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Quinto Sol

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Alejandro Manuel Jesus Adimas




Late 20s









Fifth Sun, Quinto Hijo (Fifth Son)




Don "Major Deej" Finger

19 Apr 2014



Fernando Adimas (Father)



Alejandro Manuel Jesus Adimas was the fifth son of the self-made and wealthy Mexico Power & Electric (MP&E) CEO, Fernando Adimas.  By age 22, Alejandro had earned his bachelor's degree in energy science, focusing on solar and stellar radiation. His father aligned Alejandro to be the lead engineer in designing their first 1GW solar tower-furnace outside of Mexico City.


In these times, Mexico and Mexico City, which had been devastated in 2000 during the Soltan Invasion, had rebuilt and became the world's leader in commerce, energy and trade, with gleaming new spires of skyscrapers and modern buildings and homes throughout the entire country. Alejandro's father took advantage of his skills and built the MP&E empire from nothing.  Alejandro's four other siblings were less educated, but all worked great together, and maintained themselves as a strong, happy family. 

The 1GW solar tower-furnace was an amalgamate of a solar tower (used to produce, at 100% capacity, 1.1GW of solar converted electrical power) and of a solar furnace (used at varying temperatures from 1,830 to 6,330 degrees F for thermal convection energy production, producing Hydrogen from Methane, testing of spacecraft materials used in re-entry and ultimately in nanotech construction and manufacturing).  It was the first of its kind and the most powerful ever created.

Unfortunately, other energy and manufacturing barons were not happy being outplayed and out-engineered by Fernando Adimas and his empire. Fernando Adimas had many difficult business dealings that year with several other energy businesses that had been bought out by a mysterious benefactor.  He was being coerced into selling his empire for pennies on the dollar.  Fernando, instead, with his new 1GW solar tower-furnace, would be the most profitable and powerful energy and manufacturing baron in all of Central America.  As such, he realized he was making more enemies than friends in the energy business world.

On the day of the plant's ribbon-cutting ceremony, the plant was to be brought up to full power, providing nearly half of Mexico City with his plant's power, while also producing their first nano-tech devices using the solar furnace.  CANIS, a villainous cartel, planted a 'dirty' low-yield radioactive bomb at the collector/converter nexus in the plant.  Not only would it destroy the most expensive and difficult to manufacture part of the plant, it would disperse a radioactive cloud from the plant out across the surrounding area outside of Mexico City, making that area uninhabitable for decades to come, killings hundreds of thousands of people.

That opening day, as Alejandro was managing his teams, the dirty bomb was found at the nexus by one of his fellow workers.  Alejandro attempted to shutdown the plant and evacuate it, but it would take over 20 minutes for a full safe shutdown.  Alejandro instead ran to the nexus to see what he could do to stop the bomb.  Noting seconds left on the bomb's clock, he did the math in his head and realized he might be able to melt the bomb if he placed it in the path of the solar furnace's concentrated thermal beam there at the nexus.  Alejandro picked up the bomb, ran out to the nexus and placed it in the path of the solar furnace's concentrated beam, causing the bomb to burst open and melt...all on top of Alejandro body.  The highly radioactive material coated his body, while the intense heat at the nexus literally caused Alejandro to evaporate instantaneously. Alejandro disappeared in a burst of light and energy that slightly damaged the collector, yet thanks to his sacrifice, contained the radioactive fallout to within 50 yards of the nexus.  Alejandro saved the plant and hundreds of thousands of people as a result of his sacrifice.

Months after Alejandro's 'funeral', the criminal investigation concluded they could not determine 'who' planted the bomb, however, Alejandro's father knew, through his own sources, it was CANIS and the mysterious benefactor of all the other national power companies.  Regardless, the plant, on the ceremonious day of its restart, had Fernando and his other four sons gathered as safely close to the nexus as they could (next to where they'd lost Alejandro) to christen the plant's restart and pay homage to Alejandro.  That's when the plant came under a renewed attack, this time by the Death Legion's master assassin known as Deathmaster.

Just as the solar furnace started up, Deathmaster descended down onto the Nexus and was about to assassinate Fernando and his four remaining sons when a burst of energy appeared next to them; it was Alejandro, reformed into a being of fiery solar energy.  Alejandro fought Deathmaster, eventually blasting Deathmaster with an unearthly blast of solar energy (since Deathmaster resurrects himself, Deathmaster didn't actually die, but that's aside from this story!).  Fernando and his sons looked on in disbelief at Alejandro's new energy body, thanking God for his angelic intervention.  When Alejandro tried to tell them who he was, they dismissed the 'angel of light' and said they'd already buried Alejandro, but that his soul can now rest in peace.  They didn't want to nor did they accept Alejandro's new form as he himself.  Saddened and unsure of what to do next, Alejandro fly off to the west coast where he sat on the sandy Pacific shore (which turned to glass under him) debating what to do now.  That's when GUARD showed up.

GUARD had been monitoring the Solar Tower-Furnace restart that day, expecting CANIS to try something else, instead, Deathmaster had teleported in under their sensors, surprising them. GUARD witnessed all the transpired at the Nexus, and followed Alejandro to his spot on the sandy Pacific shore.  There, they asked if he wanted to join GUARD, start a new life, and help prevent what happened (and almost happened) to others in the world.  Alejandro agreed and joined GUARD's super-group, the "Terraguardians". 

Since then Alejandro has learned to control his remarkable solar powers. 

His father had always called him by his nickname "Fifth son (Quinto Hijo)", so for his new codename, Alejandro took the name "Fifth Sun (Quinto Sol)".  Even today, his father or family do not believe Alejandro to be alive, but instead attribute the 'angel of light' that saved them as Alejandro's spirit, trying to save them from beyond.  Alejandro has not contacted them since, and even though every day without them brings him great sadness, he knows that it is best this way for all of them. Instead, "Quinto Sol" will be Alejandro's new life as a fighter, a life-saver and an 'angel of light'.



Power Origin: Science

Solar Power Heat and Light Amplifier

  • Energy Body

    • Does not have a corporeal body; only energy body. Voice is unnatural, but understandable.

    • Produces feeble heat and light at lowest body settings; can go as high as unearthly heat, but that tends to melt and vaporize anything (or anyone) near and around him.

    • Can extend his energy body into a wide aura protecting anyone behind him with a 15 foot x 15 foot area/field.

    • Protection is based on the level of energy he has set his body at; protections covers all forms of damage except psionic and magic (only typical resistance to those).

  • Energy Blasts

    • Can produce energy blasts up to unearthly levels; normally only uses excellent to remarkable levels

    • Range varies depending on intensity/level of blast

  • Power Regeneration

    • Can regenerate health and power at an amazing rate so long as he has access to poor or greater sunlight or solar radiation

  • Flight

    • Can fly up to Mach 10 in atmosphere

    • Can fly up to Warp 0.5 in space

WARNING: If Alejandro does not access light within a three day time, he will discorporate until at least a concentrated (excellent level) blast of solar energy is emitted within a 20 yard radius of where he discorporated.





  • Engineering (Professional)

  • Education/Academia (Professional)

  • Business (Professional)

  • Administration (Professional)

  • Solar Energy Power Generation/Systems (Expert)

  • Languages:

  • Spanish (Master)

  • English (Professional)

  • Portuguese (Proficient)

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