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During the Soltan Invasion of Earth in 2000, in New York City, an Indian teenage girl named Catherine Suljic, sporting massive head trauma and in a state of shock all caused by the devastation wrought by the Soltan invading forces, inadvertently killed a Soltan trooper (primarily by accident) in full view of several other scared parentless and homeless teens and kids. Seeing her take down a scary soldier such as this, they banded around "Cat" as she became known as, and learned together to forage and scavenge to stay alive. Cat had a talent in collecting and training pets, and through them, Cat was able to teach the animals to 'fetch' food and sometimes even protect them against the Soltans.


Together, Cat and these stray kids not only survived, they took the fight to the Soltans. They called themselves 'Catseye' after Cat had found one such marble and believed it to be their lucky charm against evading and fighting Soltans.  It seemed that the Catseye marble must have had some effect, because by invasion's end several months later, not only was Cat and her friends and pets still alive, they'd killed over three dozen Soltans themselves and managed to collect and horde the equivocal of nearly $400 million of merchandise and cash, all of which they went on to create their own new cat burglar gang with.

When things settled down after the invading Soltans were dispatched several months after the start of the invasion, Cat recommissioned the 'Catseye' gang again, this time with additional new gang members. She created an actual business front to cover their illegal activities. The front business was called "Cathy's Pet Dining Experience". With this business, she would attract wealthy (if not ignorant) clients for their spoiled 'fur babies' and pets wherein her gang members, trained as cat burglars, would either raid rich homes while her clients were involved in their 'pet dining experience' or she would at least have their homes scoped out for a future robbery.  As such, Cat's plans for all of this went off without a hitch, netting over $25 million their first year and an average of about $40 million each year thereafter.  As such, she was fair with her gang members, however, she, on some occasions, would still go and do the robberies herself, however, under a new disguise.  Putting on a wig and a gaudy costume, she called herself "Madame Menagerie".  Using her well trained pets, she was able to get them to get through security areas, fetch valuables and at times protect her from security guards and/or the police.

Over those next couple decades, the Catseye gang has expanded.  It primarily operates out of New York City, but it has branched out internationally, performing many high-end robberies and burglaries that have give the "Catseyes" quite a reputation in crime.

To this day, no one knows the connection between Madame Menagerie or Catherine Suljic, CEO of 'Cathy's Pet Dining Experience'. The Catseye gang, numbering up to 100 members, still performs hundreds of robberies, burglaries, thefts, larcenies and even some white collar crimes each year. They all get a healthy payout on Christmas Day each year for their share and participation. Through the 'Pet Dining' business, Cat also provides her gang with health and dental insurance, a retirement plan, and stock options they can accrue through the business' own accountants to develop each of their investment portfolios, should they chose to do so!






One of their many underground bases.  This is one in New York City.

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This gang was created on 6 January 2021 with the leader, Madame Menagerie AKA Catherine 'Cat' Suljic.

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