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Kami Choi


China (Taiwan)/Villain












Parents (deceased)

Lu Yingqi, 'Lu Choi'

Demolition Party



Don "Major Deej" Finger

5 June 2015




Kami Choi is a Taiwanese girl who, during the Soltan Invasion of 2000, was left parent-less and homeless as a result of the alien attacks. Taiwan was decimated by the Soltans during the alien invasion, leaving the city a smoldering wasteland.  1 out of 500 survived the onslaught on the Taiwan island. Kami was found by a Chinese government aid worker and brought to mainland China to be raised through her teenage years.  While in China, Kami found an outlet for her anger and depression; weightlifting.

Kami became one of the best female weightlifters in her category, winning a world championship in 2006, and was thus entered the 2008 XXIX Olympiad in China, given a new name, Lu Yingqi, to prevent any issues of origin and nationality. Although she was officially a Taiwanese (Chinese Taipei, as the Olympic committees had to categorize Taiwan thanks to Chinese issues with Taiwan) citizen and she wanted to represented Taiwan, the Chinese government ordered her to represent China respectfully or she'd be jailed and eventually deported with nothing but the clothes on her back - as well as the government parents that had been raising her since the Soltan invasion.  She was also told that if she didn't get the gold medal in her class, they'd 'be upset' with her and her adoptive parents - VERY upset.

Try as she could, she won the bronze medal instead.

Weeks after the Olympic closing ceremonies, Lu Yingqi and her adoptive parents ceased to exist in records, and instead Kami Choi was 'deported' to the slowly rebuilt island of Taiwan. Nothing was every heard of her adoptive parents ever again.  Back in Taiwan, Kami lived in abject poverty, living off the streets, watching acquaintances die from exposure and starvation all around her.  No one, including other benevolent governments, seemed to care of Taiwan's plight.

By 2012, Kami had been working as a construction worker, lifting and loading heavy objects at construction sites.  She worked a deal with the construction foremen over the years to allow her and some of her destitute friends to live in the building overnights and be out in the morning before construction started, allowing them some shelter vice none in the streets.  This deal worked well, that is until a Chinese construction magnate named Ho Sin replaced the site's existing foreman.  Ho Sin was one of the Chinese Olympic committee people that had driven her out of China after her failure to win them a gold medal in her Olympic weightlifting event; he was considered the one who was the most ruthless in the committee.  On Ho Sin's first day at the construction site, he immediately recognized Kami and inquired about her from the previous foreman.  Angered that Kami was even there, nonetheless housing vagrants in 'his' construction site, he fired her on the spot and called for the police to arrest her for soliciting unapproved housing to vagrants.  

Kami lost it.

She attacked Ho Sin and as a result of their struggle, she broke his neck.  She was now a wanted woman.

Over the next day, Kami was hounded and chased by the police.  She had nothing to lose but her life, so she fought back in the only way she knew how - sheer strength and stamina.  Each time she got caught, she'd fight with the police, knocking them unconscious in single blows. Sadly, at one point Kami unwittingly killed three police officers, resulting in a full-blown national manhunt for Kami, but to her credit, she evaded it all.

Kami eventually found her way onto a cargo ship that was destined for the United States, stowing away in Engineering.  During her ocean voyage, she found engineer clothes and tried to blend in as 'one of the guys', getting food from the galley and eventually lying well enough to get the others to thing she was actually one of the crew.  When Kami reached San Francisco, she dodged customs and made her way to the streets of San Francisco.  There, she was overwhelmed by the breadth and technologies of the city, however, to Kami, she looked at the city with a different point of view; a view of capitalist opulent decadence and selfishness.  Why didn't America try to help the alien-decimated Taiwan to help their cities look even a fraction of what this city was?  How could the Americans live like they do while others had to struggle in squalor in Taiwan? 

Within days of her arrival, Kami decided to make America pay for their lack of helping the poor, such as those in Taiwan. She also wanted to make China pay for what was done to her and her adoptive parents.

Kami wanted to make the world PAY for not resolving this international-level ignorance and evil.

That's when Kami saw a villain known calling himself "The Foreman" burst from the side of the San Francisco Federal Gold Reserve building carrying bags of gold bars and money.  Bullets bounded off his body and armor as he laughed and made his way down the street to an open manhole cover. Wanting to do what The Foreman did (and have his powers), Kami bravely followed The Foreman down into the sewers. While running through the sewers pursued by Kami, The Foreman finally stopped and turned to Kami, asking her what her problem was with him; in her best broken English, she said "I want to be you.  Power.  Money. Strength.  I want what you are. I want in now!"

At first The Foreman laughed at Kami until he saw the look in her eyes.  That look of someone who'd killed and would kill again to get what she wanted. He knew that look very well. Against all common sense, The Foreman told her to follow him further down into the sewers.

Kami followed him for miles in those twisty, turny, up and down sewer lines.

Finally, The Foreman and Kami exited the sewers out into a derelict pumping station where, The Foreman had his getaway vehicle and black market team ready to receive the stolen money and goods.  The Foreman took Kami to his warehouse HQ and showed her around, eventually getting her to tell her story and why she wanted to become like him.  After a few days of checking out her story, The Foreman set up a meeting with the lead doctors and scientists of a secret lab located out of the San Francisco Zenith Labs facility. After her initial examination, the doctors and scientists explained to Kami what it would cost her to have them make her super-powered. Kami didn't care about the money; she'd do whatever she had to for the money; all she wanted was the power. With that, Zenith Labs started Kami's transformation into the powerhouse of a woman now known as "Dilapidator".

After weeks of testing, surgeries and experimentation, The Zenith Labs scientists and doctors were able to grant Kami super strength and invulnerability powers.  After two months of training with her powers, Kami began worked off her deb' to Zenith Labs for the cost of her powers by robbing banks, federal reserves, rich international institutions, technology factories and bio-science labs.  The Foreman, the first super-powered man she'd ever met, had moved on and set-up a new business called the "Demolition Party".  Kami became a founding member and has since been a staunch member of the team. Any extra money Kami earns, she sends to Taiwan or any international aid agencies to help the poor and destitute, sometimes travelling in-person (albeit incognito) to those impoverished nations and handing money out family-by-family, if able to.

Although still very angry at the world, especially China, Dilapidator sees America as an 'ends to a means', taking money from them and their international allies and redistributing that money to those that need it...even though that task is way too big for her to ever fulfill in her own lifetime. Kami has also worked past her 'desire for power' issues and instead has started learning how to run and manage construction businesses, including her own self-made Taiwan-located "Choi Construction Corporation"; a construction corporation that makes quality housing tenements for the poor of Taiwan. As such, she ensures that she has exclusive control,  direction and leadership in all key matters of the business to ensure that no one cuts corners or over-prices the new tenements. As such, her company has already been awarded several international awards for their work in building housing for the poor and homeless. Luckily, Kami uses a 'proxy' CEO woman named 'Lu Choi' to instead attend the photo sessions and board meetings, ensuring no one sees Kami's real face, maintaining her anonymity at the company's true CEO.

Today, Kami continues to use her violent and deadly powers relentlessly with the Demolition Party to complete business contracts designed to damage, destroy and/or topple rival businesses, buildings and institutions all, ironically, for the highest bidder. She spends a few days a week on running her Choi Construction Company, and at least one day a week travelling to some impoverished town and handing out money to its poor and destitute residents.  She is a fairly smart woman and a skillful fighter and wrestler.  She hopes, one day, to also find someone who'll love and marry her so that she can finally settle down and have as many children as she wants...but first, Kami still has a massive bill to pay-off for Zenith Labs' work on her; a bill that might take another several to 10 years to pay off.




Power Origin: Science

  • Super Strength

    • Kami has amazing strength, capable of lifting over 5 tons without effort

  • Enhanced Human Physiology

    • Kami's endurance is now at fantastic levels, requiring her to only sleep less than an hour a day.

    • She can hold her breath for nearly 15 minutes underwater

    • Dense Skin/Invulnerability

      • She has the following protections:

        • Incredible physical, energy, temperate, toxic/toxin protection

        • Amazing radiation protection

  • Super Leaping​

    • Can leap upwards of 250 feet, across by over 500 feet and down by 700 feet without injury

  • Protected Senses​

    • All her senses (hearing, vision, smell) all have remarkable levels of protection​



  • Earwig

    • Encrypted telecommunications transceiver with 25 mile range (with no towers or satellites in range), unlimited range (with towers/satellites in range)



  • Olympic Weight Lifter (Professional)

  • Wrestling (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Melee Fighting (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Holds/Escapes (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Dodge/Evade (Professional)

  • Construction (Professional)

  • Business (Proficient)

  • Finances (Proficient)

  • Demolitions (Professional)

  • Explosives (Professional)

  • Building Demolitions Planning (Proficient)

  • Languages:

    • Chinese, Mandarin (Professional)

    • Chinese, Taiwanese (Professional)

    • English (Proficient)

    • Japanese (Proficient)

    • Korean (Proficient)

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