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Image by Jason Leung


Image by Jason Leung


East Los Angeles.


A cesspool of crime, murder and street gangs.

By day, most of residents of East L.A. go about their business trying to meek out a living, with most either working 2 to 3 jobs to stay in poverty or be on state subsistence and welfare.


When the sun goes down, East L.A. becomes a battleground for power, gangsta respect and territory - a place of fear, violence and terror. 

Several teens and young adults who were raised and/or born in East L.A. lost family, friends, homes and/or dignity as a result of just living in the city.  These several people eventually found each other while trying to make a difference in East L.A., trying to stem the tidal wave of violence and murder each on their own.  One such teen, Michael Parks AKA Saint Michael, put together the team, realizing that when they worked together, they actually made a difference.

Instead of actively going out looking for trouble or inciting violence, this band of young people decided to help the community through random acts of kindness, setting up homeless shelters, a food bank, a community garden, and 'skill learning' schooling with professionals from all around Los Angeles...and protecting them from the brutality of gangs and neighborhood violence.  Using an abandoned East L.A. Transportation Authority warehouse, they've since set up shop to help others and have a place of their own to call home.

When gangs, violence and crime come calling, Hardcorps is there to push back.  Any innocents in need of Hardcorps help have but to ask. As payment for their help, all Hardcorps asks for is for the requester to help volunteer and assist at the as to help others that are equally down and out and in need of help.

The mayor of East L.A. has granted the warehouse to Hardcorps with a 99-year tax and property tax free contract for $1 so long as Hardcorps exists. They were also made a non-profit organization that others can donate to (Hardcorps LTD).  Each year since then, Hardcorps has received over $2 million in donations, all of which goes directly to helping others, maintain the warehouse and provide shelter, food, family resources and skills training to those who need it most in the community.

Their benevolent actions, however, have created issues with out-of-state malevolent and greedy property developers trying to push out residents in East L.A. so as to 'gentrify' the neighborhood.  Sadly, illegal 'misdeeds' and 'contracts' have been placed against Hardcorps so as to shut them down, destroy them and get the land (including Hardcorps' warehouse) for their own greedy purposes. Since East L.A. isn't even considered a representative community (truth, check it out!), and have no voice in state or federal elections (other than the 24th district rep, who, in this MDU world, is a successful (syndicate) Real Estate developer who lives in Bel-Air. As such, East L.A.'s only true representation of its community and people, other than an embattled, sickly mayor,  seems to be Hardcorps. Even the police, which are LAPD not East LAPD, are subject to the orders and ordnances set forth by L.A. politicians and L.A. county - not East L.A. This leaves the poor, the disenfranchised and the embattled people of a crime-ridden zone that is East L.A. to sink further into a cesspool of murder, violence, robberies and gang warfare, all to drive out those who are doing their best to make it paycheck to paycheck and attempt to raise a family in a hand-me-down home from their own parents or grandparents.

With the people of East L.A. backing them up, Hardcorps has become quite the unique hero group. They are not only true pillars of the community, but they are their own force to be reckoned with.  Thanks to their powers and abilities, Hardcorps has made it clear that they are there to fight for the community.  Hardcorps comprises members that are no 'angels' (except maybe Saint Michael), especially El Patron, a gang leader who has since gone from drug dealing and gang thuggery to becoming a true guardian of East L.A.. They have an edge to what they do and are by no means considered "boy or girl scouts". Hardcorps are the heroes and saviors of East L.A.; a community that would...and still could be...bulldozed and rebuilt into another unnecessary uptown, high-rent district for the corrupt and rich syndicates of the United States' west coast to thrive on.

When it comes to helping those in need in East L.A., no one is more 'hardcore' than HARDCORPS!

Image by Jason Leung


Converted Abandoned Municipal Warehouse

East Los Angeles, CA, USA

MDUverse Info:  Hardcorps was created 21 July 2015.  Changes and updates to the team's origin and characters were done by Don "Major Deej" Finger with assistance from Sean Nunley and Eric Finger. Was designed to be a teen East L.A. group of exceptional kids that rather than go down the dark/gang path, they decided to help others and make a difference.  They run a homeless shelter, a food bank and a farmer's market.  They offer up services to those in need, but for those who can pay, 'donations' are always accepted. Although considered heroes in the community, some folks consider the team vigilantes, especially the one called El Patron.

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