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In 2010, a Mexican Crime Cartel called the Talaxaca Cartel led by a robin hood-type of crime boss named Lorenzo Ramirez had grown so fast and so large that other international criminal organizations began to take note. The Solano Family of New York, the CANIS black marketeers, the Gold Syndicate and even the vampire Crimson gang looked at the Talaxaca Cartel as a threat to their operations.  As such, a criminal coalition emerged under the leadership of the Aegis Alliance with the goal of initially melding the Talaxaca Cartel into the alliance, with the alliance being the new power center of the cartel, through non-violent methods (imagine the equivocal of a criminally-sanctioned hostile takeover, if you will) and if that didn't work, they'd institute all their malicious resources to obliterate the Talaxaca Cartel's criminal empire and use the alliance's organizations to 'fill the void' left as a result of the dissolution of the cartel.


After unsuccessful negotiations were performed by the Aegis Alliance's coalition to non-violently take over the Talaxaca Cartel, the Talaxaca Cartel War began on 13 October 2010. After months of fighting and thousands of dead, the Talaxaca Cartel was obliterated. The city of Talaxaca became a war zone; buildings had been bombed out, debris everywhere in the streets, dead bodies, innocent or otherwise laid strewn about the city for scavengers to pick off of. Lorenzo and his lieutenants were able to escape to Los Angeles, California, where they laid low, attempting to coordinate and run the war from an old abandoned apartment complex in East L.A..


Once the Aegis Alliance's coalition took over Central America's criminal operations, they quickly realized they couldn't handle it. Profits fell, disorganization flamed the fire of more chaos, making any form of criminal operations completely worthless in the region. It was so bad, the effects rolled into the regular operations of the Aegis Alliance coalition's operations, causing their contacts to wither, their networks to fail and the worst of all - the loss of so much money that each organization in the coalition that took down the Talaxaca Cartel was nearly bankrupt.  Many lieutenants were killed to try and make things turn around, but that didn't solve anything. It was rumored that the Aegis Alliance had incurred a 'curse' for taking down the Talaxaca Cartel the way they did. No one was capable of running the region at all; no one except the man who once was the Talaxaca Cartel...Lorenzo Ramirez.


Now going by the alias name of Ramone Mendoza while in hiding, Lorenzo received word indirectly of a requested truce with the Aegis Alliance coalition and for Lorenzo to attend a formal 'Aegis Alliance Reorganization Meeting' in Talaxaca , Mexico.


In a bombed out (now open-air) building in the center of what was now the ruined city of Talaxaca, Mexico, the Aegis Alliance coalition sat at a makeshift conference table. Lorenzo arrived and they began their meeting. After 15 minutes of discussion, the coalition members requested for Lorenzo to take over all that which was once within the Talaxaca Cartel's sphere of influence and 'manage' the regions in place of an Aegis Alliance boss, all for a tidy 25% take for Lorenzo and his Lieutenants while the Aegis Alliance would reap a 75% take, all under the auspices of the Aegis Alliance coalition's management, which would allow Lorenzo as 1 of the 8 votes in the coalition towards all things related to what was once the Talaxaca CartelLorenzo was said to have slowly stood up and told them 'no'.

Nothing was officially recorded or written down after that 'no' comment, but at the end of the meeting (which many weren't sure exactly how long it went on), the Aegis Alliance renegotiated the deal to become the following:

1. The Talaxaca Cartel War was now officially over.

2. The Talaxaca Cartel War had no winners. The war was considered a draw.

3. The Aegis Alliance coalition leaders gave leadership of what was once the Talaxaca Cartel's region of influence and appointed a new leader to run the region: Carlos Sanchez. Lorenzo Ramirez was said to be officially 'dead' (killed at the meeting? No one knows for sure) with all who attended the meeting agreeing that Lorenzo Ramirez was a valiant opponent worthy of respect.

4.The Aegis Alliance now wanted Carlos Sanchez to take his new regional organization in a whole new direction. and replace the dead Talaxaca Cartel with a new cartel name called "Crimewave".

5. The new leader Mr. Carlos Sanchez would now go by the code-name "Crimemaster".

6. Crimemaster and Crimewave would now operate 100% independent of the Aegis Alliance and would receive no interference in its daily operations from the Aegis Alliance provisional upon the benefit of the next edict (#7).

7. The Aegis Alliance and its coalition partners would deal with Crimewave as an equally respected crime organization and will ensure only fair deals with Crimewave from here on out. Crimemaster would also be allowed that 1 in 8 vote at the Aegis Alliance coalition decision table.

8. The Aegis Alliance, realizing its irresponsibility  in destroying the city of Talaxaca during the war would instead rebuild the destroyed city brick-by-brick and never perform any aggression against Talaxaca or its citizens under penalty of death by the Aegis Alliance leadership.

As such, all but 1 of the 8 coalition members agreed to these "Talaxaca Accords" (the 1 dissenting vote was supposedly voted to be killed by the other alliance members during the meeting). The (now 7) coalition crime bosses returned to their organizations and set forth the accords, creating "Crimewave" and entrusting control of it to "Crimemaster". Interestingly, from that time forth, each time any of the seven Aegis Alliance coalition bosses stated or mentioned Crimemaster's code-name in conversation, they always seemed to unwittingly smile in response.

Several other factions and criminal organizations were in complete awe over the turn of events resulting in the Talaxaca Accords, but none of them were brave enough to go against the Aegis Alliance or their coalition that were now implementing the accords. Rumors abounded, however, most now figured this new 'Crimemaster' was a master negotiator and would soon be in charge of the Aegis Alliance as a result of such skillful negotiations. Sadly, the Aegis Alliance anti-Talaxaca Cartel Coalition boss, Leopold Blake, was found dead days later as a mark for assassination by Death Legion (someone paid to have Blake killed).  As such, the accords still went into place.  Within several years time, most of the other bosses in the coalition met similar fates, leaving Crimewave and Crimemaster cleanly operating independent of any Aegis Alliance influence through which the other crime organizations were concerned about, but none dared speak publicly about.

Today, Carlos Sanchez AKA Crimemaster, is still in charge of Crimewave. He controls most of the Central America's crime and has started reaching further into South America and the United States' west and southwest regions, making Los Angeles, California as his center of operations, with several vacation homes all over the American continents; one of which of course is in a newly built villa outside of Talaxaca.

Crimewave continues to be a major venue for massive amounts of grand theft, international stolen goods in art and archaeology, gun running, drugs, illegal (coyote) transportation, protection services, money laundering, special security and currently entering into the field of cyber-crime.


Thugs & Bots

Thugs & Bots

Crimewave I.jpg
Crimewave Thugs

Crimewave Thugs are vetted and tested before any of them join a crew. Initiation involves 1) Stealing something successfully greater than $50,0000; 2) Frame someone else to take the fall; 3) kill someone in your family, gang or a top authority figure to gain a rep (and a wanted poster).

Most of these thugs are well versed in street fighting, theft, stealth, access control systems, knives, handguns and the criminal underground.

A majority get paid well for doing their jobs (20% of the take), however, anyone ever caught 'skimming' or 'stealing' from Crimewave...well, let's just say entire family lines were obliterated as a result.

The thugs (nearly 800 worldwide) are notorious for not getting caught, especially if being chased by a superhero. In this regard, the thugs only use their 'street' names in the field.



  • Available: 40 (10 always kept in reserve)

  • Rental period: Charge daily

  • Reliability: 90.5% (not counting superhero interaction with the bots)

Having a tough time stealing that one item that will set you up to live a life of luxury, but can't seem to get past security, armed guards and/or some stupid superhero? Fergetaboutit! The master criminals of Crimewave have made just the thing for you!


Introducing the STEALBOT-3000!


Forged from resistant armor, hi-tech components and quality stolen parts, STEALBOT-3000 is the perfect accessory to any crime! Looking to create a distraction while you make off with the goods?



Looking to do some property 'renovation' on your competition?




Wanting to get rich real quick after doing three dimes in the pen?




Crimewave uses these remarkably powerful and armored robots to get things stolen properly. Used by Crimewave thugs and Lieutenants with 100% satisfaction!  Available for rental for your next crime spree at a reasonably negotiated price!   Call 1-800-555-3000 NOW!


Club Wave

Club Wave

Club Wave isn't just 'a' place; it's many.  Hidden in locations all over the world, these underground gambling and dancing clubs are also the centers for Crimewave operations. They are notoriously hard to shut down or for that matter, get the local police or authorities to take any action against (most of whom are most likely "paid off").

Anyone in the know knows about any of the Club Waves and their international locations. This is where the biggest deals are done as well as anyone getting anything they want while at the club. Celebrities, politicians, crime bosses and even national leaders come to Club Wave to interact for their next big break. There is one rule though for all who attend:


What happens at Club Wave, stays at Club Wave...or else.


MDUverse Data:

Crimemaster and Crimewave were created on 20 Feb 2007.

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