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Crimewave is a small, yet powerful criminal gang that operates (now) in the United States.  Initially, it was a small theft ring, then it grew into a cartel in Central America and Mexico with expansions into Lost Angeles and the Southwestern United States.

At one point, Crimewave's (current) leader, Lorenzo Ramirez AKA "Crimemaster", went to Los Angeles to personally see to some issues he had there; it was a set up.  Overnight, a rival "Crimemaster" took over the Central American/Mexico operations, renaming the gang to "Death's Hand". Locked out from 'legally' returning to Mexico and Central America, the original Crimemaster instead set up shop in Los Angeles, starting from scratch with his criminal network.

Now, years later, Crimewave is considered one of the best crime organizations to work for and with.  Their honorable and respectable dealings have made them a powerful crime organization. They now run a popular casino and nightclub called "The Wave".

Although the US authorities constantly try to catch him, he continues to elude them from capture.  Crimewave is also starting to extend it's reach back into Mexico - a land that Crimemaster himself says will be his again - no matter the cost.

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Crimemaster and Crimewave were created on 20 Feb 2007.

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