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Image by Moritz Kindler

About Aerospar

About Us

Based out of Singapore, ASA is first and foremost an energy research and development center.


The ASA recruits the most brilliant scientists and physicists from all over the world in search of solutions for new forms of energy for use by the people of the world.  The ASA's research and efforts have earned the business and its scientists several global awards and achievements.

With the leadership of our current CEO, Hiro Mishibuto, Aerospar has achieved far greater advances in science that any other science team outside of Zenith Labs itself. 

Today, ASA's current research into utilizing unique and psychic energies have created entire new fields of study garnering positive directions in psychic energy studies and medicine. The superhero, Cynergy, is but one example of incredible scientific community of researchers that continue working hard to unlock the energies of tomorrow


Aerospar Leader - CEO


Hiro Mishibuto

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Aerospar Headquarters


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Modern White Structure
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