as the legendary Irish-American superhero, the Irish Fighter. Sadly, Warden Stevenson, who'd tortured Donovan for years in his prisons, also made Donovan an 'un-person'; he'd destroyed all records of Donovan's birth, any records of Donovan's existence, even his prison records, which instead labeled his as a "John Doe 102" inmate.  Try as he might, Donovan was blocked from receiving his inheritance which was given to Kyle instead.  As such, Donovan and Kyle eventually met and fought.  Both brothers continue to fight each other to this day. 


Although Kyle AKA Irish Fighter believes Donovan to be his half-brother, the courts of Great Britain and Canada will not allow Donovan any access to the inheritance.  Kyle AKA Irish Fighter even offered Donovan half of the money at one point, only if Donovan would turn himself in and finish off whatever jail sentence he was expected to get (knowing full well that Donovan's limited aging power would still allow Donovan to exit prison a relatively middle-aged man at the worst of jail sentences), to which Donovan only erupted in unadulterated rage and killed about a dozen nearby innocents to exclaim his hatred of the idea and of Kyle. Donovan never went back to prison since, or if he got caught, the UCE's resident teleporter, Netherbride, always teleported him back home to the UCE's base on Wolfe Island.


Donovan also eventually discovered his mother had died during the Soltan Star Empire's alien invasion of Earth in 2000, for which no one ever told him about her death or even where she was buried.  Donovan is also completely unaware of any other relations that exist from his family line (Myriad Woman, Irish Lad, and many, many others)

Today, Donovan still works with the UCE and the UCE Enforcers and considers himself the hero of the empire.  He is still  still mentally unstable and very murderous.  With over a hundred murder charges added to his growing list of crimes, Donovan is considered to be one of the greatest threats in all of Canada if not the world


On a side note, Donovan continues to spend every spare minute he has searching for his old nemesis, Warden Stevenson. After Stevenson retired, no record or sighting of Stevenson has been made of him since; it's like he vanished off the face of the planet. Donovan intends to find Stevenson, capture him and do the exact same thing to Stevenson as was done by Stevenson to Donovan - slow, painful, damaging, humiliating torture. Forever and ever.




Power Origin: Mutant

  • Super Strength/Endurance

    • Has remarkable strength, capable of lifting between 1 and 2 tons.

    • Has incredible endurance.

  • Armored Skin

    • Remarkably dense skin provides protection from all forms of physical, toxic/toxin, temperate and energy based attacks.

  • Protected Senses

    • Hearing, sight, taste and smell senses are protected by excellent levels of enhanced density layering and muscular strengthening.

  • Flight

    • He can fly up to 700 mph at an altitude to 20,000 feet (with breathing gear)

    • He has been known to break the sound barrier on occasion and accelerate up to Mach 1.1, but at the upper boundaries of his endurance. ​

  • Reduced Aging

    • Rocketstro only ages 1 year for every 10 calendar years.

    • He is physically only 20 years old, he is actually over 80 years old)

    • Due to his poor and stressful life choices, the wear or life is shown on his face.  His face looks much older than this body does, averaging a look relatable to a man in his mid to late 40s.



  • Body Armor/Protective Flight Suit

    • Good protection against physical, energy, temperate, toxic/toxin attacks

    • Provides remarkable protection against radiation attacks (to all areas covered of course)

    • Operates like a pilot's pressure suit, allowing for pressure changes and accommodating for aerial maneuvers upward of 20Gs of force

  • Bionic Arms with Missiles (BAMs)

    • His incredible framed and armored artificial composite arms house a variety of weapons and functions:

    • Super Strength Enhancement

      • With his BAMs attached, Rocketstro can amplify his own physical strength to incredible levels and, equipment checks permitting, overclocked to amazing levels for several seconds max.

    • Rocket Launcher

      • Retractable rocket (missile) launchers housed in each BAM capable of mnemonically firing off the following:

      • Mini-Rockets (20; 10 each arm)

        • Each rocket (missile) has a miniaturized onboard radar and heat-seeking remarkable tracking and guidance systems

        • Each rocket can fly up to speeds of 900 mph

        • Each rocket has a maximum range of 10 miles

        • Each rocket can work up to a maximum altitude of 60,000 feet (after that, freezes over the control hardware)

        • Each rocket explodes on impact with a good physical/heat damage. 

      • Big, Large, Awesome Missile (BLAM) (1)

        • Can fly up to Mach 3 speeds (1800-2000 mph)

        • Maximum range of 25 miles

        • Can work up to a maximum altitude of 60,000 feet (after that, freezes over the control hardware)

        • Missile explodes on impact with remarkable physical/plasma/heat damage

      • High Anti-Radiation Missile (HARM) (1)

        • When fired, creates an unearthly level of radar saturation within 5 miles of missile's location

        • Saturation also takes down any and all tracking and targeting systems of amazing or lesser capabilities for 5 miles

        • Missile will fly into a circular pattern around the targeted object/location

        • Missile will fly for a total of 2 minutes, all the while saturating radar signals as long as it flies

    • Machine Gun (1 in each arm)

      • 0.50 Caliber automatic firing rate of excellent armor piercing bullets

      • Does good shooting damage/burst upon impact)

      • 5 bursts max per arm before reloading required

  • Surgically Implanted Communications Device

    • Implanted inside his right ear

    • Allows him to monitor a wide variety of communications frequencies

    • Allows amazing level encrypted communications with the UCE

    • To remove it would destroy Donovan's right ear and all its hearing (and balancing)

  • Flight Goggles

    • Provide good protection for flying at speeds over 800 mph

    • Provides good infrared and thermal/heat tracking visual enhancement HUD (from tracking and targeting equipment located in the shoulder devices)

    • Provides for good night vision

    • Provides for good flash protection

  • Shoulder Devices

    • Armoring

      • Remarkable level armoring on each device versus physical, energy, toxic/toxin, radiation and temperate damage

    • Shoulder Tracking and Targeting System (STATS)

      • Sophisticated targeting and tracking system that is housed in the Shoulder Devices

      • Can provide remarkable control aiming, marksmanship and flight controls of all relative weapons tied to this system (rockets, for example)

      • Retains a powered charge for 4 hours; requires 1/2 hr. recharging when drained (standard wall outlet power)

      • Uses high quality video and tactical radar processing in recording, streaming and/or live feeds at 4K quality up to 1000 mile ranges (satellite, cellular towers, UCE frequencies, etc.)

    • Oxygen Breathing System (OBS)

      • Left shoulder device houses oxygen mask with 2 hour supply of oxygen for high altitude flying where the air is too thin to normally breathe

  • Belt

    • Bombs (6)

      • Excellent level manually activated explosive grenades

    • Smoke Generator (1)

      • Can emit -4 visibility level smoke screen for 30 seconds when activated

    • Electronic Communications Scrambler (1)

      • Remarkable level communications frequency scrambler

      • Affects all communications frequencies

      • Range: 2 mile radius

      • Operates for 2 minutes before power runs out



  • Penal System (Professional)

  • Felony Law (Proficient)

  • Canadian Law (Proficient)

  • Prison Life (Master)

  • Handball/squash (Professional)

  • Boxing (Proficient)

  • Mental/Psionic Defenses (Master)

  • Martial Arts: Edged Melee Weapons (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Dodge/Evade (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Charging/Escaping (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Melee Fighting (Professional)

  • Marksmanship (Professional)

  • Missile and Rocket Weapons (Master)

  • Missile and Rocket Engineering Design (Proficient)

  • Aerial Combat (Professional)

  • Detective (Proficient)

  • Stealth (Professional)

  • Navigation (Proficient)

  • Languages:

    • English (Master)

    • French (Professional)

    • Inuit (Professional)

    • Irish/Gaelic (Proficient)

    • Icelandic (Proficient)

    • Spanish (Proficient)

    • Portuguese (Proficient)

    • Russian (Proficient)

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