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About Walker Technologies

About Us

Forged by the company's brilliant engineer and CEO, Aaron Walker, this San Francisco, California based firm started with several government contracts for weapons systems for the United States Navy and the Air Force and has now grown into a manufacturing and production business for artificial arms, legs, neural engineering and aeronautical psycho-motor controls, not to mention some of the most awe-inspiring technological advancements in space exploration equipment, sensors, flight systems and now the latest trend - pneumonic interfacing.

Inspired by many of today's veteran superheroes, young Aaron Walker decided to become the next technology-based wiz kid and create his own amazing advancements in technologies and systems engineering. Not long after graduating from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Mr. Walker founded Walker Technologies, literally in his parent's garage.

A few years later, Walker Technologies, was earning hundreds of millions in revenue each year (Ref: Forbes Top 100 Tech Businesses, 2020) becoming one of the premiere tech businesses capable of introducing new and dynamic technological advancements, interface systems and designs. With military, international and private contracts worldwide, Walker Technologies has become a center for some of the greatest tech products and ideas in the 21st century. To add to that, Walker Technology's charity work is second only to that of the Harmony Foundation (which Walker Tech does not currently have any contracts or association with).

Today, Walker Technologies continues to be a burgeoning business listed on the NYSE and run by a board of directors. Although Mr. Walker is the founder and CEO, he has instead removed himself from the day-to-day operations to focus his amazing technological insight into the next amazing technological discovery that you and the rest of the world can benefit from with...


Tomorrow's Tech Today


Aaron Walker
Walker Technologies CEO

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Hitting the books as early as age 8, Aaron Walker studied constantly, always getting "A"s in his classes.  After he was accepted at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Mr. Walker worked on a triple major in advanced metallurgy, alternative power and weapons science.  Years later, he achieved his Masters degrees in both Engineering AND Science.

The first product Mr. Walker ever made was an armor sensor interface, designed completely from scrap materials he'd built in his parent's garage. He sold the design to the US military for $200,000 and with that, realized he had the ability to do more.


Mr. Walker later found a job with a reputable technology firm, but soon learned that anything he proposed was far above 'status quo' for the company. Instead, he fumbled with jobs that were far beneath his skills and learning. The nation's financial crisis and rising unemployment even further hindered is ability to find a place where he could apply his incredible engineering skills.  That's when he made a fateful decision - he'd go into business himself.

Within the first two years of his newly-created company, Walker Technologies business based out of San Francisco, California, Mr. Walker was able to achieve several government contracts for weapons systems for the Navy and the Air Force. Those systems also included many new ways of interfacing with equipment and even with neural inputs, thus initiating psycho-motor sensory interfaces, a field that was unestablished until Walker Technologies became the premiere business for it.

Years later, Mr. Walker, now the the CEO of his self-created multi-billion dollar Walker Technologies business, has contracts with the military, private developers, major tech businesses, space industries and nations worldwide. As such, Walker Technologies has become the center for some of the greatest tech products and ideas in the 21st century.

Today, Mr. Walker has authorized most of the day-to-day operations of his company to his executive team and the board of directors, while Mr. Walker continues to create the latest and newest innovations in the tech industry; innovations that will be in your home, vehicle and entertainment systems, tomorrow!


Walker Technologies HQ
San Francisco, California, USA

Image by Viktor Jakovlev
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