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Golden YearsDavid Bowie
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When a gold obsessed self-proclaimed descendant of King Midas named Prince Adrastos creates a band of black marketeers, criminals and super-villains bent on acquiring the world's gold and precious metal supplies to wreck havoc on today's economy so as to reset the world's currency to a new gold standard with him being in charge of all the gold, well, the  results are the Gold Syndicate.

After Earth was invaded by the alien Soltan Star Empire in the year 2000, Prince Adrastos finally decided he'd had enough trying to buy and sell the world's gold markets legally and decided to create his own firm, Adrastos Acquisitions. With his firm, he manipulated the market to start amassing large amounts of the world's gold. However, by 2008, the world's business community and international regulators saw through his scheme, blacklisting him from buying, selling or trading any form of precious metal in the markets.  After federal and international agents filed charges against Adrastos Acquisitions, the firm was shutdown.  Adrastos was lucky enough to get out of jail time, but several of his executive associates were instead charged with an average of 20-30 year sentences for market manipulation and money laundering.  

Mad with hatred and rage, Adrastos used several secretive stores of his gold to build a new hidden high-tech, ultra-secure base of operations, as well as several other secretive sites to store his soon-to-be acquired ill-gotten gold.  Hiring some of the most despicable businessmen and financiers, Adrastos started up his new illegal gold theft ring on 1 October 2008.

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Over the next months, Adrastos realized the business team he'd created was nowhere powerful enough to do the actions he wanted.  Only amassing a measly 1.2 million dollars in gold, he used that gold to buy several super-powered villains to aid him in physical robberies of gold vaults and locations across the world to accelerate his golden gains.  One such villain, a man who would eventually become Goldmaster, was an ex-CANIS leader who'd had a falling out with his leadership.  In revenge against CANIS, the new Goldmaster and his new band of super-powered and high-tech villains raided all of CANIS' worldwide storage locations of gold, money and precious metals, leaving them only a fake gold key as the new Gold Syndicate's calling card.

At midnight of New Year's Eve 2009 (2010), the the super-powered team of the Gold Syndicate, led by Goldmaster raided Fort Knox while several other Gold Syndicate troop teams simultaneously robbed Federal Gold Reserve locations throughout the United States. They got away with nearly 1/6 of the United States reserves in gold.  Superheroes, FBI, CIA and Interpol joined forces to track down and find the thieves, but never found the stolen gold that the syndicate had carefully hidden.


Over the last few years, the Gold Syndicate made more daring raids on other nation's storehouses of gold, again, getting away without a trace of where it was taken.

Since 2010, the Gold Syndicate has initiated Phase II of their plan by buying up a high majority of gold on the world market. As such gold prices have skyrocketed, for which the Gold Syndicate profited by will taking some of their own stolen gold, resell it for a high profit and then steal it back months later.

As their collection of gold grew, so did the syndicate's power and its ability to manipulate the world's stock markets.  Using illegal transaction systems and agents planted throughout the world's precious metals market businesses, the Gold Syndicate's secretive executive committee is well on its way to becoming one of the wealthiest group of people in the world. One of the anticipated benefits of their plan stems on their focused desire to destroy the financial markets of the world's wealthiest nations, thus making the United States, England, Canada, China and Japan into 3rd world nations.

Today, with more brazen raids on gold stores, the Gold Syndicate becomes more powerful and wealthy with each passing year.  The syndicate has made many enemies in its wake, including other criminal organizations, however, the syndicate has also learned to use some of those criminal organizations to move their wealth around and/or receive a 'cut' of the profits through either their purposeful inaction against the syndicate or their collusion with the syndicate's active robberies and operations.



Syndicate Troops
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The Gold Syndicate hires professional soldier (troops), physical laborers, transportation specialists, financiers, metallurgists, commodities brokers, security specialists and businessmen to round out their illegal yet lucrative organization.

Gold Syndicate Troops usually carry the latest weaponry including plasma rifles that can cause up to good damage, as well as a variety of traps, devices and self-contained breathing masks (they're known for 'gassing' a raid site before making off with their gold).

The troops and the workers are a highly orchestrated operation that when viewed, almost seems like a choreographed dance of action.



LOCATION: SECRET (Underground) - Believed to be in South Africa

This is one of dozens of unknown locations that are used as vaults, mediporter centers, teleportation hubs, and regional syndicate operations command centers.

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