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About Us

About the Aurelias Consortium

The Aurelias Consortium is the best choice for your international business.  With over three hundred professional business assessors, financiers, consultants and productivity advisers available, the Aurelias Consortium is here to help you and your business to achieve its untapped potential and meet your goals and milestones like never before.

With hundreds of positive reviews from businesses across the world, the Aurelias Consortium is here for YOU and your business.

Ever since the it's founding as the Aurelias Trade Company by Dorae Aurelias in 1950 in Athens, Greece, the company has since expanded its capabilities to help other businesses achieve incredible progress. Dorae Aurelias wanted to help other share in the same business satisfaction he'd earned in his first three decades of business.


In 1990, the Aurelias Trade Company joined with several other profitable businesses and became the Aurelias Consortium that has continued to make the Forbes Top 100 Business in the World list since then.

Today, the Aurelias Consotrium's CEO is now Dorae Aurelias' son, Anton Aurelias.

We are based out of Athens, Greece with over 25 worldwide offices, including our prestigious business locations in London, England, Berlin, Germany, New York City and now also in Mexico City.

Book a free business evaluation with us today and we will help to make your business meet the potential we know it can achieve.

Anton Aurelias

Anton Aurelias
Aurelias Consortium CEO

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More to come!


Aurelias Consortium HQ
Athens Towers, Athens, Greece

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