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Condor                Legion

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With any other group of megalomaniacs, there's always the minions and troops; this villainous group is no different with the Condor Legionnaires.

At 400 strong, the Condor Legionnaires are military trained soldiers, primarily from previous Soviet block countries or (mostly) from East Germany.


Troops are issued standard uniforms, along with a military knife, machine gun, machine pistol, a flash grenade, two explosive grenades, field rations kit (for 3 days), canteen, ammunition pouches/bandoleers to amount to 100 bullets/8 magazines, helmets, night vision goggles, earwig radios (range 20 miles), hand warmers packs (2) and a length of garrote line.

Each legionnaire has been trained in hand-to-hand military combat, communications, weapons, marksmanship, and security.

Some legionnaires are equipped with flight or rocket packs, allowing for a flight range of about 50 miles at a maximum speed of 120 mph.  Flight Packs are reusable, rocket packs are one-shot usage. 



At the end of World War II (WWII), Nazi Germany was defeated.  The victors split Germany up into 4 major regions, each controlled by the US, French, British and Soviet nations.  Eventually, the regions were conjoined, with US, British and French regions becoming West Germany and Soviet Russia's region becoming East Germany. That is when the Berlin Wall came up, separating the Soviet portion of Berlin from the West.  For 40+ years the wall remained.  West Germany began to prosper, while East Germany, now a Soviet block nation, became a communist state.  East Germans were scrutinized daily by the Soviet's equivocal Politburo in East Germany known as "STASI".  STASI were controlling, KGB-types that basically kept the citizenry in fear and everyone in check.

From 1989 to 1990, as the Berlin Wall fell and the Soviet Union crumbled, so did what was once East Germany.  Reunification quickly became a goal, wherein West and East Germany would rejoin to form a new Germany.  Throughout the Reunification, nearly all of both Germany's looked forward to this great event in making their nation whole once more.  Some, however, did not like the idea at all.  Those same few were also angry over the collapse of the Soviet Union.  They wanted their power back.  They wanted to not only take over all of Germany for Marxist rule, but to subjugate the rest of Europe in the process.  They believed democracy and capitalism to be an evil that had to be purged from Europe. Those few became "The Condor Legion".

The Condor Legion is a band of Marxist anarchists bent on destroying the free market, capitalism and democracy.  As such, the Condor Legion has used their powers and connections to fight against most if not all of Europe in the process.

In one of their first attacks, they broke into the German Chancellery and held the government hostage, demanding a new 60 mile industrial "zone" be given to them, calling it "North Germany".  The Legion stated that anyone willing to go back to "the way things were" just simply had to show up there in the next 12 hours and claim their new nation; a nation that would be led and ruled by Condor Legion's leader, Condor Commander


No one showed up, other than existing Condor Legion troops and their fellow super-powered Legionnaires.  A band of heroes from a super-group called "The Commonwealth" did show and stopped the abduction, freeing the German government and defeating Condor Legion.

Recently, Condor Legion has broken out of jail, and as such, has once again asserted themselves as East Germans wanting their land and way of life back.  They are willing to fight for it. They are willing to destroy the West to get it.

The legion is up to two hundred or so troops, secretly based in the mountainous region of Oybin, Germany, based under a medieval underground Sandstone mountain-embedded castle/monastery. To keep the locals as bay, the legion has promoted dozens of 'violent spectral' haunting stories and occurrences, allowing the legion to operate in secrecy.


Prepare yourselves for Condor Legion, for soon, they will try to take over Germany and Europe once again...this time, with greater vengeance!



The Aerie

(Secret/Hidden Base under Oybin Castle, Oybin, Germany)

Condor Commander uses a hidden cave hideout located under the Oybin Castle in Germany, built into the nearby escarpment.  The base was once a hidden religious location for what would eventually be the monastery that is (although falling aport now) located above the caves.

Using old tunnels and hidden launch points, the base contains squadrons of Condor Legion fighter planes and house most of their operations and logistics.  They have several other safe houses and bases throughout Europe, but primarily operate out of here.

To this day, no one, except those in Condor Legion, know if this base's location, not even GUARD.

On an interesting note, several Condor Legion Engineers who were working on finding and/or creating new tunnels for emergency egress from the base have gone 'missing'.  It's believed they may have found more ancient hidden passageways that most likely led to their deaths. To this day, no one has found them...or heard anything from them on the Stasi network (or from the Condor Legion's spies in GUARD).

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