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The Death of an AlienMoonlight Heroes
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As a result of the Soltan Star Empire's Invasion of Earth in 2000, many anti-alien militias and organizations sprung up all over the world. Although the world's governments identified that other alien species and cultures had also fallen victim to the Soltans, and that those same alien civilizations came to help and fight here on with planet's populace against the Soltans, sadly, there were still quite a few hundred thousand or more angry and vengeful humans that would rather kill an alien than look at them.  Thus, the Anti-Alien Army (A3 or 'A-Cubed') was formed.

Initially, the A3 had, as mentioned hundreds of thousands of members, but after most of its members began to see benevolent aliens trying to help the people of Earth rather than be the monsters that the Soltans were. As people began to accept the aliens (not Soltans), many quit A3 and instead devoted their lives to helping these other aliens (again, not the Soltans).  As such, by 2015, the A3's membership dropped to less than a few hundred on each continent.  That, however, didn't stop the anti-alien threats, attacks or murders done to the aliens residing, visiting or stuck on Earth.

In 2017, the United Nations invoked a new world law protecting non-Terran aliens from mistreatment and murder, amplifying any attacks to said aliens as a capital offense that could either be subject to life imprisonment on the moon or the death penalty.  Nearly all attacks on aliens stopped as a result. Those that didn't stop, instead, joined the A3 gangs, all of which, all around the world, went underground.

Today, the A3 is still active. There is rumor that a new leader has taken charge of A3 and that the attacks against aliens on Earth are up 250% from this time last year, worldwide, usually with the A3 logo found spray-painted on or near the site of the attacks...or murders.

Elusive, brazen and completely xenophobic, the A3 continues to be a critical concern to the world. Most alien civilizations are unwilling to visit or stay on Earth as a result of A3's continued violent attacks, and as such, have made Earth a bit of a 'cosmic pariah' in its attempt to learn and integrate more into the galaxy's interstellar civilizations.




Image by Simone Secci



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