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World Security Council

Boston, Massachusetts, USA



$1.3 Trillion (+ $250 Bil)








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MDU: Origins, Issue 1

27 Jan 2016

Don "Major Deej" Finger

17 Jun 2008​



G.U.A.R.D. (Global Unilateral Aegis Response Directive) was first started in the late 1970s as a response to increased super-powered and alien threats to Earth and is now a global and solar system powerhouse designed to keep the peace - or fight those that would disrupt it.

GUARD is considered a secretive peacekeeping organization created by the major national powers of Earth and the United Nations.  It was a small agency that initially was designed to collate information and coordinate communications with the rest of the major national powers to ensure they were aware of any extra-national crisis.  With the discovery of several shadowy world domination organizations, GUARD earned the respect and support of all of the major world leaders.

As the decades went by, GUARD started receiving funding from the United Nations.  A revised charter ensured their autonomy in information gathering and dissemination of said information.  During that time, more and more aliens from other worlds and star systems were discovered on Earth and in the Solar System, and, much to the chagrin of the world leaders, most of these aliens were not friendly.  GUARD then chose to create a separate division called ASTROGUARD that would do the same thing as what GUARD did for Earth, but instead, relating to local space (i.e., Solar System).

Within the first few years of ASTROGUARD's start, the alien Soltan Empire attacked Earth in 2000 in an attempt to take over Earth's population for their slave trade as well as a new base of operations on a planet that, to them, was rich in natural resources.  The Soltan Invasion lasted for three long, bloody months.  Millions died in the invasion.  Entire countries and regions were subjugated into slavery. During that time, GUARD was the only organization that was able to coordinate and combat the Soltans effectively.  They coordinated efforts from the world's nations, armies, air forces and even the world's super-heroes (and villains).  Eventually, the Soltans were beaten back, with the Earth's populace lauding GUARD for their astounding achievement in creating the much needed victory.

Within a year after the defeat of the Soltans (who retreated to Mars and set up a base there), GUARD was allocated nearly unlimited funds and directed to continue their peacekeeping and humanitarian efforts.  A formal United Nations directive assigned GUARD unilateral actions over the world's safety, with the World Court and a new World Security Council assigned as the official legal overseers to ensure "checks and balances" to prevent GUARD from getting 'too big for their britches".  In 2007, GUARD was finally organized enough to be transferred from the United Nations controls to the World Security Council's as part of a multinational world 'directive'  that outlined their responsibilities and authority in and about Earth.  A high majority of the contents of the 'directive' were similar paragraphs and words from the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights.

GUARD's funding is in a self-managed, high-yield rotating world fund that gains nearly 10% interest quarterly.  As a result, GUARD is considered a trillion dollar organization.


In 2010, GUARD was able to discern that several 'shadow' world-domination organizations had infiltrated GUARD at many different levels.  When these 'spies' were discovered, they'd ingest a capsule that would violently, yet painlessly, dissolve their bodies within minutes, damaging any form of DNA collection or identity processing.  At that point, the director of GUARD created two new operations subdivisions: XGUARD and PSIGUARD.  XGUARD was GUARD's 'black-ops' unit that was manned with the most trusted, reliable and dedicated guardsmen and women in GUARD.  PSIGUARD was designed to mentally scan its guardsmen and women and ensure that any 'shadow' groups were not infiltrating GUARD.  They found over a hundred spies in this process, and since then, GUARD is considered 'clean' in regards to spies amidst their ranks.

Recently, with the advent of a major upswing in super-villain and alien activity, GUARD has since created super-powered GUARDIANS "super-groups" such as AEROGUARDIANS, SEAGUARDIANS, ASTROGUARDIANS and TERRAGUARDIANS.  Each group is dedicated to GUARD and is used to support GUARD's operations should the mission require a 'super' involvement.

With over 100,000 guardsmen and women making up this powerful, technologically-advanced peace force, you can bet the action will be non-stop.



GUARD's organizational chart contains 4 divisions and a special 'group' that answer to the Executive Division.

NOTE: Click on any of the org chart division buttons above to view that division's roles and key personnel.

  • EXECUTIVE DIVISION - Command-level of GUARD. Makes executive and high-level decisions.

  • MEDICAL DIVISION - Contains several groups all related to health, safety, environmental conditions and saving lives.

  • INTELLIGENCE DIVISION - Contains several groups related to data and information collection, psychic aberrations, world and extra-world communications, investigations and situational troubleshooting.

  • OPERATIONS DIVISION - Largest division in GUARD. Contains dozens of groups. Operational missions, regional and world task organization, mission performance and coordination, national and military operations coordination and support, superhuman operations, spying, environment-based mission operations and planning.

  • RESOURCES DIVISION - Contains several groups that provide for transportation, weapons, facilities, energy, resource management, Human Relations, personnel, equipment manufacturing and equipment resourcing.

  • XGUARD: Secretive espionage and internal affairs group under the Operations Division that polices GUARD and searches for threats internally and externally. This group has a direct link to the Executive Division is situations that require bypassing the chain of command.



GUARD Headquarters - Boston, USA

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Located just north of Boston, Massachusetts in the United States, the GUARD Academy's "Wentworth Campus" is a 500-acre facility designed to house up to 600 students and 100 staff and faculty.  The building was originally the LEED Gold Building, designed by the US Army Corps of Engineers as an example of energy efficiency.  It utilizes cutting edge conservation technology like geothermal energy, rainwater harvesting, and thermal storage. The facility is designed for co-ed populations, with gender-specific/identified dorm wings to prevent social distractions and 'fraternization'. The academy also contains several sub-levels for technical, intelligence and operations training, including a vast underground holographic training arena and weapons facility.

Most students attend for two years of intensive training, choosing their own specialized field after their first year.  For those in the top 10% of their graduating class, they are allowed to volunteer for an additional year of training to become an advance technician or an operations specialist.  Of those, the top 10% who graduate their third year can volunteer to attend Executive Division training, where, if they pass the highly demanding curriculum and exercises, would be assigned to the Executive Division's Northern or Southern Hemisphere Departments or to the mysterious XGUARD division.

Attrition rate for the academy in 35%; a high number, yet those that graduate from the academy and perform their minimum of 6 years of GUARD service have found work outside of GUARD quickly at rates starting at $90,000 - $100,000 annual salary worldwide.

The Academy is led by the GUARD Academy Commandant.

The Academy's has four co-ed fraternities that students can pledge if they are accepted:

  • Alpha Epsilon (aviation space and associated engineering related)

  • Tau Iota (Land sciences, ground military, criminology, Investigative sciences and associated engineering related)

  • Sigma Omega (Oceanographic, business, executive organizational, personnel service and associated engineering related)

  • Mu Delta (Medical, psychology, behavioral studies and associated engineering related)

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