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The Hall of Valhalla

The Fallen

Those that gave their all and fell in combat in the name of Germany are amongst the now outspoken heroes and examples of the Teutonic League and/or the West German Ministry of Agriculture Division 8. Their sacrifices shall forever be remembered in the Hall of Valhalla.

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From the 1950s to 1990, the world was embroiled in the Cold War between the superpowers of the United States and the Soviet Union. In the middle of this was a divided Germany, broken apart after World War II into East and West Germany.  East Germany, and nearly half of Berlin, were under the control of the Soviet Union, while West Germany was under the auspices of the United States, Great Britain and France. As a result, this political division also created a physical division in Berlin called the Berlin Wall, separating parts of the city between the allies of World War II and Soviet Russia.  Germans were relegated to the rules of the conquering nations, regardless of which portion of the previous Germany they'd lived in.  One such rule was the prevention, creation or performance of any super-powered Germans - ever.  Any super-powered Germans in those days were identified, removed from either of the two Germany nations, and brought to work for their respective conquering governments instead.  No super-powered beings or sophisticated technological heroes were allowed anywhere inside either German nation's borders under a United Nation's brokered deal.  As such, any native-born German with powers or superhuman abilities were considered illegal. 

During this period, dozens of super-powered, enhanced or technologically or magically enhanced Germans were discovered and, as per the U.N. edict, were brought before the western government powers or the Soviet government powers.  Many of those discovered in East Germany were forced to join and form a Soviet super group known as Condor Legion; for West Germany, they were instead hidden from the rest of the world and/or asked to volunteer as part of a secret super-powered band of government heroes that no one was to known existed. 


Most of the West German super-powered beings agreed to be a part of the secretive, yet illegal, German super group only known then as the "West Germany Agriculture Ministry, Division 8". Over the next few decades, this band of secret heroes went on government unsanctioned missions (even though the FBI, CIA MI-6, the Kremlin and the French Secret Service knew of their existence).  Altogether, up until 1990, Division 8 performed over 2000 classified missions, some resulting in the loss of fellow German superheroes. Regardless, the secretive nature of Division 8 prevented the rest of the world knowing about their heroic actions, that is, until the fall of the Berlin Wall and the reunification of Germany.

Between 1989 and 1990, the Soviet Union crumpled. As such, East Germany was in shambles.  The German people, knowing the time was right, helped tear down the actual Berlin Wall that had walled off the city of Berlin into Soviet and western sides soon after the end of World War II.  Once the wall fell, reunification of Germany became a reality.  Division 8, during that time, wanted to go public and inform the world of the incredible exploits and sacrifices their team had done for the German people and West Germany, however, thanks to the United Nation's edict about "no super-powered people being allowed in German borders", the West German government instead decided to apply a different tactic. Instead, the new reunified German nation would insist on the removal of the super-powered ban in Germany.  After a year of political fighting and government disarray, the United Nations held firm on their decision - no super-powered beings in Germany, ever.  As such, on 31 December 1990, Division 8 was quietly and secretly shutdown (thanks to help from the CIA and MI-6) and the heroes of Division 8 were told to 'go home and live normal lives' and to never reveal their super-powers or abilities to anyone ever.  In 2000, that all changed when the alien Soltan Star Empire invaded Earth.

Just as the ex-Division 8 ex-heroes of ex-West Germany were starting to lead normal lives, the Soltans invaded from space in January 2000.  In less than a day, German cities were once again attacked and decimated with tens of thousands of civilian and military casualties.  Without pause, everyone who was ever part of Division 8 rallied together and fought the Soltan invaders in Germany.  In what would be called a glorious display of heroism, nationalistic pride and the true nature of of Division 8's heroes, they stormed upon the invading hordes of Soltans and fought them with their lives.  Over the next few months, Division 8 held off massive attacks against what was once considered East and West German territories, all at great expense.  By the time Earth's forces banded together to defeat and repel the Soltan invaders, nearly all of Division 8's heroes had died in battle.  In the aftermath of the invasion, one of the first edicts rescinded by the reconvened United Nations was to repeal the rule for no super-powered beings allowed in Germany.  The U.N. even had a memorial commissioned to stand in Berlin to those heroes of Division 8, whom they dubbed their 'Teutonic League'. Although the memorial was simple in nature and design, it was a nod to recognize those secretive heroes. The memorial today is only marked with a statement about those that sacrificed their lives as part of Division 8 of the West German Agricultural Ministry.

The few remaining heroes that survived the Soltan Invasion hung up their costumes and titles for the next few years as the world rebuilt.  During that time, more and more super-powered German heroes were being discovered, most of them creating their own small hero groups or doing community help instead. In 2003, an old retired Division 8 manager, Damon Kaufmann, put the call out to all the remaining super-powered German citizens. Meeting in the dilapidated remnants of the Division 8 basement, several super-powered German citizens answered Damon's summons.  After a few hours of talks, it was agreed that they'd band together and work as a team to discover the source of the super-powered abductions, as well as introduce a new hero group to the world - The Teutonic League. With that, the Germany government was informed about the intent to rebuild the Teutonic League and were met with cheers and accolades and full government support building the team a new HQ in Berlin.

During the next few years, the Teutonic League made international headlines in saving super-powered people from around the world from their abductors. Eventually, it was discovered that a nefarious band of anti-super-powered militants and scientists known as the Exterminators were responsible for the abductions and slaughter of innocent super-powered people and beings.  The League shutdown several splinter operations throughout Germany and as a result saved hundreds of lives, all the while still using their abilities amidst the public, some for the first time ever, to help the citizens of Germany wherever needed.

In 2016, however, the Teutonic League was called in to help quell a violent insurrection of Nazis in Nuremberg.  Once on the scene, the Teutonic League encountered an overwhelming mix of new and World War II Nazi superheroes (somehow alive today) that formed a new version of the Nazi supergroup once known as Axis Force.  The Teutonic League was badly beaten in their encounter, causing the death of one of the League's heroes, Luftwaffe. Although the Teutonic League members survived, their loss enable the Axis Force leader, Baron Berlin to cement his claim on Nuremberg, Germany to become its own cessationist Nazi nation called "Reichsland". Even though the League has attempted dozens of times to help take back Nuremberg, they continue to fail and at this time, Reichsland is not only a nation, but is on its way to becoming a recognized nation under the United Nations, making the Teutonic League's efforts seem meaningless. For the next few years, the League has been relegated to only attend political media sessions, charity events and aid in 'standard' supervillain responses...none authorized against Reichsland, Axis Force or 'Kaiser VonBattenberg AKA Baron Berlin'.

Today, the Teutonic League is an officially sanctioned German super-powered group, authorized to operate out of their new 9-story building called the Teutonic Tower. Generally loved by Europe and the German people, the Teutonic League continues their efforts in being the superheroes that the people of Germany need when all others fail. 


Deutsche Türme (Teutonic Tower)

Ex-West German Ministry of Agriculture Division 8 Building

Berlin, Germany


Located on the old site that was once the West German Ministry of Agriculture (Division 8) Building in Berlin, Germany (secret HQ for the Teutonic League prior to the Soltan Invasion) which, today, is now a 9-story building with 4 sub-basements (including a submarine dock (not shown here)).  The building contains a staff of 150 qualified state-certified personnel in a rotating shift of either 8 or 12 hour long shifts. 


The building's security is high.  It has hundreds of hidden (in the walls, floors, ceiling, etc.) lasers, ice beams, energy siphons, slow fields, web grenade launchers and electronic scramblers, all rated between good to remarkable levels of damage, throughout all internal and external parts of the building.  The exterior of the building is amazingly strong with the exception of the windows which are only incredibly strong. 


The Tower's Power Station (Level 7) can generate enough power to cover 10 square miles of Berlin as well as itself at full power (spectacular power rating). Redundant systems allows for multiple powers losses on any floor. 


Hospital can be used by government agencies as a backup. Prison cells in basement provide up to monstrous levels of security and protection to incarcerate villains.

There are eight team member residential quarters on the eastern side of the 8th floor with several guest quarters on the west side of the floor.

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