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About the Aureate Shipping Company


Since 1901, the Aureate Shipping Company has provided Great Britain, Europe, North America and the western civilization with the means to move anything across the Atlantic Ocean, the Arctic Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea and even the Indian Ocean.

With 114 modern L-Class Container ships, 23 S-Class Fuel Tankers and 12 Ice Breaker-capable Supply and Refueling ships, the ASC supports over 74 national trade agreements and shipping rights, including a fully supported legal doctrine with the Atlantic Kingdom for unencumbered and non-aggressive shipping lane rights across their kingdom.

The company's founder, John Aureate, a British tradesman with a long family history in shipping and sailing, was bequeathed a small fleet of old sailing ships in 1876 as a result of the dissolution of the East India Company (which occurred as a result of the East India Stock Dividend Redemption Act and the the Indian Rebellion of 1857).  Thereafter, John Aureate, with barely a shilling left to his name, used those ships to start his auspicious Aureate Shipping Company (ASC). Through luck, unique situations and the cornering the East India Company's old trade market, Mr. Aureate became a millionaire within five years time. 

Over the next several decades, the ASC upgraded to steel ships and quickly became one of the first commercial shipping businesses with nearly perfectly port arrivals for their scheduled deliveries to its new customers in North America. When World War I started, the ASC was recruited into the Royal Navy's flotilla of supply ships, transporting weapons, vehicles and even troops from Great Britain to Europe, and upon war's end, bringing them all back home.  Their services earned them recognition by the King of England, King George V, and a Royal Maritime Citation, allowing them to use the image of the British Crown in their logo and marketing for shipping and oceanic transportation services.

During World War II, however, the ASC fell on hard times, mostly due to a poor decision to contract Nazi Germany shipping in 1938, months before Great Britain declared war on their Axis powers. That, plus the Nazi U-Boat submarine were sinking anything in the Atlantic Ocean, further causing the company to falter and eventually, unable to pay its debts by war's end.

In 1947, the ASC's Company President, Theodore Aureate and his family, died in a tragic plane accident out over the Atlantic Ocean. His plane, nor his or his family and crew's bodies, were ever found. A new president was appointed but within days, died  from a fatal heart attack. After weeks of the company's board's deliberations (since no one wanted to be the president of a shipping company that was unto itself a 'sinking ship'), the company, within hours of being broken up and sold, had a reclusive American millionaire, Jefferson Henderson II, step forward and buy the company instead. Mr. Henderson kept the company's name and within a decade, ASC was back in business.

Today, with Jefferson Henderson II's son, Jefferson Henderson III, now as President and CEO, ASC continues its excellence in shipping to ports all across the Atlantic Ocean, including our new ports of call in Oceania and Antarctic.


Our company is currently rated as #12 in the Lloyds List


We're here to get what you need, there

Jefferson Henderson III
Aureate Shipping Company President & CEO


More to come!

ACS Global Head Office
Maidenhead, England

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